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Concealed Carry Giveaway

Concealed Carry Giveaway

The winner of the last Concealed Carry Giveaway is rehalfacre. Congratulations!

How would you like to win all of the following items that make up a great concealed carry package?

This is the biggest Concealed Carry Giveaway yet! USA Carry will be giving away one package every 4 months. This is our way of giving back to the members of our site that make USA Carry what it is today. I’d also like to thank all of the sponsors for pitching in. We wouldn’t have been able to come up with this awesome package without them so please stop by and check them out.

Rules & Entry (PLEASE READ!)

1. To enter the giveaway become a subscriber to the USA Carry Newsletter. Enter your email address in the form below.

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2. You can also earn extra entries by becoming a USA Carry Site Supporter. To become a paying Site Supporter click here. Active Site Supporters will automatically earn the entries listed below as long as you are an active Newsletter subscriber.

This giveaway will end on March 31, 2015 at 11:59 PM CST. The winner will be chosen within a week from the end of the giveaway.

Winner’s will be emailed to the email address on their forum account. Winners will have 48 hours from the time their name is posted to contact LukeM via private message, replying to the e-mail or e-mailing us at to claim their prize. If a winner does not contact us within 48 hours, we will re-draw for that prize with the same rules.

This giveaway is void where prohibited by law. No purchase or donation necessary. To enter by mail send full name, address, and phone number to USA Carry, 141 Robert E. Lee Blvd., #247, New Orleans, LA 70124.

Additional Legal Requirements:
1. You must be at least 21 years of age and an active subscriber to our email newsletter and website.
2. You must be a legal resident of the United States and meet all legal requirements where you live to purchase and own a gun from a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL).
3. You will be required to go through standard background checks through an FFL dealer. You may also be required to sign a waiver/release of liability for use of the firearm.
4. The firearm will be transferred from KA Tactical to an FFL of your choice in your locality.
5. Your username will be revealed in an announcement on our website.

Rules, including items and dates are subject to change without notice. KA Tactical will pay for the S&W Bodyguard 380 including shipping charges to the FFL dealer of the winner’s choice. Winner is responsible for FFL transfer fees. Crossbreed Holsters will pay all cost including shipping for the holster and gun belt. Crimson Trace will pay all costs including shipping for the Laser Grip. Console Vault will pay all costs including shipping for the vehicle vault. Disse Gear will pay all costs including shipping for the Captus 1HB. This is not a raffle.

  • disneyr

    Sweet! A complete firearm package!

  • Jerry_smith

    I hope so, I carry no matter what the laws are, who is going to protect me? It’s funny the government cuts funding to the LEOs and then tells us that we have to defend ourselves.

  • Chris Watson

    Love it, I’m all in!

  • Edward Meyer

    It’s nice when the government “allows” us to actually defend ourselves…It’s also funny the second amendment states “shall not be infringed” and yet we almost have to ask to get the ok…..BTW, this package looks like a great addition….

  • Disstraining

    great set-up on the giveaway. I teach carry classes anh a lot of folks have this gun.

  • Carl

    I like those extras that were added to the concealed carry package giveaway

  • Disstraining

    I saw where Cleveland,Oh. just laid-off 40 police recruits that were only out of school for one hour
     I guess that tells us we better protect ourselves.

  • waltincranston

    Glad I saved some money to buy more reloading supplies.  The government is taking us down the tubes—get ready!

  • Jrhnsn

    For the past few months I’ve been receiving emails from a certain CCW site back east.  Please do your family members and friends a favor and have them connect with  I have relied on the info for years as have members of my family.

  • Al_piser

    The safe is a nice addition to the giveaway program, if someone doesn’t have one they should, if they already have one it gives them the option of being ready from more than one area which is always a great idea.

  • shermr

    The LC9 is a good compact carry option, especially for warm weather carry.  The addition of the laser site, Crossbreed holster, and handgun safe allow both effective safe carry and storage.  Someone is going to win a very nice package.

  • Jpc1969

    I think this is a great package. I have been looking at both the LC9 and the safe over the last few months but have not purchased yet. If any one has any opinions of either I would be interested to read.

  • Juan C.

    Way to go luke! Hope I win this great package! I like the added extras!

  • Diverken52

    I carry all the time. This is a fine set up for any one, or adding this as a backup.
    Semper Fi

  • Anonymous

    This is an excellent package. It contains everything, but the ammo. Whoever wins this is a very lucky person.

  • Usercw5

    Heard a new one about our “rights”.  A process server was beating on the door of a “possible witness” and was screaming “I know you’re in there” without identifying himself.  A quick call to the police and the barrel of a shotgun beingshown out the window didn’t stop this guy  The loice arrived and called the homeowner off – but the processserver demanded thahe was within his rights and never appoloized.  The Eastern shore of MD was nearly short one process server!   His ights were nearl superceded by the homeoner’s rights!

  • Anonymous

    nice give away

  • wolfpack

    In MD, they cut LEO funding and tell you that you CAN’T defend yourself… This week in Baltimore a woman called police because someone was breaking into her house and it took an HOUR for LEOs to show up.  She was outside the house when she called and it’s practically impossible to get a CCW in MD, so she was basically a sitting duck while police took their sweet time to arrive. 

  • eRIC

    I am so glad that Ohio now allows me to carry inside a TGIFridays and other restaurants that we frequent.  Wish other states would follow suit.

    • Kcsoren

      NOT YET.  Check Buckeye Firearms News for updates as to when the law ACTUALLY takes effect.  I don’t think it is in effect until 1 Sept or something like that.  Be careful out there!

  • Andy Upchurch

    great package, Luke! I’m ordering a Crossbreed for my G27 this weekend. [crossing fingers for the LC9 for my wife].

  • Wlawless1

    What was the age prior to this?I thought 21 was the legal age for everything???

    • Anonymous

      Prior to what?

  • carryon1

    This new package giveaway is unbelievable great!!!!
    Wining this would sure – MAKE MY DAY!!!

  • Art Kat

    The time has come for a National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit.  It is ludicrous, when traveling across country, to have to stop and stow your weapon per as required by the state your’e about to pass through. 

    • Sfeddersen1

      It is rediculous to be considered a safe responsible person in one state and not another

      • Jennifer Barr

        i agree 100% !

        • Rednebp

          I am also on board with that.

      • KJBERD

        I agree too!

        • Tlkirbyjr

          Yes I agree too

      • Arnonenick23

        It is rediculous that there are a couple states that still don’t have CCW permits

        • 72cinjin

          One state.  Only one left.  Yes, Illinois.  Wisconsin passed the bill a few weeks ago, and it goes into effect November 1st.  Illinois is the last remaining state to ban carrying as of when the bill was passed.  I doubt it ever will, at least not with Rahm Emanuel in the ranks of the system.

          • Brian Blashka

            The WI law goes into effect NOV 1st!  Lots of training classes scheduled – avg price $70-$100

          • Alhaidara

            I just joined this site today. I took the 4 hour WI CC training class. We had hands on with several firearms and were offered an additional 2 hour slot on a shooting range included in the $100 fee. It was great because I had not fired a gun since Vietnam. 

          • Thejayman

            If you’re a vet, you don’t need to training class, but kudos to you for taking it anyway! I’m a vet of desert storm, and am anxiously awaiting an envelope from Madison with my permit in it.

          • blogengeezer

            With those of Chai Vang’s (21 Nov 2004) mentality increasingly circulating (thanks to US State Dept) in population of Wis and Minn, wonder that Wis has not had more hunting ‘Accidents’. A definite sign of intelligence for Gov Scott Walker to sign off on a long overdue lifting of restrictions.

          • Andyville

            why should rahm care- he has armed security 24/7

          • Tim

            i agree

          • kadbed

            Incorrect! TWO states. Maryland. Permit impossible to get for the average citizen. Same as NO ISSUE state. No difference.

          • Deadeyemagnum

            What about Hawaii? I heard they don’t issue concealed permits. Has that changed, or am I wrong?

          • Smiling_Dawg

            you are correct

          • Cameron

            It IS possible to get a MD ccw. Just very difficult and expensive. There’s a loophole which I take advantage of often because I travel (briefly) through MD frequently. They make an exception for military personnel traveling to and from duty.

          • Pete C.

            Actually, incorrect again. Illinois does not have one, but that has recently been overturned in the courts that they have to figure out a way to do so this calendar year. The other state that does not issue one is Vermont. However, their take is if you can legally buy a firearm, then who is Vermont to stop you from carrying one. They offer no such permit whatsoever. Carry however you like, no permit offered and none needed. MD at least offers one… you won’t get one most likely, but they offer it.

          • Jamharri

            What about New York? Unless you’re a politician, police officer or somehow connected, it is damn near impossible! All one could hope for is a “sportsman” permit which allows target and hunting. You may carry concealed only on the way to and from a range or gun club.

          • prodigy2m

            Yeah, you and me buddy. And lots of more actually. Hate NYC for their rules. I owe my guns for more than 6 years now. And when I applied for sportsman permit I got denied first time, without a legitimate reason, so I appealed and won.

          • WOP 2

            I have many relatives in Chicago, and the gun ban there is often referred to as a “fake law”. I asked why, and they replied “Everybody in Chicago has a gun”. Might be some truth to it, considering the incredible number of shootings in the last month in the Windy City.

          • Jeni Merritt Watkins

            As usual, the only people disarmed by gun bans are the law abiding citizens!!! Criminals will ALWAYS find a way to have them to commit crimes

        • Robert Payes

          Greetings from NJ, which is a “may issue” state – which, in reality means, “you have to show justification for carrying, and unless you’re law enforcement or security, you’re SOL.” Grrr…

      • Pmfarrellabby

        100% agreed.

      • Mattbush81

        I agree.

        • Slow-Shooter

          Being a N.R.A. Member through 2/31/2015 and owning firearms since 10/15/11, I have learned that Obama is bad news for Gun Owners Nation Wide, and we must

        • Robert Bush

          I agree

      • lazloe75

        I agree

      • Guest

        I agree

      • Ruslan1313

        I think the whole USA should be the area covered by the CCW. Equality for everyone. State laws should stick to protect the citizens not play with their rights and their emotions. Hope one day OUR future PRESIDENT will make all AMERICANS EQUAL as the CONSTITUTIONS says. So far we are not represented by what we like to call THE CONSTITUTION OF UNITES STATED OF AMERICA. Just a thought for you all out there. GOOD DAY and GOD BLESS US ALL. Thank you.

        • Allen Julian Lakosky

          Well stated. I must tell you that a Federal permit will potentially be a nightmare. Why? Because the individual states cannot agree on carry specifics. I am a CCW instructor, multi-state rated since 2003 and am well up on the carry laws. One state says you must be 18 years of age, my state says 21. My opinion is that if a man or woman can got to war and put their life on the line for their country, that person should be able to carry when they get home. Alcohol….04% in my state for legal carry, .08% in states like Utah. We are a “flee” state so one must show an attempt to run away when faced with a deadly threat. Most other states are “stand your ground” state and you can do just that, legally. Am I in favor of a national permit? Yes, but knowing what I know about the Feds, how many years will they argue the specifics? Food for thought as these differences are just a couple of examples of different scenarios we must face…showing a permit on a traffic stop? School ground carry? It is all different in different states and we will have to leave it up to some un-informed, common sense lacking politicians to decide which will be the national carry laws? It scares me and will be debated forever!

          • Joel Higginbotham

            I agree as well

          • Matt

            I too agree. Well said.

          • jb

            I agree.

          • john

            I don’t feel the feds should be involved in state issues that’s what wrong with this country now the feds are to deep in are pockets let the states decide what they want to about CCW lic and as far as having to have training I have mixed emotions I have met people that even with training would be dangerous with a weapon in ga were I am from you have to have a safety course to hunt but not to get your CCW lic. that doesn’t make sense but I feel if your not a vet you should have some kinda safety training

          • Paul Gianni

            State vs. Fed CCW is a tricky one; I also believe any CCW should be respected nationally because of the second amendment. In some states (like Vermont), anybody who can legally purchase a firearm can carry it concealed without anybody’s special license or permission; in other states (mostly coastal states), getting a CCW is a chore.
            Citing Lakosky above, states do have different requirements for obtaining a CCW and not all offer reciprocity. For example, my Ohio license is recognized in neighboring Indiana, but theirs is not recognized here because their training is not as adequate. I’m wondering if Illinois will strike any agreements with other states.

        • Lisa B

          I agree, all of Washington forgets that they work for US and they are supposed to have our interests at heart. All they care about is what they want and how much of our tax money they can blow on stupid crap like the gift closet and giving our money to countries who hate the US while half of us live in poverty because of their poor decisions and blatant disregard for the American people.

          • blogengeezer

            NM legislators that travel to and from their remote individual districts in their own vehicles, know full well the dangers of not being self defense certified/armed. Most with common sense have their CCW certification and legislate accordingly. Only the few that are afforded the luxury of security or live close to Santa Fe, vote otherwise. Sens Udall and Heinrich, both Lib Left anti-gun Dems. Heinrich (another lifetime professional politician who bragged that he often ‘Watched’, while his parents Worked) has DC aspirations and has moved to DC for his shot in the big time National politics.. Like ex gov Richardson (D) before him.

        • Guest

          I agree 100%. Should be able to carry everywhere. How else will we avoid another Luby’s?

    • Sonia

      I agree one hundred percent!  Since the 2nd amendment is a national right, then there should be collaboration among all 50 states concerning upholding that right.

      • Denial7

        Cross country travel on a motorcycle is hard enough without trying to find a leagle spot for your gun safe that may only be required in a couple of states and where it is allowed to be located changes in said states.

        • BobMcD

          I agree, I have soft side bags on my HD and don’t have a
          clue where to put my firearm to be legal. The bike safes I looked at were for
          locking hard sided bags.

      • LazarusLong

        Vermont, since acceptance into the Union as the 14th State, has honored the US Constitution and we have NO LAWS OR PERMITS that control or restrict the average citizen in good standing from carrying a weapon- open OR concealed, whenever they see fit to. Vermont reflects the original intent of the US Constitution to this day and doesn’t require permits for the exercise of a Constitutional Right whether its free speech, right to worship as one sees fit, right to bear arms or a right to privacy. The inter-state collaborating has already been done and it resulted in the 2nd Amendment that allows all citizens the right to bear arms.  ENFORCE IT!  It is the later unConstitutional limitations and permit requirements that need to be dumped.  The 2nd Amendment IS the national ‘licensing’ law.  Vermont is living proof of the original intent of the 2nd Amendment since it’s interpretation and enforcement has remained the same since 1793 and that right has been faithfully protected by the VT citizens over the decades/centuries as various people/organizations have tried to outlaw gun possession or inflict licensing or permits on the population.  All this situation really needs is the enforcement of the 2nd Amendment and the dumping of individual state laws and requirements that are  unConstitutional in the first place.  I suggest that everyone look at Vermont and then insist that their lawmakers use it as an example. Then the entire Nation will be on the same page again.  As a side point I’ll say that Vermont has always had a well deserved  reputation as a quiet, civilized place.

        • TXHCCharlie

          I have to agree. Texas didn’t have many restrictions until after the War of Northern Agression (“Civil” War). The carpetbaggers decided Texans weren’t fit to exercise our rights under the 2nd Amendment, and we STILL suffer for that attitude. It’s time to put an end to it and allow Constitutional Carry (open or concealed).

          • Jim Miller

            To repeat what an earlier poster said, let us keep the children in Washington out of this. It is up to the states to agree on the qualifications and training that would satisfy all so the reciprocity agreements would take care of the problem. Washington involved in anything equal huge screw-ups!

        • deeger

          Hear Hear! If only it were that easy

        • sprky777

          I agree. Wearing a gun open carry should not be a primary reason for being stopped. Cops should detain people exhibiting reckless behavior with guns.

        • blueskies

          very true about Vermont, but I wish they would pass a NRA castle doctrine.

        • Revan006

          I didn’t know that about Vermont, that’s awesome. In my mind I had lumped them in with the rest of the Northern Fascist states, which I simply avoid traveling to if at all possible. Glad to know sanity prevails in at least one state in NE. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Norma


      • Sherry Hillis Johnson

        I agree totally

    • James Dolven

      Same thing with a driver’s license. If I live and drive in Maryland, then move to Oklahoma, why should I have to get a new driver’s license? I didn’t forget how to drive just because I moved.

      • Nature1223

        You still need to change your license for that state

        • Dannyroberts6312


      • sanchez

        halfway agree. the law enforcement community needs access to others records and having a universal drivers license would help. of course you need to change your address, but it would be easier to track people, and less hassle for those of us that have to move

      • Jbryant50

        Because you have moved to another state and they need your money

    • Dbcee2

      Sorry Art Kat, we don’t need any more National laws, especially concerning our 2nd Amendment rights.  I’ll take the inconvenience and continue saying derogatory things about blue states.  Our time and efforts would be better spent encouraging states to adopt a uniform concealed carry law, modeled after the laws in most southern states. 

      • Cjpilotsr

        Does anyone have news of when the Senate is going to take up the reciprocity issue?

        • RedRiverD

          Who cares, they don’t do anything anyway?
          And if they were to take up the issue it would be years before anything was done about it…..

        • B B

          Bro, I guess you did not hear, those POS’ in Congress are taking their 5 weeks of needed vacation, so, I do not believe that getting any work done is on their minds, just like when they are IN session.

          • BW

            our rights are in less dangers while they are away

          • Jeff Duncan

            I think were safest when they are not in session now if we can get the President to just take a very long vacation say forever maybe we can get on with our lives

      • Art Kat

        Good Point Dvcee2.  Works for me.

      • Grizzly

        Bad national laws: BAD.  Good national laws, correcting bad state laws: GOOD.  Anti-gun politicians tried to attach conditional amendments to the National Reciprocity bill but were defeated by a bi-partisan coalition in the House.  As passed by the House of Representative, HR 844 has no strings attached.  It remains to be seen what the Senate will do.  They will probably CYA until after the November election.

        • Sabot 04

          I agree with Grizzly. The issue here is that the state govnments shouldn’t be messing around with constitutionally provided rights. Federal judicial branch should have shot down any state laws restricting our 2nd Ammendment Rights.

          • Steve Harmon

            That is also an excellent point, I am so confused. On one hand, I want the federal govt out of as much as possible and let the states handle their own affairs. On the other, the 2nd amendment is in The Constitution and shouldn’t be open to interpretation by the states.

          • richsplace

            You write what I think. Thanks for posting this. Excellent point.

          • Larry Faehling

            But all in all, they’re the biggest threat to our 2nd amendment rights, with most of the states falling in line for us.

      • Art Kat

        You are absolutely correct, I lost my head there for a moment.  This is indeed a problem which should be negotiated between the states who have a much better understanding of the problems they face.  I have decided not to travel through states that will not honer my conceled carry permit, which I’m able to do because I’m retired.  We do not need any more Federal Government interferance in state issues.  I would like to suggest to folks who do not have that luxury, to try and negotiate a workable solution to the problem between the states involved..

        • Steve Harmon

          I am also retired and plan on traveling back to Michigan from Orygun. Thanks to maps that show reciprocity laws, I was able to plan my route. It’s not a straight shot but those states that don’t want law abiding, responsible gun owners that have chosen to be in charge of their own immediate safety don’t deserve any of my money.

          • richsplace

            What a smart fellow retired guy you are. I think the same way. Depriving them of your limited dollars is what I do also. The same as I did to Groupon when I found out that they are now refusing to deal with anything gun related. Not only did they lose my subscription, I sent them a complaint with the reason. Thanks!

          • Robert McCauley

            I got a great deal on Groupon for a new gun range here in town.

          • romney2011

            we need to do this regarding all issues that are supported by socialists. Just don’t spend money, dollars, income, credit cards in these states or vendors in these states.

          • SEARogue

            I am not retired, but I always check the maps before a trip and do JUST that, BYPASS any state that doesn’t have reciprocity laws and I agree whole heartedly. Why should they get ANY of my hard earned money if they don’t want Law Abiding, Responsible Gun Owners in their state? They shouldn’t and they WON’T from me!

          • davidkb

            I’m with you 100%, states need to stand up for their rights to establish the gun laws for their states that will benefit their states and their economy’s, not mess with the Fed’s who don’t know what they are doing for who.

            We as law abiding gun owners need to support those states, we owe them support any way we can.

          • chaplain683

            Agreed. A handful of screaming activists gets media attention, but grass-roots patronage proves up on the bottom line. Just ask Chick Fil-A. Keep Calm, Carry on. It is a hassle to stop and stow while traveling.

          • Pepa Smithson

            where can I get a list of the states that done allow guns even with a conceals weapons permit, please

          • RLBuck

            Click on “resources” tab at the top of this page.

          • Pepa Smithson


          • flex4pj

            You can get that info right here on this site.

          • bobfairlane

            Consider that also when making online purchases.

          • James Lilley

            sad part is some states have different laws on how many shells u can carry in your weapon as well.

          • okseabat

            That is why each state has sovereignty and we are a federal government. We are able to pass laws that are most suitable to our need. Could you survive under only federal laws as Obama is trying to do to us. It is easier to get rid of a state legislator than a US rep, Colorado just removed two state senators for their gun control law.

          • JOHN


          • PeaverBogart

            I think Oregon doesn’t honor any states concealed carry permit. I’m in Montana and I checked. I used to have an Oregon permit but that was many years ago. I need to find out if I can get a non-resident permit from Oregon.

          • Dr Dave

            You can by going ot Oregon and applying for one from the Sheriff. Make sure you pick a county that has a pro gun sheriff. You have to have handgun training to get it. You can get the training from Front Sight and a 30 state CCW class that will meet the standards of Oregon. I got mine from Grant county Sheriff Palmer.

          • PeaverBogart

            Thanks Dave, I’ve got a Montana permit and a non resident Utah permit. I believe the Utah permit is the 30 state one. I had to have training to get the two I have.
            What part of Oregon State is Grant county in? Is it near the northeast corner of the state?

          • Jhawknid

            Oregon only offers non resident permits to states adjacent to Oregon and that accepts Oregons permit. In other words Idaho and Washington.

          • PeaverBogart

            I see ads in the paper all the time about getting an Oregon permit. One of these days I’ll call and make an appointment.

        • Joe Burba

          I live in California, The dems have their heads up their you know whats.
          They are trying to make it harder to own any kind of wepon.

      • Steve Harmon

        I have to agree with you.

