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  1. New Poll Open Carry

    Quote Originally Posted by 911 Dispatcher View Post
    I do not open carry for one reason. If a scumbag wants to rob a place they will check it out first then when they come back to do their job the first thing they will do is shoot the person that is open carry. I want surprise on my side not the scumbag's
  2. Winchester Ranger ammo..

    Quote Originally Posted by Graylon View Post
    I just need to know how to get them
    Bulk Ammo caries Winchester Ranger ammo from time to time. It is more prevalent in the 40 S&W but occasionally they have it in other Calibers.
  3. In The Beginning

    The 1st Handgun I ever owned was a little .22 Phenix Arms Revolver given to me by my Uncle was back in the early 90's. It was a gift as me and the woman I was dating at the time were getting ready to move to Illinois from Florida and he thought it would be an appropiate thing to have in a land so much different then the one I hailed from. Unfortunately after a couple years and a couple new female interests, this gift was stolen from me while I was away from the residence I had it kept in. It might ...
  4. FN Five-Seven

    Quote Originally Posted by KSDgrips View Post
    You are right Mr bofh.l am heading to new discussions.
    I've been carrying my 5.7 for a longtime in a FrontLine IWB. The firearm is so light you can easily carry it all day!
  5. Felony drop/firearm permit

    Quote Originally Posted by ardvietvet View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Myrick View Post
    I need to know
    In the GREAT...state of Mass. you have go to court and have all court records expunged (removed from the record) and then you are good to go!