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  1. Why Illinois Businesses Should Allow Concealed Carry

    What do you guys do for a living?-ccw-sign-1.png
    Many Illinois businesses are contemplating whether or not to post the State's "No Concealed Carry" placard on the front door of their establishments. What should they be researching while coming to this decision?

    A few questions and facts...

    Do you believe that displaying the placard will stop criminals from entering your establishment with illegal guns? If you're answer is "no," then you must realize the only ...
  2. Oregon & Utah Concealed Carry

    Any one in Oregon need the Concealed Carry Classes?

    Please go and sign up at
  3. If You're Going To Write An Opinion Piece On Gun Control, Please, Do Some Research!

    Gun control zealots like to believe they have it all figured out, coming to the conclusion that the only thing they need to do is make an emotional plea for gun control and the rest of the world will follow. Hell, they've even gone so far as to pay consultants to come up with a "playbook" to help push their agenda!

    Ammoland quotes the "playbook" under a section labeled “Overall Messaging Guidance,” the guide lists as its number one “Key Messaging ...
  4. Lost on this forum

    I have found it very hard to post Items need instructions on how post ... each time I would like to post something it takes a lot of searching to find how

    lost on the web

  5. what is the best to carry ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Kahn View Post
    I have a .45 ACP 1911 and sig .380 want to use a inside the pants.. I would like a deep conceal holster for the 5" 1911 that I can sit and drive ... the 380 would be easier
    need advice... help !