      • Tre’

        Why is it that is seems mostly southern states “get it” when it comes to allowing its citizens to protect themselves and their loved ones without a bunch of red tape and bull$h!t. There is a reason that the US has not been invaded by foreign forces enmasse. They know that they not only have to fight our armed forces, but also have to contend with its armed citizens who will defend their nation at the drop of a hat. Even Arizona gets it. There is also a reason their violent crimes have drastically dropped. When criminals know that legal and honest citizens are armed, they tend to move on to easier prey. Let’s get a clue as a nation and create a uniform ccw for the entire country, including reciprocity for all states.

        • Connie

          I am from the South and I agree with you 100%. I have been traveling also and take my guns with me everywhere I go. It is crazy not to have a federal concealed carry law that all states have to honor. As for me I will never give up my guns. I also choose not to do business with companies that do not share my belief. If we don’t protect ourselves..who will? The police who are always too many minutes away to help in the time of need? I don’t think so!!

          • okseabat

            A Congressional or some bureaucratic policy change could take the privilege away from everybody at one stroke of a pin also. A little trouble in our life is not worth giving up our sovereignty and individual freedom. It is better for the governors to get together and reconcile the reciprocal laws. I am retired and travel also, as others have said planning ahead is not as much trouble as loosing our freedom to carry would be.

      • B B

        Well, maybe I am not seeing this in the correct manner ,but, would not having a uniform national ccw permitting procedure do just that? One ways and means to permitting ccw procedures adopted by all states would remove confusion and allow us to travel in our country without worry about crossing the border of each state. As “another federal law” goes, this government has been conniving and conspiring to re-read and twisting the words and meanings of our U.S. Constitution since its inception and chips away at it right under our noses, so, IMHO I am just glad I have less than 20 years on this planet, I just hope my grands kids and generations that follow,will be able to breathe without breaking a law……………….

      • Steve Mondloch

        I agree, the fed is already too involved in gun rights. I like states that honor all resident CCW. What we need is uniform laws between states, or just reciprocity of any state permit.

      • Georgiabw

        a very simple alternative would be to simply avoid those states. get a map and plan better

      • NeverAgain

        Here in Mississippi our governor signed a bill, you can Google the bill Ms House Bill 2, allowing Open Carry WITHOUT a permit you still need a permit to carry concealed. Like any other things that are in our favor 0bama comes in and stops it our state has acted just like 0bama would want. A judge waited until the last minute to go into affect put a hold on it. The bill was signed over 4 months ago to go into affect July 1st. Our AG is fighting to get it opened now. All it did was explain the concealed in part or whole part of the law,his excuse was it didn’t clearly describe it.

        Now every town and business have Gun Free Zones. Towns have banned the carrying of a firearm on city property. Here’s what our state Constitution states.

        ADOPTED NOVEMBER 1, A.D., 1890


        Section 12
        The right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person, or property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall not be called in question, but the legislature may regulate or forbid carrying concealed weapons.

        Now that’s plain enough that a kid would understand it. It has been our right since 1890 and have been made think Ms was not an Open Carry state all this time. It’s a bunch of BS we are going through. Since this has happened in the last two weeks there has been 6 purses stolen out of womens carts INSIDE our Walmart. I am not obeying this I conceal carry everywhere I go without any permit. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

      • Sky Soldier

        I agree and every state should become completely sovereign from the federal government. That way no unconstitutional federal agreement with any globalist organization (UN) will have any effect on gun ownership. It’s time for all states to have a uniformed State militia to counter the cultural Maxist in the White House and his NWO cronies in the various agencies…especially the US Attorney General.

    • Dbrow6272

      I agree whole heartedly. I live in Minnesota and have a very short list of states I can carry in. Lets get this passed!

      • Firemanvic

        It sure would be easyer but what are the odds of that happening, they can’t even agree on a budget?

    • Bigdadnc55

      I’m a truckers and I think that your absolutely right, also think they should allow all qualified professional drivers carry.

      • gman1070

        I am also a driver with a CDL and also have 5 other licenes that are not CDL, NEED TO KNOW HOW TO WORK THE SYSTEM. Also carry 14 CCW permits

    • Edwardjose1955

      You’ve got that right!!!

    • Rhvetsch

      RV It’s called constitutional carry! Have you heard of it? If not google Dudley Brown

    • Gary Almstrom

      I absolutely agree, that when travelling across state lines, we should not need to unload and stow our weapons because the state we are entering may not honor the U. S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment rights.

    • ACrumb

      On one hand, I agree. On the other, I trust my state more than I trust the country to keep electing Constitution-loving officials.

    • LB1999

      I totally agree.  Every state should have the same requirements to carry.  While the 2nd Ammendment guaranteed our right to bear arms, there are a whole lot of people out there that need to learn how to handle a weapon before they should be allowed to carry one.

    • Larry Faehling

      I honestly don’t think I want the Federal Government fooling with our gun rights. The 2nd amendment says it all. I realize that there are a lot of bozos governing across the land, however.

    • Rock

      Absolutely agree with arthurwmiller. All he said is true, and I’ll add in Illinois for example, even if you unload your weapon and separate the gun from the ammo before entering the state, you will still be arrested in the Chicago area just for having the gun in your vehicle to start with. Absurd!

    • Sherm Risdall

      The federal government should not be involved in concealed carry across state line as long as state laws are obeyed. What we need is for the states to get together with a comprehensive reciprocity program where every state would recognize Concealed Carry permits from another state. For this to happen training needs to be consistent from one state to another. Some states only require an online course that takes a couple of hours and a fee paid to the state for a backgrround check, others require four to eight hours of classroom training followed by a shooting proficiency test after.

    • Pete C.


      I couldn’t disagree with you more. The fact that I need a permit in the first place is the Un-Constitutional part. Having the FEDERAL government be in charge of the way and manner in which we carry is a slippery slope I do not want to be on. We have allowed the Federal government to bully the states too much as it is. The states should have more power than they do, and the Federal government should have less. Read the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.


      • Larry Faehling

        I agree with you, Pete. It’s naive to believe that the Feds should be able to say anything about it. It’s out of their hands, legally. Of course, they’re trying to rewrite The Constitution as they go.

    • akbigdog

      We need state’s to cooperate and reciprocate each other’s concealed carry laws, but not more federal laws.

      • swatdoc

        AKbigdog, You have that right. But it would be best if all states accepted one an others, license. This would make all licenses legal, and wouldn’t have to stop at the borders, and take out 2/4 rounds. We just need everyone on the same page! BUT wait, we cant even get NY, andCA to put out a license with any type of portability. First we need to help those poor states, elect gun people into office. Elections are coming, do a little research, and check their platforms. Let’s get the elections, right this time.

    • Chuck

      enough laws. 2nd amendment does not say with a permit.

    • Larry Faehling

      It is ludicrous to think that the Federal Govt should be involved in any manner with this. States rights is where it’s supposed to be. Leave it that way, otherwise you are asking for more trouble than we’ve already got from the Feds.

    • David Hack

      There is a National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, it’s called the Second Amendment!

    • Yehuda Alan

      I agree with you

    • Mark Wootten

      I agree stop treating law abiding like criminails panty waste politians foregot what this country was built on !!

    • Kevin Masterson

      That would truly be Amazing it should not be that hard. When you apply for your state permit they not only run you through the state police I think they also run you trough A.T.F. so your already good Right?

    • Sivispace

      I agree although I hate to put the issuance of such a license in the hands of government. It would have to be a discretion-free “Shall issue” type of system.

    • IHateLibs

      I Totally Agree . But NOT with all the Anti-Gun LIBD/EMS in Congress LED by the FRAUD ILLEGAL KENYA TREASONOUS MUZZY POTUS we wont

    • Charlie Given Jr

      No to a national permit, but mandatory reciprocity under the full faith clause of the Constitution would work.

    • IHateLibs


    • bobfairlane

      Why do we even need a permit? Some states have made it clear that they do not need to extort money from people for owning defensive firearms.

    • David Wilson

      It’s a mystery why er are legal in one state, and a criminal in another.

    • Joe Botz

      Time to Feed The TREE of LIBERTY with The BLOOD of TYRANTS and PATRIOTS!

    • Dave

      I’ve always thought of myself who is pretty savvy about all things legal. One thing I cannot understand about all of this, and hopefully someone can educate me as to the legality of it all. Let’s say I have my Arkansas Driver’s license (which I do) and want to drive to any other of the states in the Union, and each and every state recognizes my Arkansas license as being the document I need to drive upon their road legally. Every other state recognizes my Ark. D.L. I know this is through the Interstate commerce clause and all. So why is it that if Arkansas bestows a right upon me, another state can infringe on that right and there is no reciprocity (in some areas.) What gives? I have never understood that part of the law?

    • Mark Wells

      Amen to that! DBCee is a bit squeamish about such would entail but there are 2 facts that just as sure as death and taxes.
      Foremost, the States, no matter how prodded, will come as close to developing uniform Concealed Carry provisions as I will come to being elected President of Mars.
      Second, just like trip to the toilet, paper work IS GOING TO BE REQUIRED! Any proviso that will allow you to concealed carry across State lines WILL GENERATE nationwide data base just as surely as a sheep’s ass grows wool. That data base could reside in any one of many places–NCIS would probably be the best placement– but one would have to exist.

    • ken

      All states should be forced to accept any states CCW permit.

      Shall no be infringed… I agree with a background check but once it’s done and the person is cleared that should be the end of it, period.

  • cripps72

    Great package would Love to Win this, and by next year or so IL miight get with the rest of the country.

    • Anonymous

      good one =)!!!!!!!

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  • Timothy J Hicks

    this is such an awesome deal. ive allways been a fan of ruger

  • David R Clouser

    I own a CrossBreed holster and 2 gun safes made by MiniVault.  These are excellent products!  

  • Shag32063

    sweet,love to win.

  • Matt McConkey

    Great Idea, I hope I win also

  • Roy E. Landstrom

    Just got back from volunteering at Camp Perry pistol matches. I ‘m in charge of the function range. Those semis have mechanical problems. If you carry, in my opinion, a revolver is best. Point and shoot!

  • Steve Haynes

    Great contest Luke.  Great information in the forums too!  Thanks!

  • rick

    this is the best package yet. everything you need in one great package

  • rick

    this is the best package yet. everything you need in one great package

  • Milinm

    That is one sweet package , sure would love to win it.

  • Jeremy Lagania

    great looking set of stuff. would love to win

  • Preacherskip

    I am “new” to gun ownership and concealed carry.  I say “new” because I have owned a Remington 66 Nylon .22, as well as a Ruger Bearcat with Western rigging.  Unfortunately, I sold the last gun almost 40 years ago.  I have decided in this day and age that gun ownership is a must and even my wife is getting her CCL. 

  • Plumberken55

    Great CC give away.  Love to win it. I’m concidering the supertuck for my Taurus 7/24 in 45 acp. undecided as yet.

  • Gcarey4841

    It seems to me that if you pass CC in any state it should be good in the other 49! Have you seen the video of how the police treat CC in Ohio! Stay safe!


    This is an awsome package I would love to win it

  • Thehowardm

    Uniform national concealed carry regulations would be nice unless we get stuck with more restrictive rules “the most conservative of all the affected states’. Then you would be lamenting having a uniform national regulation that cut into the rights you may enjoy now.

  • william stanger

    sounds great

  • Moutain Woman

    Great package! We go hiking alot, where this package would be very nice to keep the family safe!

  • longbag7

    California is hostile toward concealed carry. In Ventura County, Concealed Carry permit must be renewed every ninety days,and ironically the renewal process takes ninety days. So you can see that a person with a CC permit would be in a constant process of paying, and renewing.

  • longbag7

    California is hostile toward concealed carry. In Ventura County, Concealed Carry permit must be renewed every ninety days,and ironically the renewal process takes ninety days. So you can see that a person with a CC permit would be in a constant process of paying, and renewing.

  • steve

    signed up for both.  thanks and great contest

  • john_eb

    HR 822 National Recriprocity Bill has 242 sponsers in the House of Representatives.  Make the calls, and get it moved.

  • Anonymous

    I agree it is about time to have a national permit or at least all states recognize all
    other states permits,

    • Walt

      I prefer all states honor my state permit, keep the Feds out of it!

    • Dogface0245

      yes one permit would be the right thing to do.

    • VT Patriot

      I’m in a state where the 2A is respected.  If I pass the NCIS check, I can purchase, carry openly or CCW.  Period.  No permit required.  So your permit that is regietered with your state is good here. It’s that simple. But, since I don’t need a permit here, I have to jump thru hoops to be able to carry elsewhere.  Insanity.

  • Anonymous

    The National Reciprocity Bill is extremely important; let your Senator and Congressman know of your concern for its passage.
    A second point is the “immediate notification” requirement  in traffic stops.  All state associations should work for clarification of just what this means.

    • elsombreronegro

      The reciprocity bill only serves to legitimize the false assertion that one should have to have permission to be armed in the first place.

    • Keiter

      Notification is a no-brainer anyway. The two cops who taught CCW where I first took it said that they know every driver is carrying. That’s how they treat every stop. I like to think someone with such power over me is at least that intelligent.

  • Anonymous

    The National Reciprocity Bill is extremely important; let your Senator and Congressman know of your concern for its passage.
    A second point is the “immediate notification” requirement  in traffic stops.  All state associations should work for clarification of just what this means.

  • Gene

    There are so many different requirements with each state and some change there regs that its almost to much trouble to keep up with.  Thankfully we have this website to keep us informed

  • Paparoe

    It is about time for national bill.  The last time it got 60 votes but needed 61

  • Adc5654

    Great package. Thanks for the chance t owin it

  • anthony

    That is something ever man should have!!! 

  • sam w

    hope i win! need new metal

  • Johnkoko

    If they pass permission to carry on army corp property, does that include water under army corp control ?  Because some are under both U.S.C.G. and army corp, where is that going to stand ?


    I agree with national reciprcocity and it would be nice, however I am  concerned with states being given cc info if the do not recognize cc permits from other states… 

  • tushambi

    The people elect idiots and greedy backstabbers to represent them in congress and the senate. Therefore,why are they surprised when they end up with stupid laws. Even organizations like the NRA aren’t really doing what’s best for gun owners.When  people wake up and run the worthless officials out of office maybe it  will reduce some of the stupid legislation. However, because our elected officials take bribes (campaign contributions) they are selling their vote to the highest bidder and not doing the right thing. And the worst thing is, that doesn’t matter what party they claim to be a member of or what they say, because when their lips are moving they’re not being truthful which makes it impossible to know who to vote for.

  • Gerlinde

    I have had a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit for so many years to numorous to count.
    and in all that time the Law to carry has hardly chanched , a little hear or there but nothing significant ,lets hope it will improof in the Future.

  • Anonymous

    Great giveaway. I hope I win.

  • lonewolf

    we need all states all states to have the national reciprocity law. yea! to missouri for lowering permit carry to 21.

  • Finster316

    Glock 23 40cal. is my favorite .

  • Tmtmtl

    Good stuff


    Hope I win

  • Robert A. Serrano

    i look forward to winning this contest

    • Walt

      Forget it friend it’s mine!

  • olderelder

    The National Reciprocity Bill can be won if we all tell our local congress reps to support it. A simple email is all it takes!

  • Cgmullinsphoto

    I have an LC9 but wouldn’t mind another so I don’t have to share with the wife.

  • Ltpatrick

    Very nice give away, would like to win it

  • Ssmith2385

    Nice gun package!!

  • Deltone

    I’d like to win the LC9 package just to say I won something. If I win it I will immediately sell it! I call this tiny gun a belly gun. It hass too much power for its tiny size. Its good if you want to shoot yourself! A very cheap design,with safety issues. Go check one out at your local gun shop. Any comments?

  • Dannyroberts

    That is a great package  you offer I would love to win it and show all the guys in the gun club I belong to what hard work you all do to promote our right to bear arms and bring attention to concealed carry for self protection. I also promote your Front sight school In my concealed carry classes  several of the students From Asheville North Carolina Have taken Your course At front sight All of them have said how much better they became after your course, and feel confident in defending themselves .
    Cheers Danny Roberts



  • Iam2Taz

    As much as I would like to have a National Concealed Carry Permit, I am not sure I want the idiots in Washington laying out the ground rules.  Think about it.  It wasn’t all that long ago we had a significant war regarding states rights. 

    Reciprocity is something the states need to work toward.  But this needs to come from the states, not the feds.  Of course you have to get past the semi-socialist republic of Illinois before that can happen!

  • Wlmcl777

    Be glad you dont live in california they are trying to take all of our gun rights away

  • Charles Taylor57

    when good people stop carrying guns the time is up

  • Jardinimagic

    a National Concealed carry permit? who would control it the feds? not sure about this

  • Anonymous

    I’m in

  • Micastro64


  • Larry

    Fantastic givaway package,would be great to win somthing

  • Paulasmailbox95

    I recently obtained my lifetime permit from Indiana. My husband bought me a gun for my birthday. I was surprised to find out about the differences in state regulations. I guess I assumed that having my permit in Indiana the rules would be the same across the US. I am new to this but really feel that it is becoming more important than ever to carry protection especially when traveling.


    Thank God we have finally started coming to our senses on this subject!!

  • Bluejacket

    National Concealed Carry Weapons Permits are a great idea and I think is constitutional since it deals will a well maintained militia.   

  • Taurus40

    None of your other rights stops at a state border, why should the right to defend your life stop in Illinois?

  • Mopar1938

    I go to Dealware and Pa to visit friends and family and have to travel thru MD,  I have a CCw in VA but if I get caught in MD it is moot point even they have their own permit they dom”t reconize any oter state and that is ludicris.  I believe we do need an all state recognition for any legitamit person with a CCw permit. 

  • Ed Williams

    AMEN to the NCCWP.  It lost by 2 votes in the Senate last time.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great give-a-way and i would love to own an LC9 w/ CR LG…….I have the Crimson Trace LG on my SR9c and love it.  Looks and feels like an integral piece of the weapon, no delay whatsoever I had read about on some lasers.  Didn’t intend to buy one with the gun but my progressive lenses were just driving me crazy, now I am seeing the target and the background in an instant.  Can’t say enough about the combination.  Was able to get 2 holsters already made for the SR9c w/ CR LG (one from Ruger and one from High Noon (Mr. Softy)).  Both fit great.

  • Anonymous

    Great giveaway! I agree it is a shame the states do not have a uniform national carry permit.

  • Noquie1

    As long as we have each other our rights are safe.

  • baldmurph

    We maintain we have the right to own firearms (Second Amendment).  Firearms make a number of people nervous:  it reminds them the universe is not ordered with our safety in mind and some of our fellow citizens are not totally lawabiding.  Our solution:  carry.  Their solution: prohibit.  Problem: those who would ignore prohibition for profit or for survival (two sides of the same coin which includes sex).  We have tried prohibition; it doesn’t work.  Too much profit involved in meeting demand.  When I lived in Mississippi some of the most opposed to legalizing sale of alcoholic beverages were the smugglers and stores who sold them just outside the town limits (sale was a local option).  Others, of course, were opposed on religious grounds.  The two most obvious solutions I see are a) move to a more reasonable location, and let the knotheads stew in their own vulnerability, or b) vigorously support candidates for public office, local and national, who openly support our cause.  What we want will not be given to us; we must be a noticeable voting bloc who are peacefully insistent.  Register, express your opinions calmly but firmly, VOTE!     

  • crystal ann

    I entered! In the process of getting a ccw so this is the next necessary step :) thanks!

  • Jwspackey

    If you have to use your concealed carry gun to protect you or your family and you go to jail and then trial,i would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.

  • Wtsmith6516

    Hope to win the August package.

  • Alexcedo

    Although having a Federal CCW sounds like a good idea, I feel that we don’t need a federal law but rather have each state develop CCW laws, of course I am a firm believer in States rights and less Federal oversight.

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  • Dabarnes

    I would really hate to see the federal gov. with any more control over right to carry, but it seems impossible for the states to all agree on anything.

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  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to win the Concealed Catty package !!!

  • Joseph Kocian

    What a GREAT opportunity for some FANTASTIC items…. what a joy it would be to be selected for these items.

  • Anonymous

    National laws would be great but the ones who would do that are the ones who can’t balance their own checkbooks.

  • Edward Meyer

    It’s a shame when we think we have to ask the government if we can carry.  The 2nd amendment states fairly clearly with the phrase “Shall not be infringed” .

  • Jhuber1335

    Does anyone have a list of states that allow open carry?

  • Andrew Jessop

    Just finished my class today. I can’t wait to go get my permit. I am a 4 time combat veteran, and I feel naked without a piece.
    My M&P .40 will be a great carry piece.

    • Walt Johnston

      Congrats!! I don’t know what state you are  from, here in Texas it does not take long to get your permit.Thanks for your service!  Walt ( Korean vet )

  • ppear

    Glad to be aboard.

  • hangitfire

    Great application

  • Pastorbosharp

    What I have allways found funny about “concealed” carry is this…ask any police officer if he or she would consider your firearm which is on your person and only HALF covered, and you do NOT have a CCW if he would charge you with a “concealed” weapon! His or her answer will be an excited “YES”! However then ask if under the very same conditions but this time you DO have a permit if he or she considers the gun “concealed” and every time you will get a “NO” So which is it? One has to be right either and the other has to be wrong! I would hate to be in jail or fined over such a stupid thing like this!

  • Paul Sears

    I think that is very nice of them to lower the age to 21.  I mean after all, an 18 year old from Missouri can join the military, be sent to a war zone and carry 24-7.  I guess your responsible enough to die at 18 but must wait until your 21 to protect yourself.

  • Fotog4

    This is awesome and would certainly be a great addition to my comfort concerns

  • Fotog4

    I agree, it’s too difficult to be traveling and have a minute to minute update as you’re passing through different states on a trip. I travel to FL from MI every year, and thankfully, they all have reciprocity with each other

  • Doc

    I agree with Dbcee2 we have enough laws concerning our 2nd amendment rights. I for one don’t understand why the states feel they need to allow concealed carry that should go without saying because the 2nd amendment didn’t say we have the right to bear arms unless they are covered by our coats it states “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

  • Roy Oliver Jr.

    I just bought my very first handgun (.38 special blue titanum tarus). I took it to the range for the very first time and fell in love with it so much i box 3 boxes of bullets for target practice and fired everyone. I would love to get the Ruger with laser. I plan on joining the police academy within 6 months and would love for the LC9 for a back up pistol and to familarize myself with a different type/model handgun.

  • Gerlinde Smith

    All I can say is I hope Good will Triumph over all the hassle that is being tossed against Cocealed  Carry , I have carried concealed for many years but allways with certain restrictions.

