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You can't use both sides

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by , 04-30-2012 at 04:56 PM (866 Views)
Just read an article about Bin Ladens depression and found it very interesting in the next to last paragraph the assistant to homeland security says that it is our inheirent right to defend ourselves.
So if it is our inheirent right to defend ourselves as a nation then why is it not our inheirent right to defend ourselves as an individual. I'm just saying if you going to justify our use of force around the globe this way then you can't take it away when you are talking about our guns at home. Thats my opinion and I am sticking to it.

Depressed Bin Laden thought about
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  1. mspt_99's Avatar
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    Ooh stop being logical and applying logic to anything the government says. We arent suppose to think for ourselves, didn't you get the memo?? Take some college classes and watch more TV, that will cure you of speaking such things
  2. DocHollywood's Avatar
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    Mspt is right. oh, while you are being logical, stock up on ammo. we may all need it