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Springfield Armory XDs .3.3" 40 Review

Springfield Armory XDs .3.3″ 40 Review

When you say Springfield to someone in the firearms industry, it typically invokes respect. Springfield Armory has the distinction of creating America’s first musket in 1795. That’s quite a history here in America and gives them a special advantage when developing guns of all sorts. On that note, they set out to develop a sub-compact…

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Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm PORTED Shield Review

Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm PORTED Shield Review

The Smith & Wesson (SW) M&P Shield has a great reputation as a quality concealed carry handgun, ever since it was introduced in 2012. Recently, a ported barrel version of the Shield was introduced by the SW Performance Center (PC) and I was glad they sent me a ported 9mm Shield to review. I wanted…

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Victory for Smith-Wesson SW22 Pistol: A Review

SW22 Victory Pistol Review

Smith-Wesson has introduced the SW22 Victory .22LR pistol in the last two months and sent me one to review and range test. I want to give you my opinions about it and help you decide if you should get one. I want to give you its specifications, special features, and my evaluation of it compared…

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Value Gun Reviews: Canik TP9SA & TP9SF by Century Arms

Value Gun Reviews: Canik TP9SA & TP9SF by Century Arms

Can you buy a full-size striker-fired pistol in 9mm with 18-round magazines, a 5-pound or so single-action trigger press, without a manual safety, with several extras like a holster with belt and paddle attachments, loader, cleaning brushes, for less than $400. that is... KEY words... reliable and accurate? What about the new Canik TP9SF or…

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Walther PPQ M2 9MM Review

Walther PPQ M2 9MM Review

The PPQ (Police Pistol Quick Defense) M2 (Model with American-style magazine release button) is touted as having a lot of interesting features and to be not your usual semi-automatic striker-fired pistol. The previous 9mm model introduced in 2011 with a mag paddle-release has developed a fine reputation and is very similar, but some changes were…

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The BOND Arms XR9-S

Shot Show 2016 Wrap Up

2016’s SHOT show is now in the books. It was absolutely huge. I don’t know exactly how many exhibitors there were, but I can tell you that I still did not get to see everything I wanted to after having been there all week! Now that I’m back home and have had time for the…

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Walther PPS M2 Review

Walther PPS M2 Review

Walther’s legendary firearms go back 130 years. James Bond has been carrying around a Walther for as long as I can remember. Their quality is superb and their designs have been groundbreaking at times. In 2001 Walther introduced the original PPS model which was one of the first, if not the first, introduction of a…

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