  • Tom Royse

    Great information by Luke McCoy! A big Thank You for all the facts and info Fantastic giveaways ! would love to win the CC Give away

  • Maas0031

    I am following USA carry on twitter as @suburbanjung:disqus 

  • Bob

    Kill them all and let GOD sort them out. We will never get the problems straightened out because our congressmen and senators are crooked.

  • Anonymous

    And the winner of the last giveaway is zrx12mike. I’d like to thank everyone for participating and we are doing it again over the next 3 months. Same Rules. Same Prizes!

  • carryon1

    I live in Georgia and if I go across the river into S.C. I’m told my Georgia CCW permit “IS NO GOOD IN THE STATE OF S.C.”.

    • TXBig

      How about the Full Faith and Credit Clause?  If my Texas DL is valid in every other state, why isn’t my CCW?

  • Hope Cundiff

    I really need to win this, it would be easier on me than my 38.  Thank you all so much for the ontest!

  • John Patterson

    national right to carry permit may not be utopia but is a h___ than what we have now

  • Bhevans

    Would love to have this pkg…….

  • Brian Banks

    This would be awesome to win!

  • eRIC

    Just bought a G26 for concealed carry and was amazed that the recoil was identical to my G19; very manageable.  Does anyone have a suggestion on holsters?

  • CCWryter

    I have heard people say that if you carry, you are more prone to go looking for trouble.  Isn’t it more accurate to say the readiness you exude will cause troublemakers to look elsewhere for their “fun”?

  • Khglock21

    All states need to be like alaska

  • Hope Cundiff

    Being a former sworn deputy jailer and previously qualifying, does anyone know if I would have to take the concealed training in Kentucky?

  • AsGuy76

    How to Be Eligible:

    1. Be AN active member of USA Carry.

  • TXBig

    How about the Full Faith and Credit Clause?  If my Texas DL is valid in every other state, why isn’t my CCW?

  • Maas0031

    I just tweeted about this giveaway. I really , really, really want to win! 

  • Maas0031

    I just tweeted about this giveaway. I really , really, really want to win! 

  • French45ACP

    Another awesome giveaway.
    Great site,very informative.
    Keep up the good work Luke!!

  • French45ACP

    Another awesome giveaway.
    Great site,very informative.
    Keep up the good work Luke!!

  • Robert Bush

    Great package! I need a smaller, easily concealed weapon for hot weather. This one fits the bill perfectly.

  • Wop2_99

    If national reciprocity happens, who is going to pay for LaPierre’s salary? Not Relevant Anymore really does not have a stake in the gun issue going away, no more than Jesse Jackson really wants to see racial harmony. Follow the money at all times.

  • Jpc1969

    I agree with most of you. I should be able to carry concealed in any of the 50 states if I have a permit granted from any one of them. Traveling across country is one of the times I feel I need my weapon the most.

  • Wvbacon


    still find myself scratching my head over the various
    states not being on the same page in reference to the 2nd amendment rights that
    every and I mean every U. S. Citizen possesses. I joined the armed services (U.
    S. Navy) at age (18). I was trained to handle, disassemble, clean and shoot
    every small arms and some others at our disposal. But yet as a civilian I have
    to jump through so many different hoops and cut through so much red tape to
    legally possess and carry many of the small arms that I was trusted to use to thwart
    our enemies on foreign soil


  • Anonymous

    USA Carry is the best site for anyone with a CCW permit. I get the best advise from the other posters here.  Thanks to all for the information provided.

  • jon nelson

    The problem is simple the news media focuses on negative actions of others and publicizes them when they don’t believe in the second amendment that we all have the right to bear arms and some of the idiots in Washington are trying to control everyone and everybody.

  • Ki4hit

    Just became a gold member. I will be checking out the forums as well.


  • Anonymous

    The bill that has to go to the congress is HR822, CONTACT your senators and congressman to support this bill

    . I live in VA and am looking for an instructor for the state of UTAH so I can apply for their out of state permit.  I have a freind in IOWA that just got his. I have a CCW for NY and VA.  The only problem with the NY one is it is no good in NY City and that is where it is needed the most.

    I go to Delaware a lot and my permits are no good in Maryland and that is an inconvience.  We need the HR822 law passed.

  • Wop2_99

    I too have a Utah non resident permit, and a Pennsylvania License To Carry Firearms. There is considerable difference between a permit and a license (I think), but it just pisses me off that I have to PAY for a right. Anyone else similarly ticked off?

  • sanchez

    I would love to win this package :) its time the girls got out there and protected themselves. This is a good gun to do it with

  • Tim Brown

    I agree.

  • John Burns

    love this website

  • Patricia Schmitt

    Would really love this prize pkg. – especially the Crossbreed holster and the laser site!

  • Arnonenick23

    It is all about the money going to the states or counties

  • Richrm

    IL is still the only state that denies 2nd amendment rights, glad I live in FL.

  • Xader Alerts

    How exactly are we supposed to tweet the message? It is over 140 char.

  • Chris Sneed

    this site is a great tool that has helped me learn my laws in and around tennessee concerning concealed carry. thanks for all the helpful info all in one place!

  • KJenkinsAF

    Looking for advice regarding the Sigsauer p250 versus the Smith and Wesson .40.  The convertability of the P250 is appealing but wondering if it will break easier than a gun that is designed one way.

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  • Durak Ironhyde

    Very cool contest

  • Skip Tort.

    I made a comment last week about the 18 year old using weapons in the military, but not for self defense here until he/she is 21.. Where did it go?????????

  • Milinm

    Excellent web site , very informative. Has been a great help. Keep up the good work.

  • N8kbm1

    Good site for up to date info on concealed carry laws from all states

  • Nomadsffs

    Great site,everyone who asks me any questions concerning ccw i just give them this web address and there good to go!

  • Jklotz1981

    wow nice package.i would be nice to have for safe keeping to protect my family

  • Tim

    the current administration wants to abolish our 2nd amendment rights for good. we need to speak up and come togeather as a nation.

    • Texas ccw holder

      Bottom line is get Orako Bahama out, along with his many henchmen and Chicago gangsters

  • Guitartommy1

    We have a chance to things in the upcoming election. If we do not exercise this right it will only get worse. Happy to see that we are gaining ground. Gtommy

  • Patc378

    I agree 100%

  • Cschhmidt27

    I live in Illinois and I have to be concerned what county I am in, in regards to high capacity magazines and such. It is all bull criminals carry weapons why can’t I protect my self!

  • wakman1

    Has anyone heard of SIN Holsters. If not check them out on Facebook.

  • Jesse

    I’m am open carry kind of guy. Easier access.

    • Phonse65

      You’ll lose element of suprise and be shot first

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  • chips5573

    This is an awesomr package – my husband and I would love to WIN!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Art. After going thriugh all the goverment checks every state shouldf honor your permit.

  • Tim Montoya

    National conceal carry would make this nation safer and promote business by allowing some to travel safely. Hopefully our time is coming.

  • silvergator

    I just became aware of USA Carry and joined today. I look forward to the information and knowledge that I feel I will gain here, Thanks.

  • Shannon Hill

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Omahasystems

    Hopefully, the laws governing CCW reciprocity will continue to progress in the favor of the law biding citizen. Gun control doesn’t control criminals, it controls those that follow the law and renders many useless to the punk shooting up the mall or local college campus!

  • Bleushmon

    Awesome giveway here. Was thinking of getting a setup like this.

  • Bukeduke

    About time the elected officials pulled their collective heads from their collective A$$*# and did something sensible.  

  • Ted Zweig

    Glad to see the House pass HR 822. Now let’s see if the Senate has the guts to pass it as well.

  • TD6235

    Great giveaway

  • Mmkrs

    Am I automatically entered by joining your twitter and tweeting? I didn’t see anywhere to enter and say I did this! :) thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • Mfldmike

    Nice!  This would be perfect for a WI newly CCW holder such as myself!!!

  • Mopar62

    While I have a VA ccp it is a problem when I travell thru md and nj.  I also have a ny permit but it is no good in nyc and that is where you would need it most.

  • Jim

    Art Kat;
    I fully agree. We have just returned from a “East to WEst Roundtrip” and the first leg required me to unload & lock in a rear gun vault just prior to driving thru Illinois. When we had crossed into MO, I was legal to carry in each state West to NV and return home.
    Absolutely ridicuousl and my family were exposed to any potential robbery attempts, etc.

  • Naplesbay

    Thanks Luke! You are a hard worker!

  • Chris Toman

    I agree with Dbcee2 that we don’t need any more national gun laws. Once they get their foot in the door they will HAVE to modify the law to suit their purposes. I prefer having someone on the local level that I can actually talk to when there is a problem. If you don’t like a states laws- stay out of that state or work to get that state to change the laws.

  • mike ruple

    looks like some good man toys here guy’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nmcdonal88

    i couldnt’t agree with DB more. mold a national CCW regulation formed form the laws of the southern states.

  • Anonymous

    We must uphold the 2nd Amentment and Protect our Right to Carry.

  • Rlm3453

    What is the best car holster?

  • Cjpilotsr

    Has anyone heard if the US Senate is going to take up the Reciprocity issue?

  • Rgum

    If you believe what you read, our gun ownership rights are going to be in jeopardy very soon. we have people in leadership right now that are working in the background as i type this that is trying very hard to take away our guns just like they did in europe, and canada. mark my word.

  • Rgum

    It is now leagle to carry a gun across all the states except Illinois.

  • Scott63

    Just received my concealed carry permit in the mail yesterday. The cost was 65$ for the training class and 50$ for the permit itself. I feel very fortunate to live in one of the states (WI) that allows
    its citizens to protect not only themselves but their homes and families also. With so many of our citizens rights being infringed upon these days, its nice to see this one was not squashed by the government. 

  • waltincranston

    National concealed carry is long overdue.  but then any type of permit should not be needed if the 2nd amendment was actually in force as written.

  • Fibreman56201

    A lot of common sense here, too bad police & goverment are short of this neccesity. Old adage there is no reason for this, just policy

  • CTH9814696


  • Xdm40cal

    Let me just say this, There should be no permit need, C2 CC is the way to go…But the power that be,
     Feds allow states to do what they do..
    When it comes to all 50 allowing CC permits, agreed 100% …Question anyone look at how to CC from washington state to Alaska?  Cananda has and no Firearms allow sign at the borader. I guess Driving is out of the question…
    When it comes to ILL, MD,NY,NJ, Ha ”  Private citizens are denied” to CC..

    This was not the case back in the 40,50,60’s….Why has the American people become so afraid to protect one self???

  • Paul Wesley Franklin

    right or wrong i will still take “i would rather be judged by 12 than be carried by 6 “

  • Scotty-48

    As a Wisconsin resident ,I for one am glad It’s finally not a crime for law-abiding citizens to arm themselves !  About Time !  Watch the rapists , muggers & thugs slowly disappear !

  • HeavenLee

    Just me again on a rant… As I single woman who rides a motorcycle … I think that laws that I can not carry into an establishment that serves alcohol regularly or have my arm about me here if I’ve had one, two or a few in NC is BS!

    I like to ride down and all across the country and meet up with people all over and certainly want to ocassionaly meet then at a local bar or function serving. My does my right to self protection end at that point?

  • skip tort

    50 individual permits, and a lot of reciprocity, may be too hard for the folks who  want to take away our 2nd amendment rights. 1 national permit would probably be what their lickin’ their  chops over. Let’s hope more states get on board….

  • Johnblanchard

    I agree that it is time for a national carry law.  I understand the arguments regarding new laws, but I see no other way to get around the rediculous variances in state laws.  I live in New York, if I can get a permit in New York, I should be good everywhere.  I also live 3 miles from Pennsylvania, and NY permit is not honored in PA.

  • Anonymous

    The truth is that America is a nation full of crazy people.It is the nation with the highest number of dishonest elected officials in this hemisphere .It is a nation with the greatest number of its citizens incarcerated. It is a nation with out- of -control crime and murder. I could go on and on with reasons everyone who can afford a gun should have a gun. Everyone needs to obtain a carry permit , carry a gun and know how to shoot and hit your target like an expert. The life you save may be your own.


    Its great we in WISCONSIN finly allpowed to carry weapns and as a usa citizen I need and have the right to do and with crime increasing we need al the protection we can have   REMEBER U HAVE A GUN IF U NEED TO USE IT  

    • Art Kat

      Your point is well taken and I agree that we should be able to carry our wepons across state lines when traveling.  However we’re facing a serious problem these days, with an out of control federal government that is seizing more and more power and control from the states, which is what our founding fathers tried to keep from hapening.  They reasoned that the states should be responsible for passing laws necessary to handle state problems which worked very well, thank you.  The federal governments resopnsiblity was to maintain the currency, mediate disputes among the states, and provide for the protection of our nation from invasion by foreign governments.  We’re seeing an ever growing federal government beauacracy, exercising an increasing amount of power over the states for which, in the long run we will all wind up paying for.  As my daddy once told me, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”, and so far that advice has worked for me. for.  What say you?  

  • Georg 10


  • tom campbell

    time to push the feds for acknowledging permits accross state line, one end of country to other

  • bc

    great concealed giveaway

  • monster

    bad guys carry guns w/o permits so why can’t good guys carry legally w/o a permit?

  • FirstEagle

    Hey guys, I thought the right to bear arms was a Constitutional Right and therefore should apply to every state in the union.

  • Djmastawillyb

    My freinds have wised up and started showing interest in ccw

  • Doublehulled

    I admit I signed up for the contest, but the discussions are so good, I think I’ll stick around.

  • Jbaz811

    We are secure in our home and out and about in the state of Arizona. While we have Constitutional carry allowed I have and will maintain my issued Concealed Carry Permit. After four decades in LE I know and have seen that the armed law abiding citizen is the best deterrent to violent crime. I too belive tha a National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit would further connect and protect the law abiding citizens and give pause to the rest. 

  • John10588

    It would be nice to win

  • Rbdrinks

    Missouri did the right thing !!!!!!!!!!!
    Try getting a ccp in Maryland , what a joke!!

  • Eric de Jong

    Well, I thought I singned on but when I try to login to leave comment here it won’t allow me to do that. So I had to log on using my Facebook account….
    Is this portion different from the other USACarry login? mY username there is: Dutchie_in_Mobile…

    Anyway, let me know when I have won this thing… LOL.


  • Tahoetwin

    National Reciprocity, would be nice to see some day soon. 

  • Tlester7

    Awesome – I just got the LC9 as a Christmas gift and so wanted the Crimson Trace Laser Sight.  Would be awesome to win this package. 

  • damnyankee2

    Great prize package!!

  • Dallas Golden

    I think everyone should be allowed to defend ones self. but,some people dont have the brains to obey the laws

  • Alpha

    I have been a CC enthusiastfor years first in Texas (home) then in Arkansas.

  • Mopar62

    It is a shame that the woman who tried to follow the law is now aressted in NYC and could face jail time.  She really should have checked out the law before she went to NYC with a handgun or at least left it in the hotel room.  I have a NY CCP and still cannot carry in NYC. I understand the same thing goes in PA.  The permit is good in the whole state except Philadelphia County.

  • Johnsgunsetc

    all good products, hope I can win

  • Dkngunsmithing

    I am in every time… It would be great if I were to be chosen.

  • Edwardsc58

    I like the idea of national concealed carry but dont like the restrictions it places on states that do not require concealed carry permit

  • Batt3687

    I copy/pasted what we’re supposed to tweet, and it said it was too long by 3 characters.  I just took out the commas, but maybe you should think of revising it so that we can actually tweet it.  Unless I’m just doing it wrong.

  • Demory

    The Obama administration’s assault on the Second Ammendment needs to be crushed before more time passes in the final year of Obama as self-appointed dictator. He will never go before congress to attempt the confiscation of your firearms but will do so by Executive Order and by a United Nations Order. Now is the time to raise hell with your elected officials, all of them. Those especially in D.C. but also on the state and local level. Call them, write them, fax them, email them, and get your family, friends, co-workers, fellow hunters and sportsmen to do the same. If the noise and outrage you bring is strong and loud enough across the nation we will succeed.

    • Art Kat

      Amen John. It is imparative that every one of us e-mail, call, and write our all our elected representatives, federal, state, and local, and let them know that we consider this to be a direct attack on the U.S Constitution which we will not tolarate. Many of us fought and many died to preserve our republic and we will do every thing in our power to replace any representative who fight to keep this from happening.  Good luck.

    • green mountain boy

      Along with all of the things Demory mentions there is a very big looming problem we should be aware of and that is if one of the Conservative Supreme Court Justices retires or dies Obama would appoint another left wing radical and the balance would tip in their favor.

    • Anonymous

      Semper Fi :
      Thank you i do RAISE hell and I hoop more peaple do the same!!!!!!!

      • Crawler


        • Big Gay Al

          Compared to some I’ve seen, Larry mistakes are nothing.  In any event, I’ve known more than a few marines who had trouble spelling, but no trouble at all with beating the crap out of whom ever was a threat to the USA.

          • Toddr

            Good job Big Al. Get a life Crawler.

          • Wyatt

            but beating the hell out a fan at a hoops game sounds like fun too.   Thanks Marines for doing the best to keep this country SAFE

        • tment

          lay off crawler.   it is the message, not the spelling that counts. 

        • Guest

          No need to yell, I can hear you!

        • Charles

          I bet you think Obama is so smart

        • Leslie A H Redweik

          All caps is not proper English either actually. . .

      • Richard A. Jackson


    • Abnaki54

      All I know is the Second Ammendment is my Concealed Carry Permit. Don’t need nothing more than that, they will never get my Guns…..

      • Yehuda Alan

        but still you have to comply with the laws of society.  If you don’t like them you can change them.  Hopefully you live in a state where your right to carry is protected.

        • Dale Smith76

          With all due respect Yehuda, your comments don’t make any sense. Why do we have to comply with a law that encroaches on a right that is protected by THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND???
          That same supreme law of the land also says that any law repugnant to it is to be considered null and void.

          As I have said many times, a “right” is not a right, but a privilege if it can be taken away at the whim of the government.

          • retcsgt

            I reside in California, and if you have pannie hoses writting the laws like we do, we are lucky to even own hand guns.

          • Greywolf

            No… you are all sheeple because you allow your state government to
            keep writing these laws. You the people, have uninfringeable rights
            that you are allowing your government to erode by constantly voting in
            the same people. If a politician does not represent the will of the
            people then replace them – you have the authority under the Constitution
            to do so… the problem is too many people want things to be easy and
            don’t want to “rock the boat”. You need to rock that boat until it’s
            about fit to capsize… only then will your voices be heard. Stand up
            to the law makers in your state and force them to comply with the

            Look… here’s an example of what I mean… here in the State of
            Michigan the people voted overwhelmingly to legalize Marijuana – it was
            passed into state law. However, it remains federally illegal even in
            the state of Michigan because the federal government pointed out that
            federal law supersedes and, where necessary, overrides state law. Now
            even though the federal government could easily send the DEA into
            Michigan and conduct mass arrests for breaking federal drug laws but
            they don’t because there are simply too many of them… Now, the federal
            government has no issue making it known that federal laws supersede
            state laws and they are not going to change it… well guess what? The
            constitution overrides federal law too… it is the highest authority in
            the land and it says under the Second Amendment that “A well regulated
            militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of
            the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”… so why then
            are we not ALL ignoring the state and federal laws that infringe upon
            our rights as dictated by the bill of rights and the constitution?
            The constitution overrides federal and state laws PERIOD!
            Did you know that private ownership of machineguns and silencers and
            many other “banned” items is not illegal? You are simply required to pay
            a tax on those items that are considered class 3 FFL items. Provided
            you pay that tax there is no law against owning them.

            Unfortunately, the people of this great nation have allowed the various
            state governments to infringe upon their rights to the point where they
            are all but gone. Under Obama, not only are our second amendment rights
            being eroded but also our first amendment rights… right now Obama is
            trying to prevent the military from voting in the same manner they have
            done since the formation of the United States? Why is he doing this?
            Because he knows that the military vote is almost always a republican
            vote and therefore it equates to more resistance against his (impending)
            It’s about time the people of this country stopped complaining about
            their rights being eroded and for them to stand up and be counted…
            their your rights… stand up for them.

          • Driot

            I couldn’t agree more!

          • Russell Kuespert

            A privilege is a right and can not be taken away without due process of law.

        • David

          Well, here in Florida we have that protection with the stand your ground law, but that is in review and maybe subjected to change after this Travon Martin shooting, all because of this Dumb a_ _, thought he was Wyatt Earp, and didnt follow law enforcement instructions of DO NOT Follow or approach the person, Where in any Neighborhood Watch Charter does it permit or sanction the carry of a weapon or even advise the watch patrol to approach a potential dangerous individual or putting ones life in jeopardy to stop a crime in Progress? I am glad this guy did the right thing and surrender to face consequences of his actions. With a prior record he should have never been in possession of the gun under the law. Now, if he is sentenced to prison, his chances of being killed are high for any number of reasons or racial group. I hope it dont happen, because it will change alot of how gun carriers are viewed and the restrictions that will come out of this mess.  

          • WOP2

            You just had to know that “stand your ground” laws would be attacked by Obama as quickly as possible. Lot’s of rumbling from inside the Capitol. I agree with your assessment, and damned near got in fist fight over it with a racist blowhole. This guy is convinced that Zimmerman was arrested only to quiet down “them folks”. I tried to explain, it isn’t a race issue, and it sure as hell isn’t a Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground issue. The instant Zimmerman got out of his vehicle and approached Martin, he became the aggressor. There is not one Castle Doctrine law that provides an affirmative defense when one decides to go vigilante. Zimmerman is going to play hell getting acquitted under “Stand your Ground”. He may get off the hook under some obscure statute, but it won’t be Florida’s Castle Doctrine statute. Funny that even the liberal media, just last night, began to distance itself from Obama on this, asking the very same question—“When did Zimmerman cross the line and become the aggressor.” The knee jerk reaction to examine all Stand Your Ground laws will die down shortly as each states tells Obama to piss off. I’m amazed that Florida is pandering to minorities by taking another look at their law. Mayhaps they are afraid that the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton are nearing their goal in life–a race war.

          • hedo59

            David, with due respect, I fully and completely disagree with you.
            Maybe when you wrote that the facts were not as complete as they are
            now, but you are wrong about several points.

