Great Customer service and Made in the USA , too
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Thread: Great Customer service and Made in the USA , too

  1. Great Customer service and Made in the USA , too

    Great Customer service and Made in the USA , too

    First the disclaimer, I am not affiliated in any way, shape or manner with Kholster just a satisfied and happy customer.

    On this past Black Friday I ordered a Kholster for my XD .40cal sc. The web site and the forthcoming e-mail said delivery would be in 2 to 3 weeks. Mine arrived in 15 days, . I did have a fit problem with the shape of the kydex part of the Kholster. I e-mailed Jimmy aka head honcho on Saturday, Dec. 18th and [wow = ] he e-mailed me back on Sunday. You canít beat that for a response to a problem.
    His e-mail stated he would send a new Kholster to me at no charge and I can keep the old one. I did offer to have him send me a quote and I would pay again, but he didnít .
    This is customer service above and beyond, and my new one was delivered in 5 days from the original communication per the Kholster tracking number. Itís a perfect fit for .40sc .

    Thanks Jimmy and I will buy again

    Bill aka riata2

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    Now that is what I call Sweet customer service. Something that has gone down the toilet here in resent years

    congratulations on finding a good vendor...!

    Holsters are like a good wife...They are hard to find and harder to keep by your side.

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    Hope you like your holster, I have been wearing one daily for over a year with my Sig P250 EDC weapon. I sometimes forget I have it on.

    Semper Fi

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