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  1. America In Distress - Have We Reached The Tipping Point? Part 2

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy, written in 1966, is a guide to over-burdening the welfare system to the point of collapse - both at the State and Federal levels - forcing the Government to step in and save the day, supported by both sides of the Congressional aisle, guaranteeing jobs and minimum salary for everyone, thereby creating a Socialist economy / Government and wiping out poverty in one fell swoop.

    How is this done?

    The concept hinges on the idea that not all those ...
  2. America In Distress - Have We Reached The Tipping Point? Part 1

    Name:  1000a.jpg
Views: 1197
Size:  45.8 KBThe 2016 Presidential Election may be the single most important election in the history of this once great Nation.

    The Liberals of this Country are chomping at the bit to push the voting Citizenry over the edge and tip the scales forever towards their Socialist ideology.

    What exactly does that mean?

    It means once this Country's voting populace reaches a demographic that exceeds 50% Liberal, Conservatives and Libertarians ...
  3. Received my 30 day notice for acknowleding your rights

    Quote Originally Posted by Heronblade View Post
    I am a member over at I am reaching out to my brothers here to get the word out. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

    I am the Border Patrol Agent in the video. (link is found below) On November 6th, 2014 I was given my 30 termination notice for acknowledging your rights in this video and for publicly speaking out against unconstitutional activities (such as this DHS Checkpoint Stop Goes Viral) taking place at our inland immigration checkpoints.
  4. Veterans/Military "sign in" honor list

    Quote Originally Posted by gamecocksfan View Post
    US Navy
    USS Von Steuben, SSBN 632 (Gold Crew)
    Holy Loch, Scotland
    Charleston, SC
  5. Pistol Classes and Beyond!

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt.Schlueter View Post
    I would like to share some free targets we have offered through our website each of them are down loadable as a PDF with simple easy to follow instructions you can take to your next range sesson to help you improve your marksmanship.

    We are making these availible as part of our efforts to support the 2nd ammendment and increase the skills of those who have a CCW permit and carry on a regular basis.

    all of our targets can be found at:
    Free Targets
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