            1. The stand your ground law in florida is NOT in play in this case. Read the law.

            2. Law enforcement DID NOT tell him not to follow him, it was a
            dispatcher who said he should not follow him. A dispatcher is NOT law
            enforcement, and even then it was given as a suggestion rather than an

            3. He DID break off following Martin and returned to his car, which is
            when Martin approached him. So even if he had been the aggressor by
            breaking of and returning to his vehicle he quit being the aggressor.

            4. He was attacked by Martin who broke his nose, they went to the
            ground and Martin was on top of Zimmerman and pounding his head into the
            concrete. This is a life threatening attack and he had every right to
            defend himself using deadly force, which he was carrying LEGALLY.

            There were mistakes made and because of that a young man died. However you should not make such broad and statements until you are more familiar with the facts.


          • WOP 2

            IF the defense for Zimmerman uses Castle Doctrine as an affirmative defense, I think they’re going to be gambling. I’m going to follow this case carefully. White guy, and half Jewish, kills black guy? I can hear Jackson and the other morons calling for peace—right after they start riots in the street. Who pays Jackson and Sharpton anyway?
            I have a very strong opinion as to use of lethal force in this case, but I’m going to hold off and see if the courts agree or disagree with me.

      • Wcn2mx

        I feel the same as you, I do have my permit but it seems like the 2nd Ammendment is all we should have.  I also will never give up my weapons….not as long as there is breath in my body.

        • Bj7webb

          Fortunatly in arizona the 2nd ammend. Is our ccw permit but i chose to have an issues conceal carry permit as well, its a matter of honor and respect for me! ‘

      • green mountain boy

        Abnaki54, I’m gussin’ that you live in “The Green Mountain State” where a permit isn’t needed.

        • abnaki54

          Yup I carry all the time. Crime is very low, cause they know not to break into our Homes or they pay the Price!

          • Wyatt

            GO VT ut is so damned simple

      • Ken Clark 753

        Feel the same sentiment.  Charlton Heaston will always be my guiding light. 

        • Michael Payne

          Amen, brother!

      • WOP2

        Don’t set yourself up as a target for a SWAT team intervention. We’d rather not see you get perforated trying to make a point.

      • caldon.h6770

        Here is what I personally think they will attempt to do. They may not get our Guns but it will be next to Impossible to get ammo, also watch out for a false flag just before elections, our Dictator will not go down easy. Ron Paul 2012

        • Kiwi-Pete S. Thompson

          Yep!!! Soros (aka Cerebus) has already bought up many of the firearm manufacturers including Remington & MOST of the ammunition manufacturers and is now going after the Raw Materials suppliers to control the ones he could get…

        • henry b

          thats what ive been thinking will happen

        • fossie

          I agree thats why I’ stocking up and investing in reloading set up

    • miketn

      I agree we need to protect “our” Second Ammendment!  We need to contact out Senators and Rep’s to give them our views on the matter.  It would be tragic if we lost this right to bear arms!  It only takes a few minutes to send an E-mail or call your officals!
      USN Vet.

      • J_brabant

        I completely agree with the protection of all our rights!  I’m a Concealed Carry permit holder and make every effort to follow the laws etc and want others to respect my rights too!

    • abnaki54

      Demory, what I think he will do is not screw with the Law, just add such a huge Tax on ammo that it will be so expensive that no one can afford it. Time to start re-loading your own!

    • Brad

      If he try’s. To get my guns there’s gonna be a problem

      • Joel

        Amen to that. I’ll be dead before they take mine!

        • Bill Goulet

          Guns? What guns? I sold all my guns when obama said he didn’t like them. Sorry Guys for wasting your time. ;) (SARCASM)

    • Timiche


    • fastfreddy

      Demory – wake up and look at facts – the REAL danger to the second ammendment is Mitt Romney who as Governor of Mass passed a permanent ban on assault weapons, then a year later, when he decided to run for pres, bought a lifetime membership to the NRA before asking for their endorsement – the should have ve denied him, but as we all know, money talks. So everyone needs to wake up, stop all this fear mongering about some secret Obama plan and recognize that past behavior predicts future behavior – Mitt Romey is the real enemy of the 2nd ammendment!

  • mike

    i have been a member of usa carry for a while,i like to read comments about a lot of things posted, but i have never commented til now. what a great giveaway this is and thanks to all involved.

  • Kjbacon

    Great site if your a hand gun enthusiast and cow permit holder!

  • John Malesky

    Itwould be nice to win

  • Abraxos1

    I am so excited about this website- I am ready to make a stand against who would lobby against our birthright!

  • Drjukebox

    I’m a nubee. I got my CCW in Aug. 2011 and I’m trying to learn all I can to be a good hand gun owner. Any Advise is welcome Thanks Drjukebox

  • Jayelder1

    I have written to my Representatives to support the proposed legislation for a standard all state carry statue. Have you? 

  • Steve Vielleux

    I carry 2 handguns with us when we travel south for the winter. Always feel safe.

  • Rormandy

    I have licenses from three states (including home state) and when traveling, plan my routes through states that recognize one or more of my licenses.  We need universal carry, just as we have universal recognition of our drivers licenses.  We also need to ensure a gun friendly congress and a President that openly and vocally supports the Second Amendment.

  • Rich

    The situation in this country is deteriorating rapidly under the present administration and congress is ignoring its responsibility to reign him in. Holder should of been forced to resign by now and then prosecuted for the actions in Fast and Furious. When the justice department becomes a criminal organization you know that we as a nation are in trouble.

  • Tom Dunne


    • Larry

      I am a new Member to good to meat you.
      Semper Fi

    • Maycindy33

      May be he has jock itch??

  • Anonymous

    Just a reminder of the way our country is being lead….keep sharing this. Is this how you want YOUR President to lead?

  • Larry

    Semper Fi :
    Gun don’t kill peaple

  • Greenesrcwy

    I agree!

  • A_emt2000

    I could use a new ccw

  • Skyej

    Glad to finally be involved with concealed carry

  • gradley53

    What assault are your fantasizing about….your listening to a bunch of right winger fabricating this BS to beat down a black president.Get your fact before you jump on board and lead by simple minded fools..

  • tlmasch

    The direction this country is going everyone needs to be responsible and carry a gun.

  • Edge289

    Love this great giveaway opportunity! Waiting patiently on my turn and going to follow up with becoming a firearms instructor and start to teach new people and anybody that wished to advance skills an learn to do the right thing when it happens. And most if all how to protect their families in the event of any emergency with will include a weapon.

  • John DeLallo

    Please, all PA residents who truly care about your community passing illegal ordinances that fly in the face of the Commonwealth’s Preemption Statute, contact your legislators to ask that they support HB1523. CeaseFirePA, funded by Soros and Bloomberg, and MAIG are using a full court press to defeat this important bill.

  • Danl

    Part of the responsibility of being an American citizen should be that you have to qualify in your home state to carry a handgun. Then each American should have to carry a handgun daily.  It should be a law that enforces us to do so.
    This way we would have no problems any where becuase everyone carries and everyone will get along fine.  The outlaws will get whats coming to them. 

  • Paul

    Just Got My CCP, Should have done this a long time ago

  • Mother Pearl

    I think every man, woman, and child should learn some form of self-defense.  State laws dicatate what form that can take due to varying laws on ‘legal’ age.  I thought New York state was bad enough with legal age of 21.  Apparently, we are not the worst in some things.

  • Rideout

    It’s time for some rational law making. An 18 yr. old American can enlist and go off to a foreign land to die for someone that does not even want him/her there, but cannot legally carry a firearm to protect themselves or their family 

  • Lhumphreys

    What’s the opinion on Fire and Medical First Responders who are CCW holders carrying when they respond to incidents. Obviously there is an element of danger carrying into a structure fire situation, but what about medical emergencies, search & rescue or suicide stand-by calls? Governing entities will cover themselves by touting a no carry policy, that’s pretty-much a given. Departments will not usually ok a known carry policy, after all, EMS is not enforcement, and certainly not a police body.

  • Dpcurcione

    1 They Can Carried A coceal weapon in 31 States too! Is Legal to do it too! It a Right to Have by the Conceal weapon true!Second Amemtment is a Federal Law Still Stands over all the States to true! Federal Law Is Amendment 2 & Amendment 4 too! Our Gun Rights to owned ,a Rifle,Shotgun. SemiPistal  Revolver, Self Protectin too. For your Home too! If the President Be comes Self Oppinted  Dictator Is working for the U.N. Building in New York City, of New York State too! He Can be im peached by U.S.A.U.S. Congress Or The U.S.A. U.S.Senate too! Agreed!!! Or President will Be history too! Agreed!!! Our Current President of 2012 A.D too! Is no more in U.S.A. Elected Office of the U.S.A . President too! They did it to Nixion too true!!!

  • Stafford0509

    My guns mean the world to me, It’s my right past down to us as Americans, also one day they will be my son guns. I got my concealed weapons permit because of the traveling and the erea I now live in. I live on my disability due to hip and knee problems. In the past I felt in control of my surroundings, I’ve always had a great eye for seeing things in my surroundings. I carry a Beretta PX4 9mm, and for back-up a Rugger .380. Extra clips for both. Also carry a tac-force knives(2) and a few other items for protection. Your always have to be ready for anything anytime. I teach my son every day to be awear or what is oncoming and what could happen.

  • Jszurgot

    Super tuesday is fast approaching for several states.  Don’t waste your vote, check each canidate’s view on CCW.

  • Lzrdetr

    I look at it this way, we shouldn’t need CCW permits, since the “Constitution” has already given us this, and many more rights.  Are we not free men(Refrence: the Bible, U.S. Constitution, and Abe Lincoln)?  But some want to take away these rights, and some can’t take responsibility. This is mainly because they were never taught to do so.  Therefore we struggle with the basics and the fools.  None the less, the “fools” are indeed ignorant of how to maintain these rights and freedoms, and are willing to loose them.  These, are the ones that will be sacrified first, if the facists come to power(see Mein Kampf”, writings of Mao, Tse-tung, Stallin, and Obama, etc.). Maybe because they have been “given” their rights, and feel no obligation to uphold and maintain them.  Freedom is not free!    
    “Semper Fi”
    “E Pluribus Unum”


    What If!
    Suppose Obama is defeated and become a lame duck president. The havok he and his anti Second Amendment cronies could wreak would be devastating. More important than the White House, We need to gain control of the Senate and keep control of the House of Representatives. Rumor has it that Hillary has already signed the United Nations Small Arms Agreement. This is speculation since it’s extremely hard to get the absolute truth. Don’t count on SNOPES which is administered by a husband/wife liberals who live in California.
    “WE NEED TO HIT THE POLLS AND HIT THEM HARD GET OUT AND VOTE” the liberals are going to bring every breathing body they can bus or commute to the voting polls and maybe even a few who aren’t breathing anymore. To use the popular comic’s line LET’S GIT ER DONE


  • WOP2

    Army Sharpshooter:
    You missed the target with your post. First of all, there is no UN Small Arms Treaty. Even if there were, Hillary’s signature on it has no force of law. The United States Senate ratifies ALL treaties. Look up CIFTA, which is the Organization of American States version of a small arms treaty, and you will find the United States has not ratified it. That is because it goes against our Constitution, and Congress has never ratified it.

  • Tim

    the worst thing that could happen to this country is…..4 more years of Obama !

  • Sylvia Ortiz

    I am an Active Subscriber  (and Member) of the USA Carry Weekly Shot.

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    Twitter name: @sortiz99:disqus 

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    Facebook name: Sylvia Zamora Ortiz

  • The Max

    Careful what you ask for, a national ccp may require additional levels of restrictions/requirements.

  • Kenneth A. Jenkins

    I hope I’m not alone when the SHTF.  Brothers and sisters!  Gird your loins.

  • Martyay

    Minnesota Governor has been himself. Though the recent bill had garbage add-ons that weren’t necessary to give us our 2nd amendment rights. The Governor has excersized his veto power. When is our congress going to allow a gun rights bill to be just a gun rights bill? I blame our congress too in this as they didn’t allow for those states that had gun safety course mandate as MN does.

  • John

    I will put in my chance to win

  • Sciabbica

    i do not underastand how does the cell phne case attach to the holster and why the holster does not include the phne case.if you can enlighten me,i will buy the holster,but i want to understand the cell case attachment before i order

  • John

    It would be nice to win.

  • jwbjoplin

    Would love to win the Ruger. Been wanting one for CCW. This site looks to be very informative and helpful.

  • Cameron Vandiver

    WI classes sound good.  I wish we had more like that here in AL.

  • Kustomkydex

    Has anyone heard of the SIN Holster System.

  • Yehuda Alan

    The domestic violence laws that Frank Lautenberg introduced are unconstitutional.  In no way do I advocate or condone domestic violence but violence is violence whether domestic or not.  And once someone is convicted of a MISDEMEANOR not felony, but Misdeanor domestic violence he can NEVER own a gun.  What if he paid for his crime, is no longer with that person.  How does someone loose their constitution rights over a misdeanor?  This is a corruption of the Constitution that we have allowed.  Only a felony should cause a person to loose their constitutional rights and then only with due process.  How do you make a distinction between one misdemeanor and another?  Maybe they will try to take people’s guns away if they get a parking ticket?  What’s next?  It is a chipping away at the rights of the people by a government that cannot take them all away in one fell swoop.

  • No1cjjimmie

    USA Carry Is a great site I look forward to seeing it every time I check my e-mails.. Thank You not only for the site it’s self but the great Job and Information that you pass on..

    Jim In Iowa..

  • Junkwelder667

    Another great giveaway !!! Will make somebody very happy good luck to all eligible members !!!

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    I don’t have any interest in a twitter account.  Does this mean I’m ineligible for the giveaway?

  • Gunner#1

    As green mountain boy stated it scares me to death how many on the Supreme Court do not believe in our rights as stated in the 2nd Amendment. And with the United Nations Bull Crap who knows what the future will bring.

  • Demory

    Another serious battle front against the anti-gunners is emerging.  The George Soros backed National League of Cities and the state Municipal Leagues are on the march across the nation to ban semi-autos, 10-round mags, force 30 day waiting periods, crack down on gun shows, and forcing gun bans in all parks and public places. Soros is putting billions of dollars into this fight to take away our rights and he has plenty of help from the Obama administration and the left. They are taking this fight to every city and small town and are bribing and influencing the local and state politicians.  Again, now is the time to let every one of your elected officials on every level know that you and your family and your friends will not tolerate this assault on your freedoms and constitutional rights. This is an election year and they need to understand your determination.

  • Logant

    I would love to win this for my husband!



  • Jscooper1977

    iit is our right to carry and own guns Obama is try to take away our freedom away and turn the u.s. in to Russia

  • Mssusieq2

    I believe it is our right to carry for protection in any state, any time.  

  • madmex

    I know that i probably am entered to win this giveaway. But just in case go ahead and enter me again. Cause I’d sure like to win the prize!! Thanks!!

  • Utility57

    Like the saying goes no guns, no freedoms

  • Wb3kgd

    obama  will never get my guns, all he does is spend or hard earned money and put us behind the eight ball all the time. i am retired and enjoy my guns. please don;t even think of voteing for him again.

  • HD3006

    In Illinois is the console in your car or truck considered a “case” if the gun is unloaded?

  • Alantman

    Let’s hope that our “elected officials” recognize we do have the right to carry.

  • clarkEjr43

    USA Carry is the best information available.. I tell all my friends about it.  My wife and I have had our CCW’s since 1996 and proudly carry. As the days go by the worse it gets with Obama and it is up to us to vote the blanks out.

  • Mrlifox

    Does anyone know Ron Paul’s stance on carrying concealed weapons? I live in MS and just want a Snub-Nose Revolver for protection

  • Waltincranston

    A nice addition to someones collection, I hope it’s mine



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    Getting close to the Concealed Carry Giveaway , sure would be nice to win .

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    i heard the 90 days proof of residency is going away for immigrants to buy firearms? but when?

  • Dbrow6272

    This would make a nice addition to my collection. Love shooting.

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    Thanks for all the info!!

  • Kevin

    local news off duty cops have gun drawn on them and walk away,naturally they had just left the local watering hole. didnt get good description of perps and didnt even get a ticket themselves for disorderly or public intox, interesting hugh! more info

  • John10588

    It would be nice to win.

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    I’ve enjoyed this site and have entered for the concealed carry giveaway.  Keep up the good work!

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    2nd Amendment – enough said!

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    Actually, I need to win worse!  At the range today, my Browning Buckmark had continuous failure to fire episodes and I couldn’t get that teeny, weeny screw that holds the front sight on my Glock 26 back on.  So, you see, I could really use that Ruger!

  • Art Kat

    I have rethought the the the Idea of a national reciprocity which would allow citizens who hold a concealed carry wepons permit to carry their firearms between State borders for a limited period of time ( ie, 1 week to 10 days) while traveling.  If their plans require them to stay for a longer period of time, I think they should comply with the laws in that State.  The Constitution of The United States of America, plainly states that the Rights of of American Citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and I be;lieve it is up to each state to their laws are in compliance with the U.S. Constitution.  That said, I also believe that it is the right of the citizens, to deny the right to posses arms to a citizen who has proven to be unable to handle them responsibly, or is showen in court, to presents a danger to the public.  I also think it would be a good idea if teenagers were to recieve proper training in the handling and discharging of wepons.   

  • Tim Marsh

     Don’t understand how CCW reciprocity doesn’t go between all states. Really irks me

  • Usmcsheb

    Why are you sending me emails to click and see if I won, if you have not posted the new winner yet? Deception is a poor marketing tool.

  • Robert Davis

    The only thing that bothers me is the state of Nevada and others that require range time for proficiency with different pistols. Having you use a proficiency test of 7 12 and 15 feet. if you can’t hit a target at that distance you are either blind or have no reason to apply for a CWP. I live in Utah and travel through Nevada from time to time. I use the ranges here three times a week or more. Yet It will cost me $100 and 8 hrs to prove it.Irregardless of military service or any other training.

  • virgil hendrix

    VOTE, show you love AMERICA

  • Genebear

    Saw an article about the cell pal for concealed carry.  Unless you wear big, baggy pants it looks like you have some kind of growth on your leg.  I carry a Ruger LCP and it’s actually uncomfortable to me.

  • Coosa

    Concealed Carry Permits should be like Drivers’ Licenses … Good Everywhere! And Open Carry should be the Norm!

  • Skiptort

    It is beyond me how people think this moron is doing this country any good. Each day that passes brings us closer to being a socialist state. If the supreme court finds this monstrosity of a law, disguised as healthcare legal, it’s only a matter of time, each of us will lose our right to carry a gun. If you’ve never voted before, do it this time. This lame excuse of a human being has to be silenced, along with his liberal goons. I served in the Marine Corps, and I would have a hard time staying i and have to call him my boss. This jerk has to be jerked out of office. Our very freedoms, all of them are at stake….

  • Waltincranston

    Maybe this time around I’ll be the lucky winner.

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    Keep up the good work!

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    Agreed on all counts.

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    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist…vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you aren’t an idiot !!

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    Sweet set up i need it! :)

  • Harrisma

    Ruger makes great quality guns. I have a Ruger p90DC .45 auto, Ruger Marksman II .22, and a Ruger lcp .380 auto. All of these guns are great and fun to shoot.

  • Draggin10s

    Unfortunately here in the Great (ahem) state of Illinois we are the lone hold out to conceal carry. To top that off Rahm Emmanuel the Mayor of Chicago wants all weapons registered in the state to pay a fee and give it to the city and our goofy Governor was considering it. We need a change here!

  • Chivi

    honest mistake larry we all does it

  • Buellbabe05

    Just got my Ruger Mark III Competition pistol and I can’t wait to shoot it.

  • Chivi

    question > how long have we been fighting & striving for our legal right to carry, i bet long before obama came into office.( so it’s the game we have to play it’s all about the benjamin)

  • BigRedEd

    To enter the concealed carry giveaway, the rules state that “You must have at least one post from April 1, 2012 to July 31, 2012.”  Does is mean one post here in the comments or somewhere else?

    • WOP2

      I’m hopeful that it means posting here, or this post was a complete waste of time. Peace!

      • Ronald Shook


        • Dick Milliken

          ditto that ditto

    • Jrlobo

       Why not post here and in response to other posts on the site?  I intend to be more active on the site as a result of the recent Federal Court ruling against the Peoples Republic of Maryland’s concealed carry law, and because I am retired and have more time. This state sucks, but the only way to change it is for us citizens to stand up for our rights and force the changes necessary for a free and open society. By virtue of this post, I no doubt have just made myself a target for the MD State Police as an “enemy of the state”. So be it…

    • Pafindr

       “You must have at least one post in the USA Carry Forums from April 1, 2012 to July 31, 2012.”

  • T1wiper

    If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so. – Thomas Jefferson

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    I love the crossbreed holtster I have one

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    Ok.  Did I miss something?  How exactly do I enter this giveaway if I’ve completed all the prerequisites for eligibility?

  • Kissfan32

    CCW comes with great responsibility. Gun safety is the top priority. Also, keeping it concealed is important. I went to Lowes a while back, and I didn’t check my shirt as I got out of my car. I went in and did my shopping, then went to the checkout. As I was standing at the checkout, I noticed the young boy checking me out was looking at me funny. I thought to myself, this guy is kinda weird. I payed for my stuff and walked to the car. I looked down as I was getting in my car, and my gun was completely exposed. I have always checked my shirt and made sure it is covering my gun every since.

  • Bcupgfbl2008

    I would rather win a Beretta 98A1, but a Ruger LC9 is cool too. “Just win, baby!” -Even though I am a Steelers fan!

  • Bcupgfbl2008

    I would really like to somehow win an M14 from the Springfield Armory. That is my next buy!

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Obama and his anti-gun administration will do all they can, to ban guns and ammo or just tax them so high, to stop sales………………………… Eric Holder already wants to brain wash Americans, to put them against gun ownership…………

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Obama and is liberal, anti-gun administration will do all they can to ban all guns and ammo or just tax them so high, to stop sales………. Eric Holder already wants to brain wash Americans, to turn them against gun ownership……………………

  • Seth Bourassa

    Hedging my bets by posting in several places. :D

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    just purchased LC9. Perfect little carry gun with a punch.

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  • Scott Towle

    i think anyone should be able to carry as long as they are trained to handle firearms. Carrying is not a game, if you have to use your firearm i would hope you think about it and can come to a different ending.

  • 911metro

    Castle Doctrine has always been the law- North Carolina just codified it. No one in their right mind would try to run from a deadly threat.

  • Wallace

    Hello fellow CCW and second amendment supporters. 

