Firearm Instructors

The USA Carry Firearm Instructor list is comprised of active instructors throughout the USA


Armed and Safe

United States

Armed Citizens League

5738 Antilles Dr.
Sarasota, FL
United States

Take Your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit and Handgun Safety Class at the Armed Citizens League in Sarasota, FL for only $20!

ARMED in CT, llc Pistol Permit Classes

Beacon Falls
United States

Teaching the required NRA class for your Connecticut permit to carry pistols and revlovers. NRA Certified Instructors at Armed in Ct, llc will

Armed Missouri Inc.

2812 Mt. Sterling Rd.
Bland, MO
United States


Armed Personal Defense Institute

28150 N. Alma School Parkway
Suite 103 PMB484
United States

AZ CCW Class - Phoenix and Flagstaff

Armed Protective Services, LLC - John Preuss, Owner

P.O. Box 392
Rochester, Illinois 62563
United States

Illinois Concealed Carry 16/8/3 (novice / military / renewal)

NRA Certified Instructors with
Military, L.E., and Civilian Experience

Women's &

Armed Solutions

Missouri 63640
United States

We are NRA Certified Instructors, specializing in customized courses for the inexperienced first time firearm experience to the more advanced client.

Armed Solutions

1010 A Hager Road
Farmington, Missouri 63640
United States

Firearms consultants and instructors.
Missouri Conceal & Carry Instructors

Armed With Grace Incorporated

San Antonio, Texas
(888) 554-4867

United States

We trust in God, but we also believe in being prepared with good training...CHL and Basic Handgun classes in and around San Antonio, TX


7457 Williamson LN
Ohio 43110
United States

Armed2Defend is Ohio’s concealed handgun trainer. It is important that concealed carriers are well trained and our course’s curriculum is built by

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