Concealed Carry

How to be Prepared When Flying

How to be Prepared When Flying

Today’s article answers a good and important question asked by Robert S. of Texas. Below is Robert’s question regarding travel… I travel quite a bit, and while I’m at the airport or sitting on the plane, I spend quite a bit of time thinking about how well I am prepared if something goes south while […]

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Firearm Politics

Creator of USA Carry Launches Firearm Politics

The creator of USA Carry has recently created Firearm Politics, which contains forums that will focus on discussions of firearm and 2nd amendment related politics as well as other political discussions. USA Carry has also eliminated discussions of politics on the USA Carry Forums. Members of all political parties may create accounts on the website, […]

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Utah Police Hail Man Who Shot Unarmed Suspect

Utah Police Hail Man Who Shot Unarmed Suspect

Over the weekend, a 31-year-old man was walking out of the Macey’s parking lot in Orem, Utah. Suddenly, he heard a woman scream and noticed a man dragging her out of her vehicle in what looked like a carjacking. The 31-year-old man (who has a valid concealed carry permit) drew his gun and ordered the […]

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When and How to Test Your Gun Gear

When and How to Test Your Gun Gear

This past weekend, I taught my 2-day Escape & Evasion Pistol course. A great group of people came out and we had a lot of fun while improving their shooting skills. One of the biggest benefits of attending a pistol course is that it gives you a chance to really test your gear and run […]

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Browning Black Label Shock N' Awe Tomahawk

4 Weapons for When the Ammo Runs Out

These days, there are several entertaining shows on TV where people have to survive a zombie apocalypse or a blackout or some other crazy situation that causes a total collapse of society. In the beginning of these shows, the characters typically use guns to defend themselves, but they eventually run out of bullets and have […]

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Top 21 Concealed Carry Guns: Comparisons and Rankings

Top 21 Concealed Carry Guns: Comparisons and Rankings

In the last few months, year, or so, there have been many new handguns introduced for concealed carry (CC). It seems there is always the “latest and greatest” handgun with a unique gimmick or special feature introduced for your consideration. Everyone has an opinion about “THE” best CC gun and certainly everyone has their individual […]

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Beretta Pico .380

Beretta Pico .380 Auto Review

Beretta has been making quality firearms for years. In fact, I own a few Beretta firearms that I absolutely love. Recently, they have released the Pico chambered in .380 Auto to compete in the concealed carry market. Today we’re going to review this diminutive shooter. The Basics First off, let’s talk about the size. This […]

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Why You Might Want This 26-inch Tool

Why You Might Want This 26-inch Tool

The top three self-defense tools that I carry daily are my gun (currently a Springfield 1911), a knife (Benchmade, Kershaw, or one of several others), and a Tactical Pen. However, I realize not everyone is comfortable carrying a gun and I would never recommend someone do so who isn’t comfortable and well trained. Also, some […]

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4-7-8- Technique: Start By Breathing in Deeply Through Your Nose for 4 Seconds

The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique for Shooting Accuracy

With all the stressful and challenging daily activities, in addition to wanting to shoot your gun accurately, it is  difficult to relax, focus, be calm, reduce movement, and not jerk or flinch when you are doing your sight alignment and sight picture, especially in the “heat of battle.”  Our anxiety and excitement levels are very […]

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