  • K-Man

    Just entered the concealed carry giveaway, dought I’ll win I never win these things. But there is always a first!

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  • Rormandy

    Ruger is a great company with excellent products.  I own several.  Recently, when shooting my .44 Mag Super Blackhawk (purchased in 1972), the ejector rod and shroud came off.  I called Ruger, they gave me instructions for returning the gun, and I did so.  Eleven days later, the gun was returned, like new.  It had been repaired, reblued and a new set of grips added – NO CHARGE!!

    Great company.

  • 2Fast4U

    The president says he’s not going to take away our fundamental right to own a gun. But, he going to make sure it is harder to get or even impossible to get ammo for that gun

  • Emtmedic310

    I am proud to be an American and I believe ALL Americans should have the right to keep and bear arms. I pray that our Government won’t do anything to take that right away from us Americans.

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    It has been said that when everyone carries a concealed, no one will be safe.  I have found the opposite to be true.  To carry any kind of a fire arm, concealed or otherwise, requires a great amount of restraint in one’s thinking.  I believe that the factor that will most present its self, is that all of the assholes without a brain, will shortly be killed off, eradicating that problem.

  • John Parker

    Zombies are the greatest threat to residential America.  They come in all forms and are mostly gangs.  Do you have enough ammo to protect you and your loved ones?

  • Darth Animal

    A armed society is a polite society!

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    Have always been a Ruger fan, LC9, would be a discrete addition for me.

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    I am not very computer savy, and I am having a hard time finding where and how to enter the contest.  I have read all the rules etc., but can’t find any place to “click” enter…

  • MichaelPerkins

    I entered! I use an AR-15 (Talk about the fear factor) for home defense with a Glock 9mm for backup, The Glock is my ccw gun also. (could use one that’s a little more discreet) Thanks

  • KAOS13AL


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    Waiting for my cwp.  Seems like forever.

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    Happy friday the 13th!

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    I would love to win a new concealed carry weapon.  I don’t have one yet, and am trying to save for one.  I have the license, just not the right piece.

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    I wish I had a 12 ga. pump shotgun.

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  • Ccwillie2

    I continue to be baffled by the anti-gun, anti-self defense posture that so many in our country align themselves.Do all of them really think that they are protected by the police and the laws of the land? Why is our federal govenment as well as state and city govenments so afraid of law abiding citizens having the ability to protect themselves and thier love ones from harm?The “bad guys” don’t care about laws or any deterent.

    I live in the mountains of upper east tennessee and have always “protected” what is mine.Perhaps it is the independant nature of the people here in the mountains.We don’t particularlly care for the government or anyone else to tell us what we can and cannot do.

  • m4

    Do people really conceal the taurus 357?

  • Rhuga_1

    I have mixed thoughts about “Concealed Carry” .  If I did carry concealed it would depend on the circumstance I was in.

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    “You must have at least one post in the USA Carry Forums from April 1, 2012 to July 31, 2012.”Does this count?  I hope so as I a jonesing for that carry package.Brian

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    Well, that would be great if I won…  no offense anyone.  I’m glad that US Carry offers these prizes, very kind!

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    If we have a clean record than we should have full rights to carry anywhere, concealed or open carry. 

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    Not having a small concealable handgun.  Makes me vulnerable.

  • John Parker

    I need a new 12 gauge Shotgun and a concealed carry firearm

  • John Parker

    Keep Obama and the Congress away from the Constitution

  • lonewolfsniper

    As Charleston Heston once said,”From my cold dead hands!” That’s how I also feel about my weapons. And I sure wouldn’t mind being the next winner of the concealed carry package. Thanks for all you do.

  • bullettbob

    I notice that alot of screwballs write pure bull regarding every administration. They especially go after the Democrats. I have worked in law enforcement and find it odd that so many idiots think they can do whatever they want , regardless of the laws they are required to follow. Unless they want to spend time in jail or waste alot of money on attorneys ,I would advise the screwballs to follow the law. I think they don’t need to worry about not being able to buy guns or ammo because I have never found a gun shop that has turned away a customer with money who is legally able to purchase a weapon.As a former licenced gun dealer I was amazed how easy it was to get a gun. I think an individule needs to learn the laws regarding the use and ownership of guns . I also think you should practice shooting until you are an expert shot. Until you’re and expert shot, practice jumping behind things that bullets won’t pass through.Calling Government officials names and accusing them of wanting to take your gun away when it isn’t true is just as smart as starting a fight with someone who has no desire to fight you. What I think is smart is learn all you can from this concealed carry site so that if you need to defend yourself you end up alive and have no legal problems. I have been waiting for the Government to  make obtaining a gun difficult for 67 years and nothing  has happened . I like the fact that nothing has tighened up because I like owning guns.  However,I think that when you attack elected officials ,especially when they aren’t bothering you, they tend to attack your wallet.

  • Remedyboy

    I do not have a pistol yet, but this 9mm is the one for me.. 

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    I don’t carry as often as I should.  But, There we are.

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    why is it those that carry always seem to want everyone to know they are? Seems to me you are better off if only you know!

  • TAZZ1

    Amen , fellas! I had to constantly carry my weapon with me from DUTY STATION to DUTY STATION, and agree that we do indeed need an opportunity to carry a CONCEALED WEAPON during that sorry ******* OBAMA’S dictatorship!!!! Fellas it’s time to do what’s RIGHT and get HIM out of office!!!!!! Take america BACK!!!, PLEASE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION, and FUTURE GENERATIONS! THANK YOU FROM A ONCE PROUD AMERICAN, and by the way? Where is RONALD REAGAN when you need him the most?

    • Kl7ibv

      Where’s Joe McCarthy when we really need him?  Or someone like him.  :-(

  • John Parker

    I am just a Vietnam Vet.  I use a Hi-Point C9, 9mm cause I cant afford any better.  It work and goes Bang when I want it too.  And that’s all that matters

  • bigtex70

    Vote Obama and all his antigun friends out of office so we can keep are guns and are freedom.
    Check and see who is the antigun people in congress and vote them out in November so we can
    keep are guns and protect are family and friends. God Bless America.

  • firefighter490

    Just became a member and wold like to say thank you for the opportunity to be a member of the site

  • John Parker

     Welcome Firefighter.  In these posts you will find wisdom, knowledge,  and camaraderie.  If you are looking for anything to do with firearms, this is the place.  I hope to hear more from you in the future.

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    I need it I need it Ineed it.

  • Roy Rutledge

    Always need  more gun stuff. 

  • larry

    The one thing I know is obimbo has to go, now here in wisc. we have to fight to keep the best govenor we have had in alot of years. If this barret fellow gets in we could lose our carry rights,He has an f rating with the NRA

  • Tony

    It’s sad to hear all the rhetoric regarding gun
    restrictions from the Obama Administration. A safe society is a society that
    allows, encourages, and affords responsible citizens to own a gun(s) and
    protect their family… Common criminals do not abide by those rules and will
    be armed regardless. All that the democrats will do is simply place good
    civilians at the mercy of criminals and no avenue or venue of protection.  : (

  • Mike Benham

    What a great setup.  Would love to take it home!

  • coachpan

    Any organization that protects our Constitutional Rights is OK with me !

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    This may be the pistol too get my wife interested ib shooting.  What a great way to have some fun on a “shooting” date.

  • Coachpan

    ALL gun owners must ban together in this next election and forget party affiliations !

  • jay

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  • Rick

    It just baffles me how each state makes up its own rules I thought U.S.A was united states of America !!!

  • kenya is not our 52nd state

    has holder been lockup yet for fast and furious?????

    • WOP 2

      No he has not, and that is a damned shame. Boehner is very dissapointing as Speaker of the House, and there are rumblings that he is holding up the process. Holder should be in jail right now. We would be!

  • retcsgt

    Well, I’m new to all this, however, to qualify for winning that bundle of goodies, I have to post a comment. It states a person is chosen every four months. When was the last one given and when is the next one? Over and above all that, I wanted to register on this site to follow and get information on the laws and concealment. I personally dont have a concealment holster and I’m looking for one at this time. I have all kinds of belt loops and clips, but none to good for the summer time. I did however ordered the sneaky pete to look like a camera holder. Are there any other good concealment holsters that anyone out there could share?


    True Believer in my RIGHT as a US Citizen to be able to carry ….

  • brokenarrow

    i recently obtained my pistol permit and purchased a Ruger P95 which is a great pistol. I was a military policeman during Vietnam and this pistol handles very similar to our handguns in the Army. I am retired a rent a small renovated barn on a 100 acres of land owned by a gentleman who lives in New York. I called the local police department ask them if it was ok to practice shooting on the property and they said it was no problem as long as i was far enough from the residential neighborhood. So I practice a lot and I am getting better each day. It brings me back to my military police training many moons ago. I purchased a small leather holster for CCW which works great. The pistol is held close to my body and I purchased several extra large shirts which really conceal the weapon when carrying it. I recently went to walmart and checked their policy regarding CCW and they allow it as long as its properly concealed. I checked our state statues to insure I am in compliance with them and if I have a question I just call the state police licensing division. When I am going somewhere with my weapon I always check to see if it is allowed or not. This practice really makes me feel comfortable when carrying the pistol and would recommend this practice for everyone.

  • AmericanBob

    I am horribly disappointed in our military, who took the oath to protect OUR CONSTITUTION, against ALL ENEMIES both foriegn and DOMESTIC which is just another way of saying holder and obama. this regime must be removed from office, they disrespect our laws, they laugh at them, only our armed forces can turn this tide, ONLY our armed forces can destroy this antiAmerican cancer that quite frankly we have allowed to happen. Shame on the democratic party, SHAME SHAME SHAME! and shame on us for allowing the feds to dictate to us it is ok to commit voter fraud. Voter Fraud is the highest form of TREASON and the penalty should be DEATH.

    • Larry Faehling

      I agree. The stupidity of the libs is outrageous. I have come to the conclusion that since the “average” intelligence of the American public is now down to an IQ of 97, that the ones below that are the ones who voted for the ones in power.

  • William Dawson

    Not to change the subject but they/we should arrest both Holder and Obama for fast & furious and throw away the key. BATFE should be abolished and their records turned over to the FBI.

  • Aviator J

    Good old Missouri Gun Laws!

  • Microbuff


  • Larry Faehling

    I hope all my patriotic brothers and sisters are having a wonderful and safe weekend. Played a few gigs, and saw a lot of friends and relatives that I hadn’t for a while. It was an exhausting but wonderful week. Happy Independence Day to all. :-)

  • al

    I couldn’t agree more with you. These ignorant politicians think they can pass laws that go against our constitutional rights. They have their protection via bodyguards and the like however they think only they need the protection and could care less about ours. All one has to do is look at the state of Illinois and see what can happen if we let the liberal politicians get away with their ignorant laws and control. I do hope at some point and time the people of Illinois will stand up a kick out the sorry idiots that they elected.

  • lunalupis

    I put a post in the camping thread…. I think this is an awesome giveaway!

  • T7

    It’s so very simple that I really don’t understand what everyone worries about. The 2nd Ammendment clearly states that ‘The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. That being said, if the Liverals in power think that anti-gun laws are going to make things safer they are wwaaaaaayy off because the only ones obeying the law are those who won’t be using our firearms to commit crimes in the first place. if they think passing a law is going to stop criminals who don’t think twice about murder and rape then it’s time to enact another much overlooked, but equally important part of what our Founding Fathers wrote to protect us from such madness in that ‘When government institutes a series of unjust measures and is no longer in the interest of the common man, those with the ability HAVE THE RESPONSIBLITY to over throw such government and re-institute the Deomocracy that has made us such a great Nation.
    Let’s face it people…THE ONLY REASON WE DO NOT AND HAVE NOT BEEN INVADED BY A FOREIGN ARMY IS BECAUSE OUR CITIZENS ARE ARMED! Being a Veteran I can promise you all that our Guard will fall quickly and with downsizing of the military seemingly a yearly goal, who will be there to stop them if not all of us protecting what we have worked and fought for as well as that which was obtained through generations of the same principles clearly set forth in The Constitution.
    If you want to stop gun crimes..change the justice system from it’s current state of 10yrs for murder with a deadly weapon, but 30 yrs for 1 count of ‘child porn’ that is more than likely a pop up ad. Start keeping violent criminals away from society because they will never re-intergrate as they were never integrated to begin with. Who will protect us if we don’t protect ourselves? The police will do what they can, but most of them carry stun guns or tasers now and i’d sure hate to be in a shoot out with a bunch of thugs wielding AK variations and other automatic pistols with a one shot battery charger.

  • MP Crosson

    Times are scary.

  • Mary Vasquez

    says my registration is denied—what gives???? also says I can contact you through your contact us , CANNOT find this anywhere .I am a natural born, American in my mid 50’s CCW carrying female. Is this site a hoax???

  • Mark Adams

    If you win and you are left handed do you receive a left handed holster?

  • Ms Crimson Pride

    New to the forum. I do believe in the right for Americans (that are able to pass a background check) to carry a concealed carry permit.

  • Richard

    Someone needs to stop obama from doing away with our gun rights–our senator and congressman need to put legislation out there to protect that right

    • WOP 2

      The founding fathers did it for us. Its called the Second Amendment. That’s why Congress hasn’t signed on to the CIFTA treaty, and cannot ratify the ATT, currently being worked on in the United Nations

      • becky

        wop2 what concerns me is that the word is obama has no intention of bringing this treaty before the congress when he has hiliary baby sign it. There is a proforma deal where if it is signed but not voted down, it is considered in effect. THIS is what obama plans on doing. What do any of you know about this option?

        • WOP 2

          Does not work that way. Secretary of State is a cabinet position, not elected, and consequently Mrs. Clinton may rant and rail in favor of the ATT, but if what you post was true, we’d be saddled with that goddam CIFTA treaty. Hillary is going to be in deep shit anyway, because its HER office that controls exports of firearms (among other things), and HER charter is to prosecute violators of 22CFR120-130. She did not, and hopefully she’ll get sucked into the same vortex as Holder, along with Obama. This is great. The Dems may not have a candidate to run for office in November that is prepared or well known to the People.

          • becky

            Thanks for your thoughtful answer Wop 2. I know Hillary is in a cabinet position (just so you know I’m not a dummy!). I also know that the Clintons, along with our hater-in-chief, area all communists and are doing everything in their power to go around our Constitution, like Obama’s voiding the “work” requirement to welfare, despite the fact that this rule was specifically exempted from ALL waivers. These people scare the bejeesus out of me, so I was wondering if some of you other guys had been hearing this. I have – and I wouldn’t put it past this evil character. I do wish the dems couldn’t find a candidate at all! Now wouldn’t that be fun?

          • WOP 2

            Becky–not sure what button I pushed on my ‘puter as I was responding to you, but my reply went “poof” into space, I guess. Short version is that anyone who takes the time to post Pro-Freedom content here is no dummy, and that certainly includes you. Much apologies if I offended. I worked under the constraints of 22CFR120-130 from 1976 until 2009, and sometimes I get on a roll; or a rant. Ft. Leavonworth for the lot of them.

          • becky

            Wop 2 I was NOT offended, don’t worry. I LOVED your quip about Ft. Leavenworth for the lot of them. I agree wholeheartedly… I appreciate your responses.

  • lkmurry1

    We need Pro 2nd Ammendment legislators in 2012! Register and vote!! If you need to know who our friends are – see the NRA site.

  • R. Chapman

    Great package for conceal carry. This will help protect myself and my family. Thanks for the contest USA Carry.

  • tushambi

    I think that America needs a rubber gun squad license. I was told that years ago the New York City P.D. placed cops with loose marbles in a rubber gun squad where they were not allowed to carry a gun or endanger others. Since America is full of numerous screwballs and people on the fringe is seems a special license should be issued to the crazys along with a rubber gun and large plastic badge. This would boost their ego and make them feel important and allow genuine gun nuts like me , who are safe to own guns, better access to guns and ammo at more reasonable prices.

  • Papa Joe

    Ofcourse the pres won’t take our guns away, he supports the 2nd amendment

  • waltincranston

    Waiting for the good news that I have won this USA Carry’s drawing. I’m going to be so very happy.

  • Richard Davenport

    Buy all the guns you can afford, and buy all the ammo you can afford and keep your powder dry. Soon no matter what we do, you may not be able to buy any. The powers that be must be fought as hard as we can but, it may not be enough since they have control.

  • Scott Williams

    Congrats mdlmanrn, put it to good use…

  • dll

    It is my right to carry my gun on me for protection of me and my family and the Government cannot take that from me.

  • Richard C.

    Make your vote count in November!

  • John Stevens

    I like the idea on this picture. If the laws change I would like the idea that an area IS unproceted by guns be Advertised as such. This might make people realize the truth about guns proper responsible uses,

  • TonyBertram

    Got it all setup this time round, profile done, twitter @tbonpc and Facebook same name. Man what a great prize for a former jarhead. Checkout some of my pics on my profile.

  • kjenkinsaf


  • Sylvia Ortiz

    Following @usacarry on Twitter.
    Twitter name: @foreverxoch99

  • Rawkit1

    Proud to be an anmerican! 2nd ammendent is our god given right, something I honor and respect!

  • John Stevens

    I Just watched the NRA/Pinkus video on “Active Shooter Response”. I very highly reccomend that all who Conceal Carry study this video. It makes some points on why and how to respond to most situations. Especially thos situations we ultimately should want to avoid. It really got me thinking about why I carry a weapon and how others can understand why I Carry. For instance, I really never wanted to have a laser sight on my weapon BUT there are some great reasons to have the laser available.Normally the laser sight just distracts my aim butt… there are some good points for having one.

  • netraider

    This is a good practical and educational site. The massive bid for ammo purchase by various Federal agencies, totalling 1.2 billion rounds, by alleged scientific and social orgs, US Weather and Social Security is despicable. Now alleged to be a contra schemme thru Turkey to NATO created Arab Spring continuing with Hillary’s prints all over it.

  • the real diehl

    It’s still a great give a way. I bought my wife a LCP .380 and would like to try the 9mm.
    So go ahead and send it my way, Luke.

  • Darpavien

    I Love my weapons, they are like children to me. They Will always be there.

  • william butler

    will it happen

  • C5back9

    Let me know if you folks need help selecting a winner. I’d be happy to help pick a worthy contestent. In fact, I can already tell you who the winner would be.

  • PK

    Incredible Website and Outstanding Contests…

  • darpavien

    I have decided to get my cch when I get home this time. I’ve been putting it off for a few years now. I work offshore and I am not home often but I know I would feel safer walking around town if I knew I could protect myself in case an idiot messes with me or my family.

  • darpavien

    I’m sure they will just tax the hell out of ammo like they have done fuel and cigarettes to get people to stop from buying it or make it so only the better than average person finanially can get ammo.

  • Stephen Mozingo

    I am a responsible armed citizen and do not intend to give up my right to own and carry a gun.

  • waltincranston

    Sure am glad to see more states becoming “Shall Issue” states. With national reciprocity travel by car anywhere will be better>

  • Carmen Natalie

    great giveaway!

  • Chuck D.

    I would like to know why the Social Security Department purchased 174,000 rounds of ammo? Did Obama think that wouldn’t get noticed? 1.) That’s our retirement money.
    2.) Trying to reduce the availability of bulk ammo.
    I don’t personnally care what excuses they give there I no legal explaination.

  • darin

    I just found your site and am already a a big fan!

  • Sylvia Ortiz

    Liked USA Carry on Facebook.
    FB name: Sylvia Ortiz

  • Sylvia Ortiz

    Active Subscriber of the USA Carry newsletter.

  • pa pa

    i wounder what this country was taken with . o i know a slang shot.

  • Helen

    I’m happy to say I’m in the progress of acquiring my Concealed Carry permit. I believe there is a movement going on to protect our Second Amendment rights and I was warned years ago while living in California that this day was coming. Each time I see the Obama zombies beating their drums and chanting 4 more years it sends fear down my spine. I see a country I love being divided into a liberal Socialist nation with leader that is as frightening as Hitler in his days before his reign of Hell. I’m so glad I live in Florida now and I have more liberty than California.We all need to do our part in keeping our Nation free of dictators and especially our right to bear arms. Greywolf@b814d41386ddfad8636cda62404c9e6b:disqus says it much better than I so lets all get out there and Rock the Boat! Greywolf you inspire me!

  • Sirscot

    I will be the ammo that will go first. Then the guns. With no ammo what good are they?

  • Thomas

    Everyone should be a member of the NRA to protect our second amendment rights.

    • disillusioned

      What about Gun Owners of America?

    • disillusioned

      What about Gun Owners of America?

  • jww

    I agree.

  • Derek

    Unfortunately, I had to sell my handgun for extra money…so stupid. I have my CCW in Nevada, but I’m now in a race to get enough cash together before anything drastic happens. Luckily I still have my shotguns! However, I couldn’t agree more with most of your statements.

  • Governed No More

    I can find no credible evidence that Soros is buying up weapons / ammo manufacturers, though it would not surprise me at all. First, he is an investor. Second, it fits his world view.

    That said, I have always believed that it will take far more than legislation to affect the removal of private firearms. A significant number will surrender if it becomes a choice between jail and their family. The balance will stand in open defiance regardless of the personal cost. It is this group that prevents the federal government from repealing the 2nd and going door to door confiscating weapons. It would get very ugly very fast.

    Just one man’s opinion….

  • James Harrison

    This is THE most important election of our lifetimes! If we fail to stand up for the founding principles of our beloved country and the American ideal, we shall certainly experience the end of American exceptionalism and perhaps the very end of our country! VOTE!

  • Alissa Adkins

    I want to win this stash!! to go along with the laser sighted glock I have!!


    We, card carrying concealed carry holders, should push for a national right to carry law. With the current “president’ it may not be possible, but we should get the ball rolling. NRA benefactor member “SWEDE”

  • cassandra

    @star95011 people kill people not guns

  • Ken D Harvey

    really like this site lots of great info

  • tushambi

    Since you can’t trust elected officials because they take bribes (campaign contributions) ,you really have no idea ,even if they swear on a Bible, what their real agenda is. Therefore, no law is better than whatever they claim .This goes for those who claim to be on your side. Some of the republicans are worse than Democrats.

  • Arthur Levy

    George Soros has been buying up gun and ammunition manufacturers. Some of the companies are Bushmaster, Marlin, Remington, DPMS, Dakota Arms and H&R.

  • marty golubow

    Today is a good day to think about GOD…..guns are a part of my life….HOPEFULLY, I’ll never have to defend myself, but I would like to worship in my own way—–corruption is here in SC/civil rights were violated….gov.Nikki Haley knows—–PLEASE CALL & ask “WHY”?

