CA DOJ BOF = bullet button magazine lock is legal.
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Thread: CA DOJ BOF = bullet button magazine lock is legal.

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    Default CA DOJ BOF = bullet button magazine lock is legal.

    The Calguns Foundation had been working on a case (Haynie v Pleasanton) for a year, which had been kept low-profile, and was recently decided upon. The case was about an arrest over an "assault weapon" (the plantiff was arrested with a bullet button configured AR15 type rifle).

    End result, charges were dropped and the rifle was returned to the owner.

    Another result of that case, the CA DOJ BOF finally admitted, in Federal court, that the bullet button magazine lock is a legal device and when properly installed & used with a 10 round or less magazine can create a CA legal semi-auto centerfire AR15 type rifle.
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    Good news! Well, at least as close at it gets with the rules they have in place in CA.
    I have a few friends down there and the hoops they have to jump through for some things seem downright harsh and arbitrary. At least they are holding more to the harsh than arbitrary on this matter. It's hard to follow the rules if they are ridiculous. It's impossible to follow the rules if they are arbitrary and subject to interpretation.

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    Good to know. Thanks for sharing this info.

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