  • steve

    Love the site good info use it for all my carry questions

  • thompant

    I would like to see a National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit law. I live close to my states line. There are 3 states, i could easily cross over the line into anyone of them. Two of the states, I might not realize when I have crossed their state line. None of these states recognize my states Concealed Carry Weapons Permit. To avoid problems, If I have to travel to or near the state line, I leave my weapon home. A National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit law, would be great for citizens like me, who live near their states line.

  • tushambi

    I think all you people who are scarred silly about losing your guns,bullets,knives,etc. should move to the United States of America.Thats where I live. You’ll find that the supplies are unlimited and the only thing stopping you from getting as much of whatever you want is money.

  • ScatCat

    I plan to get my concealed Carry license soon. The need is getting more critical everyday.

  • Ed Sadler

    damn I hope I win this time.

  • Tugboat

    Instead of a national CCW I would prefer true receprocity and the honoring of a valid CCW for whatever state you reside in just like drivers licences

  • Mark Arthur

    It shouldn’t matter what state you’re in or from, we are all supposed to be part of the United States, keyword united…the longer people can be separated…the harder it is for good people to unite!

  • Stegahorse

    Congrats to winner, Lucky dog!

  • Rust Blue

    I live just on the Cali/Nevada border. I have to unload and lock up the gun(s) I carry when entering the borders of California. And what do I do with my 15 round magazines when I enter California since they are not legal there? I have no idea. Guess I am a criminal.

    • James Wendell Chenault

      Boy I am interested in hearing that answer…… Do you have any LEO friends??? Ask them what they think or go to a instructor and ask them.

  • Wigman

    Does anyone really believe the UN can and will influence our 2nd amendment rights. I really am not sure what to believe. I hate the UN and just have a hard time believing the American people as a whole would go for anything that ridiculous. Not looking for zealots here, just clean logical replies.

    • James Wendell Chenault

      I think the influence will come from within the US and the UN will be the ones to inforce the laws or rules. I think there will be some citizens who will side with the government, but I have a hard time thinking the people here in the south won’t go down without a fight.

    • WOP 2

      Wigman: I prefer to approach the United Nations treaty on small arms, to be taken up in March, from the point of view of a man who is thoroughly familiar with current United States statutes. Exportation of “…small arms up to 12.7mm (.50 cal)…”, is covered under the United States Munitions List, which in turn is a part of the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), found at 22CFR120-130. These regulations support the Arms Export Control Act of 1976. Yes, 1976. In order to save you much dry and boring reading, the germane portion of 22CFR120-130 states that the Secretary of State shall issue form DSP-5, Export License, for all exports of the quoted arms and others found in the USML. The Secretary does this through the Office of Defense Trade Controls, and absent a manufacturers license, on file with State, the likelihood of export is slim. You must also understand that an export occurs when goods are passed to a a non US Person, whether here in the states, or at an offshore location.
      The Arms Export Control Act has served us well, and the interference by, and governance by third world nations who cannot govern themselves is unwelcomed, I’m certain, by most Americans. The issue at hand is the sovereignty of the United States of America. I, as you, am not willing to hand over Constitutionally Guaranteed rights to some banana republic warlord. You may wish to google the ITAR, as its entirety is on the public domain. After leafing through it, just imagine another layer of arms control levied by the United Nations.
      I hope you find this short treatise to be clean, logical, and absent any zealotry.

  • smsix9

    Just give up your guns to the U.N. now, save them from having to “ask” for them later.
    Does anyone else like to paint their targets a light blue? I know I do! Just on the top.

  • Red_Neckerson

    NC is getting better all the time. Awaiting restaurant carry.

  • Red_Neckerson

    NC is now a red state.

  • gregg1atcharter

    I concur with all posts about a uniform right to carry. I am stuck in Illinois because of employment and feel as I am inprisoned. All of you which are not stuck in Illinois should
    consider yourself to be blessed

  • Justin

    Reply…LOL. Great giveaway, would be awesome to win it. Don’t usually do this but What The Hell, ‘Merica!

  • retcsgty

    How does anyone think about a National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit when all the 2nd ammendment enforcements can’t even get our present President elected OUT of office!! No matter how many bills get past the senate or congress, Obama will veto it. We need to get rid of him in order to have our way.

  • wpaulh

    National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit would be the best thing could happen for the safety for all of us

  • snagfish

    just remember to keep up the training?

  • Ldee Wernet

    I want to enter the giveaway, is this the place?

  • tina reynolds

    I completely 100 percent agree

  • NotSurIfPancho?

    I Work in a local gun store and this is an enormous value. No bad reviews on the LC9 and whoeve r passes this up is out of their mind !

    • WOP 2

      I like the the LC9, but I carry the LCP. Great guns, both with lots of relief between the slide and my fat hands. I specifically bought the LCP because of the “no slide bite” feature, and had mine about 2 weeks after Ruger brought them out. It was the early model that got recalled. I had a PPK, but it literally chewed up the web of my shooting hand. AMT makes a nice little backup called the Hardballer (?), but slide bite is a problem with it, too. In all honesty, the SR1911 may well be the best thing Ruger has brought out in decades. I’m waiting to be first in line to buy the Commander size 1911 from Ruger, even though they swear its not in the pipeline yet. As you might have guessed, the LCP is my BUG. My primary depends on my mood, but a Kimber Custom Shop .45 in Commander size, or a SIG P229 usually rides on my strong side hip.

  • Chuckage1

    Is it hard to get a CC permit in upstate NY?

    • James Wendell Chenault

      If you can get it you better get it quick. The liberals are really going to be after the gun owners now that we had this terrible shooting today.





  • Alfonso Miranda   

    It would be great to win this!

  • techsan

    Great contest–it encourages more people to think about proper weapon and ways of storing and carrying.

  • Milt Nichols

    National Concealed Carry now!!

  • Tony Bertram

    I just stumbled across this site while searching for an online retailer to maybe purchase a Rifle and saw this posted. Shooting is a fun hobby but having a firearm for self protection is way more important. Hoping to get mine before obama outlaws guns altogether, that would mean only criminals would be armed and I don’t think the majority of 2d Amendment supporters would stand for that. I know I won’t.

  • Josh

    I’m all for a national carry of some sorts either a national ccw listen s or just make the states acknowledge each other but something needs to be done.

  • irelanct

    Perfect package!

  • PGinNC

    Once again this is getting out of hand. National tragedies always bring out the radical politicians.
    Exercise your rights! Carry and vote!

  • Joshua Mozdzier

    With finances in the tanks, winning some extra firepower would be great!

  • dizzy4u

    would love to win this as a gift for my husband

  • jwc

    I guess you seen last night to where Illinois is wanting to ban most all weapons and limit mag. limits. Even the rules of ranges was changed.

  • MQuigleys

    Any new gun laws are seen as a defeat for our guns laws we now have! There IS NO compromise on this! The real issue is the problem that the federal govt. has PUT on Americans releasing the mentialy ill on our society! Rules need to be fixed or FORCED to where they can be immited into facilities again! Doctors you see them also have to be forced to have them registered!

  • alien1112

    Went to a store (and it’s a big one) yesterday as my buddy and his wife were looking for a first home defense handgun, and guess what…. Had to wait like an hour just to get to the counter…Then, no surprise, all the ammo 9mm and .45ACP was sold out and the list goes on.. Had a hard time buying extra couple of boxes of ammunition myself today too, oh what the times in which we are living. Absolute craziness and now is the time to stand up for our rights and speak up! Hope for the best

  • Kyle Blue Bear Nichols

    man oh man! it sure would be sweet to win this contest! i really like the line up and i feel like this is a good way to get gun users to not only become more active in the community, but also help raise gun safty awareness. everybody wants a free gun, and if they have a chance, its natural to become more educated simply out of exitement! hope i win! :)

  • Jennifer Willenbrock

    With crime being up these days and having young children, I could sure use this for some extra protection

  • Jennifer Willenbrock

    I would love to have this prize to protect my family

  • JayGo

    I agree that we need a National Concealed Carry Permit. But instead of each state governing this make the FBI do it. You already are required to get finger printed and verified through them. Just pay a couple of extra $$ and make it a national permit.

  • larry

    Do you really want a federal agency having controll of your permit? not me

  • larry

    What is going to happen when our dictator issues his executive order on gun control ? ALL IN FAVOR OF MORE GUN CONTROL, RAISE YOUR HAND!

  • Brion

    I agree 100%!!

  • Eric Gibbs

    Just hoping to win this contest. Would be a great start to my concealed carry.

  • tank324

    Nice giveaway. I was just looking into a new firearm when I came across this website. My ccw is next on my list. Nice info here

  • SKEETER 1269

    Im sure if I have questions about my new CCW permit I will find all the answers here in this forum . Its great to have the wonderful Americans who believe in the 2nd amendment to have a place to chat and discuss others personal experiences and opinions . God Bless the USA !!!!

  • laclayton

    getting nervous about what Obama wants to do with gun laws. He seems to have an agenda all his own. Law abiding gun owners don’t need additonal restrictions.

  • rdb48

    A new gun would be nice!

  • unknspecies

    I have never carried a concealed weapon before. But, I think it is time everyone does.

  • Matilda

    I am reminded of this poem:
    “In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.”
    By Martin Niemoller

    Reguardless of your position on owning guns, our rights are immutable, and non-negotiable! I am a woman and a proud member of the NRA! I have had a concealed permit for many years, and will stand side by side and defend all those who do not! That also is their right, and just as immutable! We have no choice but to defend our 2nd amendment rights!

  • lefty73

    Im new to the site but look forward to being a member

  • Randall Rainey

    when will I be able to pick up the winning package ? lol

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    awesome giveaway! i cant wait to win it!!!

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    I agree the time for a federal concealed carry permit is here

  • StanB


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    I like this site!

    • wendell

      I wish the time line of the comments would be in order. They will be 2 yrs ago, then 5 months, then 1 yr then 30 mins ago. Wish they were in order……hint hint……

  • Josef Roesler

    If you’re a new member you can’t post replies, so what’s the point of asking people to join so they can post to win the carry package?

  • jerrygridley

    hopefully the winners will get to keep their winnings. The government will be coming after these soon enough.

  • Rob06

    Concealed weapons contest has sweet prizes

  • rleister

    Just found your website and look forward to being a long time member. Thank you for your contest and for what you stand for.

  • Matthew Olah

    I think what you are doing here is great and i really hope that i will be the lucky one .

  • Jen Brewer

    I agree with previous comment….just silly to have different rules across different states.

  • Kyria Baker

    My husband and I just got our CCP’s in the mail. We hate that things have gotten to this point, but there it is….

  • CrimsonPride

    Great collection of prizes. Would be awesome to win.

  • Harper43

    Interesting stuff. Thanks for all of the information!

  • dougneb

    Came here to read about carrying across state lines. Thanks for the great information!

  • A.miranda

    This would be a really nice edition.

  • Jason Koch

    Great idea! We need to act now

  • Jeremy J

    I hope NJ one day let’s us law abiding citizens have a ccw.

  • MqoQ2GaW

    Great contest

  • Robert Brekke

    The time has come for a National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

  • Bdub

    “God forbid that we ever be twenty years without such a rebellion; what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve their spirit of resistance? Let them take arms” Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith 1787

  • ShawnHoagland

    The time has really come for all of us gun owners and CCW Lisc. to band together to stop all this BS from Obama Administration. The 2nd Amendment gives us rights, to protect ourselves against a big government, but that big government is now trying to take all rights away. That is completely violating our God given rights.

  • Roy McCeary

    Free lc9? :-D

  • crowwolf

    I believe we who carry concealed should be allowed to carry anywhere in the USA

  • apalapala

    I like to win things.

  • Kim

    National CCW Permit is needed

  • Chip Albritton

    LC9 is a sweet EDC gun!!! Constitutional carry is what we need !!!

  • Preston Nathan

    the national laws need to go rot in a grave. i am so glad my state already said f-you to the feds

  • Nick

    Sign me up!

  • Slowride5

    If you are a Combat Vet and are claiming PTSD, the VA will notify the FEDS and your permit will be denied under the grounds of you being “Mentally Incompentant” 150,000 vets ,including yours truely have had this happen to them. Slowride5

    • WOP 2

      Not necessarily, Slowride. First of all, its PTS. Drop the “D”. Its not a disorder, its a real condition, and it manifests itself in many ways. If you are obviously suicidal, or exhibit traits resulting from PTS that are placing you and others in danger, you likely will have a tough time buying a firearm under NICS. Here in Pennsylvania, the State Police are very parochial, and use their own Pennsylvania Instant Check System, or PICS. We’re told it doesn’t “talk to” NICS, although I think that’s bullshit. So, here in PA, your Federal record may not hit PICS and you’re unaffected. If you think that’s O.K., please know that I don’t. And oh, by the way, I’ve been through the entire psychological battery of tests and the neurological work up as well. Seems my brain is damaged, but I don’t present a danger to anyone. The lasting result of a TBI from 1974 is vertigo, well controlled with meds. I’m a 30% disabled Vietnam Vet, and have no sweat buying arms and ammo.
      Posts such as yours are a disincentive for guys and gals with Post Traumatic Stress to seek help, within, or outside of, the Veterans Administration.

      • WOP 2

        Forgot to add, if anyone out there actually believes there were no hostilities after the Paris Peace Accords in early 1973, think again. There was plenty going on up to the evacuation of the Embassy in Saigon in 1975.

  • Sonofthenight

    I would prefer a nationwide license, but as stated before
    too many differences exist to probably make that a reality.

  • Tyler Martin

    I still believe in the United States. States that are independent but united. I feel great every time that I’m carrying and before I travel to a new state, I check the laws and do what I need to be able to carry.

  • Andrew Buchen

    Is this the post to reply to enter the drawing? And as far as permit carrying goes I think all States should be OPEN carry, no where in the Constitution does it hinder us to hiding our weapons from sight. Concealment should be a personal choice. Age to carry a gun? If your 18 and ready to die for your country you should also be ready to exercise your rights as a USA voter and Citizen with full Constitutional rights including guns.



  • Larry Faehling

    I bought a nice 9mm, now I need a new holster for concealed carry. :)

  • Wallyhunter66

    Nice package! It would sure be nice to win!

  • Josh

    I hope I win this package this time. That would put a a smile on this guy who has had a tough year.

  • Marksan

    The Illinois legislature is still dithering, trying, as usual, to make it about revenue at the expense of rights.

  • Bill ross

    Nothing better than a great giveaway especially when it relates to a weapon.

  • xbjackson

    It would be a good win!

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    Wow those are some awsome prises

  • Rod Carney

    I was told 2yrs ago that this was going to happen. I acted accordingly I purchased 2 boxes of every cal I have every month. I’m glad I did. Also reloading equipment. Right now you can get 9mm,380,5.56,other cal from Natchez. They do have some of a lot of items. Mag,powder,bullets,etc. in survival you must be prepared in every area God,water,food,etc. if you wait till it happens,you loose

  • Scott Fitch

    This is a great forum. and love the possibility of winning a carry package.

  • Still Learning

    I see your point but that’s not where I would go. Stick with states-rights!

  • jlilja

    Being in the retail gun industry for over 20 years I’ve never seen a better salesman than our current president. I saw what happened when Clinton took office. Observed what happened the first go around with Obama and now the second time of panic has literally cleaned the shelves of everything including 22lr. Media hype seems to be the biggest cause of panic. I really believe that misinformation on both sides has really caused a lot of wasted time trying to pass laws that blame things that aren’t to blame and cause hard feelings between people that just don’t understand the big picture. We need to stick with what we have and enforce the rules that are already in place instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

  • Still Learning

    This is a great site.

  • Bill ross

    We really should not need to have a permit.It is our right to carry.

  • Still Learning

    Great givaway!

  • Nathaniel Benson

    This would be such an amazing gift to win! One would be so lucky! I’ve been meaning to purchase a new carry sidearm since I got out of the Army and and the Lc9 was top of my list. I sure hope I get picked!!! :)

  • Jeni Merritt Watkins

    If we go through an FBI check and are finger printed and deemed worthy of holding a CCW by our state, it should be valid in ANY state when we travel. It is BS that we have to double check where it is okay to carry before we go out of our state

    • WOP 2

      True enough, and if you’re looking for more “ammo” to support your argument, look at the 10th Amendment and Article IV of the Federal Constitution. Article IV is the full faith and credit clause. In fact, read the entire Constitution. Its actually very short, and there is an admonition that unless a specific power is granted to the central government, that power is retained by the States. That’s why there are only 27 amendments, and one of those amendments kills another (repeal of Prohibition). Take away the Bill of Rights, the original 10 amendments, and you are left with 17 minus 2, or 15 total amendments in over two centuries. Sounds to me like the Constitution was damned well written. Now if we can just keep Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, and Obama from pissing all over it, we’ll be in great shape.

  • USA_Bill

    Free stuff that can go to the range or be easily concealed … I’m In!

  • Robert Ginn

    I agree

  • Scott Fitch

    Thank you Luke for the great sight and the impressive give-a-way.

  • Don Cello

    No need for more laws.

  • Randy

    I have been waiting since Sept 29 2012 for my concealed weapons permit. My wife got hers in about 6 weeks. She must have had a prettier picture then me. Still waiting

    • Carmen Chenault

      Several of my friends here in Louisiana have had to wait several months also. There is just a large number of people applying for their CC Permits.

  • Terrance39

    These gun laws are getting ridiculous

  • Ted Lee

    Hello – Love USA Carry – I appreciate the conversations and information. Thank you! I tried to post a reply on the GiveAWay thread but was unable to do so. Thank You!

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    Thanks for all of your good work!

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    I don’t know if anyone else had trouble entering the give away but I did

  • Stewart Lee

    Would have to agree, good laws are good at a national level but you need good politicians which are seemingly as hard to come by as ammo lately.

  • bear bite

    With Obama office I think we have giving up to much of our freedoms already we need to tell him enough is enough .We save for that raining day because it has not stop raining at all over the past 4 years and every day something comes up and reports of more rain.

  • Rab Pom

    i completely agree

  • Bruce Evans

    Have finish the need the equipment…this would be a great start to win this sweeps

  • Doug Penzien

    My best friend just got his and I’ll be next.

  • zgunman2

    All of the gang banger Chicago shooters didn’t go through a background check to acquire their weapons, yet the Obama gang wants us Law Abiding citizens to jump through hoops to get a firearm?

  • deb S.

    If I owned a small business, instead of putting the little sign “no guns allowed here” I would have one that said- I support conceal and carry so don’t even THINK about committing crime here.

  • Bryan Jackson

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a Ruger

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    I got my conceal and carry permit just the other day!

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    don’t need new laws they can’t even enforce the ones we have on the books now

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  • Donnie J McDonald

    It is my right to keep and bear arms for my defense and for protection against a tyrannical government. That’s right, the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    • Larry Faehling

      That’s correct, and makes you wonder what they don’t understand about the words, “Shall NOT BE INFRINGED.”

  • snowwolf

    we need to be able to protect ourselves

  • Yehuda Alan

    Carry should be an option in every state, free from fear by people who are ignorant and there should be no more serial killers or evil people that do mass shootings. It’s not the gun that kills, it is the gun in the wrong person’s hand and the fact that everyone else is disarmed.

  • Annabella

    concealed carry gun is on the way! Thanks for this website where I can learn all I need to know to be safe but ready!

  • Mark Sachs

    The Illinois clock is ticking.

  • Bill Metheny

    Great site and give-aways.

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    Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  • David Provonche

    I know that this is not a concealed carry comment, but what really pisses me of is the price gouging is still going on. I seen a shotgun I liked that I been waiting on it to become available and it is now going for $3000. Last year it was $1025 tops. It seems that the liberal idiots are killing us from within. It’s like you are trying to get rid of a lot of dog’s. Society and the law won’t let you go out and shoot them, so you just put out food for a few. The dogs will start killing each other for the little food you put out. Next couple of day’s you put out smaller amounts at a time. The dogs with thin themselves out of existence. I think that’s what happening today with the guns and ammo. They started a scare and we are all fighting over what we can get our hands on. Mean while the gun stores are going out of business and some die hard gun fans are giving it up because it’s getting too expensive. Sorry guy’s for my rant!

  • Bikrekr

    Replying to enter concealed carry package giveaway.

  • firechaplain

    I dislike going into illinois. Especially chicago. Will not spend my money there if I can help it.

  • the real diehl

    Currently the only laws being written regarding guns are bad ones so don’t hold your breath.

    No mans property or freedoms are safe when congress is in session.
    Mark Twain.

  • Chad LaFarge

    Win win win!

  • Degforyou

    I live in Alabama and proud of it, carry mine with everywhere I go. Used to be a truck driver wasn’t suppose to carry it but I did because there are idiots out there everywhere.

  • PRXlink

    Even in States that allow concealed carry they can make the requirements overly restrictive. Any law abiding, properly trained personnel should be allowed to carry if they so desire.

  • Roy Clingenpeel

    I am in the training process to qualify for a carry permit. I fully agree with the requirements for the permit in my state. I am retired military and have been so for 25 years.
    Although I received combat training that skill have since left me. As a God , County, Constitution , and freedom loving American who fully agrees with the 2nd amendment, I resent the governments (this administration) attempt to classify all military and veterans as potential enemies (terrorists) of this country. If anyone falls in that category it is our politicians and their bureaucratic playmates that are attempting to reduce this country to a tyrannical dictatorship. Statistically without fully outlawing personal ownership and confiscation of ALL weapons dictatorship could not happen without outside help. (Islam is one of many examples and most military experts emphasis is on internal destruction by outside forces training home
    grown terrorist). Therefore personal weapons of all kinds possessed legally by true constitution loving Americans in essential to our survival as a country.


  • tommygunz

    Can’t wait for my concealed carry to come through soon. Find it very strange why looking at the maps of reciprocity, some states appear to be revolting :/ …

    • tommygunz

      and a great ccw up for giveaway!

  • Robert

    That would be amazing.

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    great giveaway , I hope I get lucky

  • the real diehl

    Our government is not smart enough to figure out how simple reciprocity is.
    Oh wait they are. If we had true reciprocity in all areas of the law we would not need most of the politicians and lawyers we have. Then a lot of them would be out of a job.

  • Alfonso Miranda

    This is awesome.

  • tlfuller27

    It would be nice to win this giveaway.

  • MP Crosson

    Agree with Arthur Miller. National CCW is overdue.

  • Desertcanary

    Being able to carry a concealed weapon has leveled the playing field between the good and the bad. A victim is someone who can’t fight back. If more “regular” people stand up and fight then the bad would be crushed.

  • MikeFord

    We must protect the 2nd amendment. The current leaders aren’t supporting the gun owners and are only using bullying techniques to push their private agendas. Gun owners should be heard!

  • jscottc93

    Finally getting to a page in which I can respond to the Giveaway. First time responder; short time watcher. Looking forward to learning much, the opportunity to win somethiing (for once),and maybe being a contributor in the future.

  • Anthony Lund

    This is one of the most amazing giveaways I’ve seen. Just discovered the site and am now subscribing. (Got here through the article on 4 guns for end of US article.)

  • Bob Glover

    Just got my wife and myself a concealed carry permit here…Now the big problem is to find a proper weapon for her to carry…Debating between the Glock 27, Sccy CPX-2 CB, or the Ruger LCP…This would end the argument

    • WOP 2

      Bob: Any small handgun, such as my LCP, has a sharp perceived recoil. I recently taught a class to a couple who had bought the new S&W bodyguard revolvers. I warned them in advance that the recoil was going to be nasty. You do what you will, but I suggest, as I did, that you start with a good quality .22 (I used a Ruger Mark II), which has zero recoil, and is a tack driver. Once you’ve got the mechanics down pat, move up to a heavy revolver (In my case a 6″ GP100) and stoke it up with the same rounds you’ll be using in the ultralight revolver. Again, recoil is minimized, and so is trigger pull, as you may shoot single action. Confidence now builds, and my students are driving nails. Only then did I allow them to fire their own lightweight handguns, with predictable results. Lightweight guns are awful to practice with. Of course, on the other hand, if you ever, God forbid, have to use your gun in a defensive shooting, you won’t feel any recoil, and may not even hear the gun’s report. For what its worth, unless you have been shooting for a long time, and are intimately familiar with all of the failures a semi auto pistol can present (limp wristing, failure to feed, failure to eject, stovepipe jams) and how to cure them instantly, buy a small revolver. Smith’s J-Frame is a mainstay. Take a look at the 642, or even the Bodyguard. If you are familiar with semi auto arms, the LCP is a good choice, as is the LC9, and Kahr makes a nice handgun too. Indeed, there are hundreds of good choices. If you can find one, a Kimber .45 in the defense package (3″ barrel, 6 round grip) might do the trick. The .45’s recoil is quite tame compared to some other calibers. I have several .45 auto pistols, some purely for target, and some that are great for carry. One guys long opinion, and I could be wrong. Good luck in your selection, and be prepared for lots of advice.

  • Sam Beavin

    count me in!

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    Thank you to USA carry for all that you all do. It is very helpful.

  • Keith Holley

    Thanks for the site. Information is great.

  • Tuna

    Hey… I live in Illinois – actually a suburb of Chicago – and I know that there are going to be “conditions” that are going to make things difficult. I hope that the courts stick it to Chicago and Oak Park, as they did last time around, for not complying with the 2nd Amendment.

  • jq2intx

    As a life member of the NRA and a member of our own Texas State Rifle Association, we work to get things straightened out. The law governing concealed carry was just amended to allow for accidental show of your concealed carry gun. Like if you get out of your car and your shirt raises up and reveals part of your rig, is no longer a crime, it is just a mistake and you correct it and move on with your day. No harm no foul. I agree too with the idea of not giving my money to others who do not think as I do. When in AZ a couple of years ago, there was a restaurant next to our motel, the had a sign saying no guns allowed. I did not eat there either. I do have a problem though, later this year I have to be in California for my granddaughters wedding. Can’t carry there, but have to go and will of course have my gun with me as I travel. Hope no one is checking when I get to that particular Socialist State of California.

  • Tugboat

    national reciprocity between states just like a drivers license should be the goal , not a national CCL

  • Matt

    Great site. Thanks for all you do.

  • EhlerDave

    How many carry EVERY time we go out? The only 2 places I don’t carry is the court house or the hospital, that is if I am having tests. Hard to conceal anything in those gowns.

    • WOP 2

      I never, ever, leave home without at least one handgun, a small Ruger LCP that fits in my front pocket nicely. When the weather cools, I carry a .45 on my strong side hip, and the LCP goes into the left front pocket. Hospital tests? No sweat. All of the hospitals have lockers. I put mine in a fanny pack along with my wallet, and lock it up until I’m ready to leave. My wife just spent 2 days in hospital. You bet your ass I carried right in her room, too. There is no place on earth that’s 100% safe, and security at her hospital was non-existent.

  • rath150

    I think IL has recently passed concealed and carry?

    • salvasaur

      Still hasn’t been officially signed into law, but the bill has passed through both the House and Senate.

      • Paul

        Thanks – I knew there was something there that sounded good!


    A friendly reminder…….check the expiration date on your permit!

  • John Parker

    Concealed Carry is becoming the norm for personnal and home defence. Times are getting tough for the elderly, like me. Also, being on Social Security is hard to stay current on weapons and ammo.

    • WOP 2

      John-Not sure where you’re going with your comment. I think you mean that us old farts on fixed incomes find it tough to spend a lot of money on ammo. New firearms are, unfortunately, at the bottom of our A list, too. I’m making do with what I have, and hoping that .22 rimfire prices come down soon. I like my range time, I’m retired and have plenty of time, but you are correct. A fixed income puts one hell of a damper on fun time.

    • gun_nut

      Don’t worry, DHS and the Social Security Administration still think your are dangerous. :-) Search “No More Hesitation” targets, and you will see what I mean.

      For a cheep practice alternative, get some dummy rounds for your gun. You can practice your draw and trigger pull in your own home. It is not as fun as range time, but worthwhile and a lot cheaper.

  • David I Nelson

    I am glad to live in a state that has many common sense gun laws. That common sense allows we the people, with common sense to carry!!!

  • lumpyt

    need to stop the freight train of gun control

  • rath150

    Read where IL governor vetoed CCW/CPL

    • WOP 2

      No, he didn’t outright veto it, but used Illinois’ strange gubernatorial power that allows him to change a law before signing it. Bets are high that the Illinois legislature is going to hand him a whopping defeat and over-ride his changes, thereby restoring the original bill. This could happen as early as the end of the week beginning 7 July.

      • rath150

        Thank you, Glad to hear that the legislature may override the changes!

        • WOP 2

          Keep your fingers crossed. I know several folks in Chicagoland, and they have referred to the ban on handguns as a “fake law”. I pressed them on the issue, and was told, “everybody has a gun”. It appears if you are a Democrat, your ward boss will make sure you don’t face charges for possessing a handgun. I’m not certain what we Republican swine can do :)

  • robert dorrie

    yea, at this point you have to pay for several different state permits to travel around the country

  • disqus_zAjbLP81kW

    Ya know- one thing I learned from Dr. Lott- follow the numbers. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 330,000,000 guns (of all types) in the US. Known law abiding gun owners- 100,000,000. If just 10%… no- if just 1% of these folks are willing to defend to the death their God given rights to resist tyranny, that is a “well regulated militia” of 1,000,000 men and women. I sleep soundly here in the land of the White-tail deer.

    • WOP 2

      If you want a perfect example of your theory in a historical perspective, look to General Ghiapp, Ho Chi Minh’s brilliant strategist in Vietnam. He opined that if only 10 percent of the population became fighters, but the other 90% supported them, then no guerrilla army could ever be defeated. Ghiapp fought the French and the Americans (and allies), and ultimately, the North Vietnamese prevailed.You can see it today in Afghanistan, the “Graveyard of Empires”. Same principle, but applied by the Taliban and other tribal interests. Over time they have beaten back Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan, the British, the Russians, and the United States. If, indeed, the SHTF and the Second American Revolution broke out, I pray that brave men and women will have the fortitude to resist tyranny. Licensed deer hunters in Pennsylvania alone outnumber the entire US Army, and I believe the Armed Forces would not be inclined to fire on their fellow citizens.

  • DC3


  • Chris Martin

    This is awesome I hope to win

  • petigrit

    I am a new to the forum and reading the comments regarding national gun laws seems to be a heated debate. I agree with the fact when I travel I have to be aware of the gun laws from state to state is a nuisance, but I am not sure if a National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit would be the answer. But I must say most criminals don’t have permits. Just saying…A happy medium needs to come into play. I don’t want to lose my rights as a gun holder because of someone in Washington having a problem with it behind closed doors, because of stupid, irresponsible people or just plain sick individuals who have no value for human life.

  • 91firebirder

    hope i win

  • cawpin

    Wow, I can’t believe you’ve limited entering by forum comments to those who pay to do so. That is just ridiculous.

    • WOP 2

      Hmmm, my comment on this subject is awaiting moderation? I’ll be curious to see if the site moderators are willing to take a bit of constructive criticism.

  • phil

    i ewally really hope i win

  • Steven White

    If state governments can’t expand on our 2 Amendment Rights they should do nothing at all.

  • Alfonso Miranda

    Lets go! Hope i win.

  • phil

    i really really hope i win.

  • Karen Williams

    This is a great giveaway! And a great site – I very much appreciate what you are doing.

  • Alan Kaufman

    We need national reciprocity. End of story. Treat ccw like we treat drivers licenses.

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  • Guest

    Great Contest!

  • duane eddy

    need a 9mm

    • WOP 2

      Wow, do you have choices! Since the rather diminutive .380 has grown in popularity, and 1911 platforms are flying off the shelves, 9mm handguns are in great supply. Shop carefully. Stick with a name brand. The only absolutely DO NOT BUY is a Sigma by S&W. It was a POS from day one. You didn’t mention if this is to be a carry gun or a home defense gun. Anyhoo, you have a nice problem. So many guns, and you only need one. SIGARMS, Springfield Armory, Smith’s M&P line, Ruger, and so forth. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to look at used guns. Your local gun dealer is waiting for you.

  • okseabat

    What the FEDS give, they will take away or modify. The state governments are the ones to work on concerning state laws. The Supreme Court is the branch that determines whether a federal or a state law is constitutional not congress. States are less likely
    to violate their laws by changing them with the rotation of the political party control. The only law (singular) that needs to be passed by congress is the one that repeals all federal statutes. The only
    laws they are authorized by the constitution for them to pass are those dealing with national defense (not the president), those that regulate interstate commerce, (not the executive branch) those concerning
    printing/coining of money (not the federal reserve) and the delivering of mail. All others are for the states to decide by legislation or by the vote of the people. Unfortunately like some comments here, instead of taking care of our personal and states affairs we have abdicated our responsibilities to our federal representatives. They became representatives for big money and themselves and let the citizens be damned to wallowing in their fecal material. No we need no more federal laws of any kind. We need to force our “that is our” representative to keep us safe internationally and leave the states alone.

  • David

    We just need all the states to work together on using one permit! Good Luck with that!

  • Martin H

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Alexandra Harris

    I would love to win. I have yet to own a gun and I have been needing one ever since I started living by myself with my two kids. It sucks not having protection. I want to be able to defend myself and stand my ground!

    • WOP 2

      I hope you win too, but your chances are slim, since I’m going to win :) Seriously, go to a reputable firearms dealer, buy a gun you can confidently use in a home defense situation, and buy a lock box for it. Little fingers grab guns regularly, as kids are curious. This will probably start a string of “you should buy (insert gun here) for your home”. If you can handle a shotgun, personally, for home defense, that’s the ticket. If you’re not an experienced shooter, buy a revolver. Semi auto’s are racy and sexy, but they can turn into a brick if you’re not familiar with them. How do I know? I’ve been carrying since 1969, and teaching since the early 80’s. I’m going to suggest you take a course in basics firearms proficiency specific to your gun, personal protection, and home firearms safety.

  • kd6aaj

    I agree with arthurmiller, it is horrendous trying to keep track of different state (and city!) rules about open carry, concealed carry and transportation rules.

  • kd6aaj

    But of course, I agree the 2nd Amendment pertains to all of the USA and no one should be making new laws, and they should remove all existing laws that interfere with our Constitutional Rights which are given by the Creator & not given by polititions!
    The 2nd Amendment (and the rest of the Constitution) is as clear as ice, but polititions and lawers keep muddying the water! A first grader could interpret the Constitution clearly!

  • Alfonso Miranda

    This would be amazing.

  • Steven Bloome

    I think it’s an outstanding package that USA Carry is offering – VERY generous, to say the least. Especially fitting for my situation – as IL has FINALLY accepted our constitutional rights to C&C. Would love to holster that Ruger LC9 to my hip once the laws, training and certifications are all sorted out and approved.

    Out of my 5 handguns, I thing the LC9 would be the best choice. Fingers crossed for this one!

  • tajlund

    MT passed permitless concealed carry, but then our jerk of a governor vetoed it.


    I am so damned tired of hearing more whining about Trayvon Martin. TIME TO MOVE ON FOLKS!

  • sdbig72

    Is this how I enter the sweepstakes?

  • A Pappas

    Great job your doing getting the information out

  • Chris Pilot

    Agree on National CCW–NY is a good example–it physically blocks access to the New England States

  • Tribefan17

    I’d love to win the Ruger LC9!!

  • duane eddy

    need a 9mm

  • duane eddy

    need a 9mm

  • RedRiverD

    I absolutely and unequivocally will NOT enter the state of Illinois for any reason.
    I travel mostly southern states and have NEVER mentioned my weapon to anyone. I suppose I am playing with fire, but I figure if I don’t need to then why make an issue of it? And if I ever NEED to use it, then I will show my CCW and answer questions, with an attorney present……

  • David Hoffman

    Being from the “Not So Great” State of Illinois (aka the State of Chicago) concealed carry has been a long time coming. They have JUST recently gotten a CCW law on the books here in Illinois. The problem is now we have to wait at least nine months before anything happens. That sure sounds like a good amount of time to to be spent polishing up my skills with this nice new Ruger LC9!

  • Kevin Knipp

    I can’t remember if I commented or not! Illinois has FINALLY joined the rest of the union and allowed it citizens to carry a firearm outside the home. This package would be a great way to start the process. Thanks for putting it together!

  • Dale Ford

    Gotta love these prizes! Thank God I live in GA where they’re civilized about CCW!

  • blogengeezer

    Seldom win anything of earthly materialistic value, but did win a fantastic Wife. She raised a great family for me. In those respects, I am a fortunate Winner. Ruger LC9 would just be frosting on the cake of life. It would go to my wife. :>)

  • TristanEdwards

    Fingers crossed but we know its doubtfull

  • Kevin

    Go go gadget gun!!

  • Jackie Vullo

    Love this newsletter; as a new permit holder I’ve learned so much from this newsletter

  • Plymouth Scot

    One of the statements under the “Additional Legal Requirements” section of the new CC Giveaway still references “Ruger” from the previous giveaway. Thought I’d mention it, so it can be updated to “Beretta.”

    It’s this one: “4. The firearm will be transferred from Ruger’s FFL to an FFL of your choice in your locality.”

  • IHateLibs

    I just Vote for a LAW to OUTLAW Any and ALL Anti-Gun Laws . Any Law is basically an infringement on the 2nd Amendment. And Therefore ILLEGAL. Discounting ALL Legal persons able to own guns. I still have yet to see ANY Anti-Gun Or Gun law that keeps Criminals from Having a Gun. Any Gun

  • B B

    I totally agree with arthurM, We know why each state does their own licensing, the money. Just because we cross state lines does not mean we lose our right to self defense or lose our ability to fire a firearm. A national concealed carry permit would put an and to the dick heads of state like Bloomy in NY and all the other “pretenders to be protectors and defenders” of our 2nd amendment right to own and operate any weapon of choice.

  • wolfalar

    Concealed Carry Permit should be acceptable just like a driver’s license from another state.

  • kjenkinsaf

    Love this site! Freindly conservative, Constitutionalists, where trolls are quickly discovered and dispatched. Could REALLY use the Nano. Every time I carry my .40 I risk being arrested for indecent exposure. ; )

  • centex

    need to win this


    When I was alot younger if you lived in a state which deemed it self a frontier state, you didn’t need a permit if you didn’t conceal the weapon. I could wear a gun in a holster that was visible and no one bothered me. However, it seems like America , and the rest of the world, is full of crazy people. So everything has become complicated and I’m sure will get alot worse.

  • jcgriffith

    I’m in Arizona, can’t go to California or Nevada without stowing my weapon……time for a national carry law!

  • justiceking

    Really don’t need advise for defense….My shotgun & pistols protect me from most harms…snakes & varmints….don’t stand a chance? Now, with humans attacking or wanting to rob me….my bows & arrows work nicely…..silent + deadly….my shovel is alwa ys ready to bury them….trespassers will be shot on sight and then buried…..plenty of gators to feed on their flesh! God willing, the smart will left me alone?

  • 60yoGrandma

    Just received my CCW permit for the great state of Misery. We can now carry in plain sight or concealed with our permit. I am a handicapped senior… easy target some think. Not only do I have my cane, but I now have my hidden protection. Victim I will NOT be!

  • Alfonso Miranda

    Boom im in. Lets win this.

  • okseabat

    A permit that is issued by the state and accepted by all states would be a great idea. A national permit would be too vulnerable to national legislation and corrupted by the an administration or congress. Keep the Feds where thy belong, in Washington taking care of our international safety and not in our personal business. The states get rid of too many of their demented people by electing them and sending them to Washington.

  • MNPTactical

    Try traveling across California, forget the U.S. We are currently working with the California Rifle & Pistol Association and local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to “Standardize Training” for CCW Permit Holders in California. Hopefully, this will one-day lead to a more standardized carry protocol throughout the state. Hold on, I have to check and see if anything has frozen-over yet…like Hell for example. But…at least we’re trying. Baby-steps. If anyone wants more information on the California struggle to standardize CCW permit training, drop me a note: As for a NATIONAL Concealed Carry Weapons Permit…hmmm.

  • Thomas

    I really like the information I receive from USA Carry.

  • Bill Morgan

    With the current state of the nation am I the only person who assumes a major threat anytime I go out in public? My worry is no longer the jealous husband/boyfriend who might go off in a business or parking lot. It now includes idiots seeking vengeance for Trayvon and mu$lims who might want to make a splash in support of the Fort Hood murderer. I no longer consider it enough to have a five or six shooter in a pocket but carry a .40 S&W with spare mag AND a BUG (back-up gun), usually in .357 with a speedloader. I don’t feel the least bit silly when I return home with all that weight still in my pockets and on my belt.

    • WOP 2

      Bill–you are absolutely not the only one walking about well heeled. I carry a .45, 2 spare mags, a Kershaw knife, and a BUG, usually a LCP, sometimes a S&W 642. The question you pose is simply put. Am I paranoid or prudent? I’m going with prudent, sir.

      • Bill Morgan

        Excellent choices wise sir. I tote a .40 S&W with one spare mag and my current BUG is a Ruger LCR .357 with one reload. On the theory that anything really bad might happen near the car and take enough time to react, I also keep a Kel Tech Sub2000 and some oversized Glock mags locked up there. I can slap a long mag in the pistol and bring out the carbine if needed. If the food riots I expect actually transpire it is possible to encounter an unruly mob even in my small city.

  • SEARogue

    Don’t know if this is a typo or not, but it would seem a Gold Supporter should get more entries than a Bronze or Silver, but that isn’t what this states. Hmmm

    “3. You can also earn extra entries by becoming a USA Carry Site Supporter. To become a paying Site Supporter click here from a PC or Mac. The page does not work on mobile devices. Active Site Supporters will automatically earn the entries listed below.

    Bronze Supporter = 25 Entries

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    This giveaway will end on November 30, 2013 at 11:59 PM CST. The winner will be chosen within a week from the end of the giveaway.”

  • mklippm

    Term limits would be a way to get their attention.

    • erins1911

      UNSUBSCRIBE please, thank you.

      • mklippm


        • erins1911

          Well, that’s disappointing.

  • Seadad72

    Why does the us government think it has to control all that it citizens does. I mean like gun control and messing with the social security and vets benefits. The people in congress need to look at themselves first–if I had a job and didn’t work any more than they do I would be fired a long time ago.

  • Larry Sparkman


  • duksmom

    we need more classs for women so we can learn to shoot .

  • Debra Holloway

    Having a National Conceal Carry Weapons Permit would does have merit. However, getting Congress to pass such a bill and getting the state to ratify would be impossible. Furthermore, I think Congress needs to work on more important issues. Government needs to stop mandating laws for the states to abide by and getting into providences that are not theirs.

  • RhettButler1

    I would really like to see business establishments such as stores, restaurants and super markets post a sign near their entrance that states their allowance or non allowance of patrons to enter with carry weapons. This would allow people like me who carry to know if I am in compliance with the business if I chose to do business with them.

  • RhettButler1

    The only way we can get common sense carry laws is for us to become active within our states and communicate with each others in forums such as this. Remember, your local laws are the first issue on any carry permitting and the event you have to use your carry. We have to inform each other what is going on locally so we can have some influence on putting in common sense language and actions in each locality that have some commonality with each other.

  • Mike

    Besides having my CCW and MicroTech OTF Knife. What would be the Best all purpose flashlight to have with me at all times ?

  • Ricky

    I will fight for my right to own and carry my guns. I thank God for people like USCCA that will stand with us.


    YOWZA – Shout out to CONCEALED CARRY

  • rkalb

    I agree that we need a National Concealed Carry Permit. Living next to New York and New Jersey I have to be careful to leave my weapon at home. If there is a chance that I will drive into any of those states.

  • RhettButler1

    I would like to see all merchants display a sign in their window to inform us if CCW holders were allowed to bring their weapons into that business. If they would I would just bet it would improve their business and you just know anyone contemplating robbery would think twice about it.

    • WOP 2


      Here in Southwest PA I’ve seen a couple of signs welcoming those of us who carry. The best one I’ve seen so far reads GUNS ARE WELCOME ON PREMISES PLEASE KEEP ALL WEAPONS HOLSTERED UNLESS NEED ARISES. IN SUCH A CASE, JUDICIOUS MARKSMANSHIP IS APPRECIATED

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    it’s time to stand up for our Constitution and what it means.

  • Lonnie Wright

    Here in Oklahoma we have concealed or open carry. I always open carry. It deters crime. If I was a criminal wanting to victimize people in public and I walked into somewhere and noticed armed people, that would cause me to turn around and walk out the door. Criminals want easy victims, not ones that can shoot back at them.

  • Martin Cole

    The simple solution would be to go by the U.S Constitution Bill of Rights and forget what the states say. The Constitution overides any states law.

  • Dallas Golden

    if you don’t have a conceal to carry license,can you have a pistol on in a holster where people can see it is it lawful to carry one

  • dwewy

    I believe that the second admendment should be all we need to carry aytwhere. If we could just get everyone on board with this everyone would come out on top.

  • cody mc

    It’s time for an concealed permit before it’s too late and not being able to get one!!!!

  • jeffrey melton

    CCWP should be like a marriage licence, good in all states.

  • ralph webb

    should you carry your gun with one in the chamber?

    • WOP 2

      Yes, unless you’ve got a real old Peacemaker. Most, if not all, new handguns have passed a drop test. If you’re not comfortable carrying your gun with a round chambered, you need training. That’s not flaming you, just sayin….

  • dustin

    wooh hooh! i wanna win a gun already. all my friends have.. i think its my turn

  • CricetJean Gentry

    I don’t really travel through states that don’t honor my cwp. I travel alone and with small children, it’s not worth the risk of getting caught without my gun, some states won’t even let you have it in the car loaded!

  • Ed

    Arthur I agree with you 100%, I am a former officer and now a licensed armed private investigator, there are several states that recoginze my license but there are more that want me to produce proof. Thank goodnes the State of Oklahoma provides me with state laws that cover me.

  • Jay

    It’s time for all states to recognize any other states right to carry permit , as long as it is issued from the individuals home state ..

  • GDAD

    Think of the reason you carry concealed, and remember that reason every time you leave your home.
    Lets be observant and careful out there!

  • PeaverBogart

    I’ve had a CCW permit since back in the 70s and I carry all the time. I want to win the contest.

  • happy camper

    I have read many of these post. Many bring out some good points. By being the Law abiding person that I am. The Second Addm. does not regard any State to be different than the next. I am an American (Vet.) I have a CCW permit. I am retired and would like to see some of my Country that I haven’t seen before. I will not drive around
    any State if I choose not to just because They do not believe the way I do. ( I didn’t vote for Nobama ether.) I JUST WANT LET THE LEFT HAND KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT HAND IS DOING until it’s time. I’ll just carry on. I refuse to let my family be hurt by anyone in any state if there is life in my body… Chances are that I’ll see a THUG before I do a police.
    If you don’t use your head. You might as well have two BUTT holes.

  • Jeff


  • Vanick

    We need to fight for our gun rights. Its the STUPID that shoot people not the guns

  • c30carry

    I agree that the states need to get together and pass identical laws so that one can travel across country without having to plan for friendly states to visit. Problem is getting the states to all agree…like herding marbles.
    ps…I’m looking for Hornady’s .22 magnum pistol ammo (Critical Defense). Other .22 magnum WMR ammo is also very scarce. What’s the deal…simply increased demand that the suppliers are always “out of stock”?

  • Ira Levin

    There is so much empirical data out there to prove that legal gun owners generally do not commit firearms related crimes. However, our rights come under attack every time there is a firearms related tragedy. While I understand the fear that many non gun owners feel, I do not believe that we as firearms owners do a good job to make the situation better. Before you attack me, let me explain. Every time something happens, law makers start to posture and the NRA and in NJ the 2nd Amendment Society, start to prepare a defense…this goes back and forth and generally makes gun owners look like we’re all gun crazed, 2nd Amendment nuts. We never take a stance that supports any positive gun law change. Example: In New Jersey you can buy a handgun from a private party if you have a valid state ID, Firearms ID and Permit to Purchase a Handgun. No NICS call is required. Recently the State wanted to eliminate this practice but it was defeated. Should it have been defeated? Most of you, if not all would say yes, but I don’t feel that way. I’m an FFL, I have a very successful dealership in New Jersey, and here is what I’ve seen. On several occasions last year I had customers who came to me with valid credentials and were turned down at the time of purchase by NICS, for whatever reason, they were declined. There is nothing stopping that person from going to a friend and saying, hey I’ve got a permit why don’t you sell me that old Glock you’ve got? Now they’ve obtained a gun illegally, however the seller has no idea. Now you may say that’s a small part of gun buying public, but if it prevents one shooting, it’s better for all of us. In addition to that, how many of you have sold or thought about selling a firearm to a friend, but were not sure if it was legal or proper and just said forget it? Wouldn’t it be better to have these transactions handled by a professional and remove any doubt that your transaction was done properly? I’m not advocating hiking up transfer fees, which I guess could happen, but it’s a simple way to help make gun buying safer while not removing our rights. But for better or worse the organizations that represent us fight everything proposed good, bad or indifferent. I think as legal gun owners we should be willing to explore legislation that makes sense. It’s easier to get a Firearms ID Card than a drivers license. Now I know one is a right and one is a privilege, but being a right doesn’t endow you with the common sense to safely handle a firearm. Perhaps a basic NRA class should be a requirement? I think there are alternatives out there that we never explore because we are so focused on preventing our rights from being infringed upon. I also believe that with the proper training everyone should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. The 2nd Amendment is pretty clear…..KEEP and BEAR arms, Keep = Own, Bear = Carry. Why that’s so hard to figure out I don’t know….I guess politicians worry about votes and not what’s right. Maybe if they spent time focusing on the constitution instead of worrying about forcing people to buy health insurance, or telling them who they can and can’t marry we would all be better off. Sorry for the rant…..

  • billy hilbers

    been all over these pages con not fine a place to enter the contest can you get me entered billy hilbers

  • Aulton H White II

    We often forget how our founding fathers felt on how we as a people should live under freedom.

    “This institution will be based on the illimitable
    freedom of the human mind. For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever
    it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat

    – Thomas Jefferson to William Roscoe, 27 December

    We lose the truth to politics and forget truth is not subjective.

    Jefferson’s most extensive list is the one he sent to Cornelia Jefferson Randolph,
    his granddaughter


    Never put off to tomorrow what you can do to-day.

    Never trouble another with what you can do yourself.

    Never spend your money before you have it.

    Never buy a thing you do not want, because it is cheap, it will be dear to you.

    Take care of your cents: Dollars will take care of themselves.

    Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst and cold.

    We never repent of having eat too little.

    Nothing is troublesome that one does willingly.

    How much pain have cost us the evils which have never happened.

    Take things always by their smooth handle.

    Think as you please, and so let others, and you will have no disputes.

    When angry, count 10. before you speak; if very angry, 100

  • larryboyle

    It is amazing that my state’s CCW is accepted in 34 states in the US, but not in the state right above us on the map. And with the Utah test, that level increases to 38 states ( I believe). However, Florida doesn’t even require a test for non-residents to obtain a CCW from them. This country is all messed up. Carrying a CCW now is the only way to deter a crime against you or your family.

  • Lowell Gwin

    The time has come for the peopole to take back what is theres the U S A

  • Joan Kay Anderson

    I really like this site

  • mo

    I am a building contractor/carpenter and find it very difficult to carry and work at the same time. Bending over, wearing a heavy tool belt etc. any thoughts or ideas on this topic? fyi g19 or g26 iwb or aiwb.

  • snowlover09

    We need to all be prepared for a gun grab!

  • RhettButler1

    Every police department that confiscates guns should have to sell those guns through FFL dealers and the profits applied to department equipment. Used gun sales could be one of the best crime deterrents the local police department could implement.

  • James C Brown

    Enjoyed the 1911 comparisons. I didn’t know there were so many of them. Also the article about a confrontation – 1. don’t get shot. 2. remember your gun. – was insightful. Keep up the good work and information. I have a CCW but when I think of the consequences of defending myself – just hope it never happens.

  • wesley

    From time to time Washington needs to be reminded guns do not kill people, people kill people.Carrying concealed should be allowed without a permit anytime anywhere



  • beachblues

    We need more concealed carry holders to make the streets safer !!!

  • tdeanl

    At worst, if you have a carry permit (or live in a state that does not require them) it SHOULD (Like a driver’s liscense) be valid in ALL states, US territories, and possesions.

  • Phil Rodewald

    In Indiana, the application for a hand gun permit is processed by the Indiana State Police. One question asks about misdemeanor violations. Does this include speeding tickets OR does it mean something else. I am trying to get an answer.

  • Len M.

    How would a person find out by their self if he/she was truly cleared (adjudified) of a crime without trying to apply for a carry permit? Are Indiana laws more strict?

  • Red_Neckerson

    Not sure where you live- in NC you can contact the Administrative Office of the Courts for information.

  • John Malesky

    It would be nice to win something

  • C100RXP

    New York State has recently had a state court decision regarding part time residents being allowed to get or keep their NY State Pistol Permits. Does anyone have any further information about this?

  • Bob Brown

    My mother always carried her Beretta when she went target practicing, she loved that it was lightweight and accurate. This would be a wonderful outfit for anyone to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • BurlinaBlack

    Wolf_Fire is an ass…

  • ATP-Pete

    The inconsistencies in concealed carry laws carry over to intrastate codes of law. There are numerous conflicts among the Texas Penal Code and other Texas laws. I would be content just to have consistency within the State of Texas laws.

  • Mault12

    thats a great giveaway


    Not only is this a great giveaway, but is full of helpful items & ideas.

  • glfr34

    I am telling you it seems like people out there have forgotten that the best way to help make violence in our neighborhoods go away is to properly train people about gun safety and get to know your neighbors. If you don’t know your neighbors-I would think that they are more likely to rob you rather than if you had the block over once every couple months and said “hello” to all of them when passing, right. Oh yeah, and pack heat too.

  • Ronin

    I don’t understand. How is it that I can have a drivers license issued from Arizona, and drive legally in California, But my Arizona issued CCW isn’t valid there?

  • onetimeonly

    It is difficult but lets let the states decide

  • Timothy-Allen Albertson

    The Second Amendment should be our carry permit.

  • texasturtle

    I agree with DB. No more national regulations as they need to stay out of our business. But I also agree the states need to pull their heads out and get together on a systematic system or reciprosity so that we can travel and not have to worry about our CCW being legal in each state. I travel as a sports official and it is a nightmare trying to travel with my weapon sometimes.

  • Jeff

    I’m ready for the “Knock out game” !!!!!

  • klschams

    Not all of us have the time or money to travel around states that do not have the same conceal and carry laws the my state does. I agree there needs to be a uniform law. How do we go about starting that???

  • Jim_Orange_CA

    Carry Permits should be allowed in every state. The new “game” of knocking people out would stop really fast if the goons knew they might be shot or held for the police by a concerned bystander or the person they “failed” to knock out.

  • olivia

    hope i win the giveaway! thanks!

  • Bob Faulds

    I just got my CCW permit today. It took nearly 2 months from time of application. There are a lot of people out there that have decided to be safe. That makes me feel safer. When traveling from state to state, be aware of the laws of each state. It’s not that difficult to do & then we’ll all be safe. Keep Obama out of our business

  • Richard

    I agree we need a national carry permit

  • B Dixon

    Great prizes and excellent magazine. Hope I win….Merrrrrry Christmas….ho ho ho

  • Sivispace

    I’m building a .300aac based AR-15. I have the lower finished and am interested in opinions as far as building vs. buying the upper. Also looking for suggestions about already built uppers.

  • William Smith

    The problem is you can never get the fed to agree on concealed carry in DC. Also, most of the liberal states would never go for it. They want to take gun rights away, not promote them.

  • Tracy Jason

    To win the package hmmm

  • Paul Franklin

    I vote no on any national law

  • NRAmike

    No more national laws

  • Bill Morgan

    To me the simple answer is to eliminate all federal, state and local laws that infringe upon my rights and honor ONLY the Constitution of the United States as amended. The 2d Amendment does not say “if approved by some Kenyan pretender in the White House” or, “at the discretion of some petty political hack in your state, county or locality.” It just says “shall not be infringed.”:

  • Noffie56

    To all my fellow gun owners, I want to say, GOD Bless you all. And GOD Bless our Nation. Good luck in the drawing and continue fighting for our gun rights. May you all have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

  • Rick Rideout

    what is the status of the national carry permit

    • WOP 2

      Rick-Same crap, different day. One side offers up National reciprocity, the other says “guns are bad”, and promptly kills the effort. National reciprocity comes up in every session, and the dim bulbs who think the cops can protect us kill it.

  • fredomluver

    You guys think it a pain for you. I travel for a living as a truck driver. There are places i go i wouldnt be caught without my gun. Im trying to ba a responsible gun owner and abid by all the laws but it gets stupid sometimes. And some of the places i go like NY, and NJ, and CA scare the shit out me. So one universal carry law i think would be great.

  • Terry Doppler

    Have a new carry permit and am still not sure where I have to lock it up in the car. Live in Indiana and have looked on the web but haven’t found a clear explanation of the law. I know Fed bldg.’s and schools are out but after that can’t get a good picture of the does and don’ts.

  • PreacherPauly

    I can agree we don’t want more federal laws, but making things more uniform between the states would be nice though I doubt it will happen. An example though is seen with Hunter Education. It use to be you could have 50 different kinds of classes. Now Hunger Ed. is the same, so what you get in one state will be the same in another.

  • NaBeanDonnChatGunLahmian

    I agree

  • Red_Neckerson

    State constitutions trump federal laws.
    If you like your guns, you can keep your guns, Period.

  • RhettButler1

    The day is coming when waiting for a CCW is not going to be an option. Just look at the number of attacks by black thugs on innocent people. I fear the time is coming when armed conflict in the streets will happen. Then, Obama and his UN mercenaries will start coming after us. Be prepared.

  • jlmer

    From reading the posts here I would wager very few of you pass through Illinois and I don’t blame you. Our state “leaders” seem to follow every whim of Obama.

  • jlmer

    If a permit is required to conceal and carry why can’t a person openly carry without a permit?



  • Sivispace

    How are people weathering this economy? Things here in the Pacific Northwest are pretty slow.

  • glfr34

    It is time to vote, become active in our communities and inform friends and acquaintances what they have lose by not having the right to carry concealed. If we see things going down the path of the old USSR, we owe it to our forefathers and our great, great grandchildren to ensure that this “RED” mentality is blocked before it is slid by us in our sleep like an infection. If we don’t act lawfully and do what we have been given the right to do: such as vote, rally and protect what we have-there will be a Berlin wall at every state border to check our not having firearms or even sling shots.It is a slippery slope and history will likely always repeat itself unless we work as a nation to stop it and make the change now.

  • James Lilley

    Always a favorite site with really important discussions and news.

  • Steve A Little

    Why does everyone persist on calling it concealed carry? I live in the state of Oklahoma and we have open carry with our weapons. To carry and to conceal my weapon is only a convenience of my choice, so as to not be obvious to the bad guy that I am armed. I love our law because I no longer have to worry about being questioned if my weapon happens to be visible. My license no longer is called concealed weapon license, it is a hand gun license.

  • SkySoldier

    The Second Amendment is my concealed carry permit. Any other is nothing but a tax and an identification of who we are by various levels of government (County, State, Federal). Who are we kidding? What needs to be done is for each State to have a nationally recognized State-to-State carry provision so we don’t get hammered for not knowing each State’s current requirement on transporting firearms.

  • Quacko

    I agree with avoiding states that do not honor other honest and trained gun owners who have taken the time to be safe and responsible citizens. I will avoid Illinois for sure and a few others for sure on a trip to SC. from I’d. I believe it is true that we must work on the so called blue states that are anti gun to come around. I am thankful for good info on what and where we can legally carry.

  • stonecold 8

    We really do need a law of some kind either by the state’s or national gov to allow us to carry in all of these United state’s.



  • Lanie

    Try living in southern Illinois the last state to issue conceal carry. Plus they are making it tough to get. I have permits for most of the other states so that I can travel and feel safe. But here in Illinois as long as Chicago is making the laws we will never be safe. I have been pushing for our state to be divided so that Chicago can do what it wants up there and we can finally live free down here in the southern part of the state. We have been paying for their lifestyle way too long!

  • jsano

    the 2nd amendment should be the only permit and US citizen needs

  • jose cruz

    when a state requires you to stow away your weapon , Whats the proper way to do so?

  • Greg Willingham

    We need national carry, and open carry needs to be at the discretion of the CHL holder not the government officials who are trying to infringe on our rights guarenteed by the US Constitution and every man or woman who has served in the military and/or died for those freedoms we enjoy.

  • wag

    I would very much like Washington and all the States to have a conversation about conceal and carry across state lines because the older I get I feel the need for more protection for myself and my family.

  • David Wilson

    Arkansas now honors all 50 sates, or in Obama’s case, all 57. Why all states doesn’t honor Arkansas is stupid.

    • mark

      You can open carry locked and loaded in all 57 Muslim states if you are not a christian.

  • Jim Ross

    It is preferred for the States to give “Full Faith and Credit,” and honor the “Immunities and Privileges” clause contained in our treasured document known as the US Constitution, Who would have “thunk” that old men with powdered whigs and wooden teeth being so dang smart to begin this nation. We are so lucky to have had men with such honor and courage. Hello, Washington, DC, it is all there, a no brainer.

  • Jeff McNabb

    20-20 willmake an ass out of themselves tonight trying to demonize guns. It will backfire

    • mark

      You mean they can be a bigger ass than they already are?

  • Gregory Lesniewski

    Patriots, be alert,be ready! It iscoming!

  • Don C

    Concealed carry should be uniform state to state. But I fear the “do gooder’s” would not allow that to happen.

  • beachblues

    I think we need some reciprocity between states to try and standardize the gun laws.

  • James Lilley

    I completely agree, it is crazy to purchase the national carry book to make sure you are in compliance with each state regulation and which state u can carry and which state u cant. Besides ammo capacity limitations and such.

  • Peter Tanner

    I’m not up on it yet but my son in law after getting his carry permit in NY state is doing the research and time and says when he is done he will be licensed to carry in 37 states. So that may be part of the way to go if you travel alot.

  • Eastcoastswinger

    We need our CCWP to be recognized like our driver license.

  • John Rausch

    It’s time all states have the same concealed weapons laws. When traveling it gets old looking up witch state has what law.

  • Peggy Butts

    Would love to win this great package for my husband.

  • Dallas

    well peggy I hope your luck of winning is far better than mine, I have been doing contests for over 5 years and had never won anything

  • john saxby

    We do not need federal firearms laws, Obama just issues his own presidential edits.

  • trkytknyank

    There needs to be better reciprocity between states so that a person does not unknowing break a law and then lose their ccw permit just out of ignorance of the laws of every state

  • trkytknyank

    There needs to be more reciprocity between states to simplify travel with a weapon so people don’t lose their ccw out of ignorance of every states laws regarding ccw carry.

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    We need a USA wide Carry permit, no restrictions.

  • Ralf Schloss

    It’s a bit early but, don’t forget to VOTE in November ! Especially NY, we need to get rid of that facist Cuomo and his SAFE Act !!!

  • James Messick


  • James Messick

    I recently traveled from Minnesota to Texas via automobile. Prior to leaving I double-checked the states we planned on visiting to make sure all honored my concealed carry permit. Every state would honor my “carry” permit EXCEPT TEXAS! WHOA! I was shocked to say the least. I called the Texas Department of Public Safety to make sure I was reading this right. It is correct. Texas, the last state you would expect only allows you to have a firearm concealed in your car, NOT on your person. [Therefore if your threatened and in fear of your life or the lives of your family you MUST tell the assailant to WAIT until I go to my vehicle and get my handgun before you attack me!] Those in the Texas Legislature need to get their heads out of their
    a – – – s! How totally stupid!!!

  • Dnagle

    If we don’t need separate drivers licences to drive , why do we need separate licences to carry. It’s all about Money!!!

  • shooter9mm

    I had a Secret Clearance & a Crypto clearance in ARADCOM (Army). It took me over a year to get my full carry “LICENSE” in New York State. This is a G-D Given & Constitutionally GUARANTEED right, yet we let them treat us like CRIMINALS. I agree with some Tea Party people we need another King George to straighten things out. POI, I have a license to carry, not a permit, last permit I had was to learn how to drive.

  • shooter9mm

    Our drivers license is stated to be a privilege, YET every state accepts it. My carry license is a RIGHT but it is NOT accepted everywhere, so who’s screwed up.

  • weasle94

    Why do we not quit pouring money into Wayne LaPierees fat pockets and start an NRA political party . start out with the grassroots state representatives then go for national Senate and Congressional seats ? Seems like all our money would be spent on someone we could depend on instead of supporting candidates and hoping they will vote our way . Pretty soon Hillary Clinton is going for the Presidency and probably pick Diane Feinstein as her running mate . Wont that be a day of days .What we are doing now is not working . To hell with the Teaparty , Select a party for us or lose the 2nd amendment . and our guns and other rights .The politicians do not want us to have guns but they are surrounded 24/7 by armed security .Put MS Feinstein out there and MS Clinton without security and I will leave my guns at home . And the irony of it is ,we are paying for all this security for all the officials and it is not at all cheap Thanks ,thats my grip ,Weasle94

  • AZRider62

    What ever happened to the legislation that was pending for the National Concealed Carry Weapons Permit a year or two back? I’m guessing the Dems killed it or let it die.

  • jway1

    You are right Steve, only travel to/thru or buy anything from states that support laws that allow responsible citizens concealed carry.

  • Ken GAines

    I live in Illinois and the Mayor and his city council stooges and the county board is doing everything in their power to limit 2nd amendment rights. Vote them all out next time. Vote every state rep and senator who is anti gun out.

  • beachblues

    I would never move to California, Colorado or New York because of their arcane gun laws.

  • Mark Cimini

    You forgot about Massachusetts.

  • Fabian Ysker

    Arthurwiller, you so right about having a National CCW Permit. I do a lot traveling throughout the Midwest and it is ridiculous that I stow it away. When stowed away, it’s like not even having your Pistol on your person.
    Some of the places that I do travel to or through I have a better peace of Mind, know that my CCW is on me.

  • Reloader54

    How can you enter for the gun a day giveaway? every time I click on link to enter it takes me to the site and asks me to sign up as a Supporter. I’m already a supporter, I also already get the mailings and the magazine. I’m already a member of USCCA. Plus I also follow on Facebook and Tweeter. I’m also a member of the USCCA Forum as well. And as I said every time I try to enter into the Gun a Day Giveaway it keeps asking me to sign up for something that I’m already signed up for. Is there a way to enter if you are already getting news letter, already on the mailing lists, already a supporter?

  • Charles Hargrave

    Arthurwmiller,my son went to Maryland last year and took an exam to get a national conceal and carry permit,but that’s all I know,he’s traveling on vacation so I can’t reach him to get the details but the Maryland State government should have somebody to help you with the need.