IWB Retention for Sub Compacts?
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Thread: IWB Retention for Sub Compacts?

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    I just purchased a XD40 subcompact, and interested in getting a IWB, but am a little concerned with the weapon popping out since there doesn't appear to be thumb straps on most of these. It looks like in most IWB holsters less than 1/2 of my weapon would be in the holster with most of the weight of the loaded pistol outside. Just a little concerned that i would have my gun skidding across the concrte if I stumpled.

    I currently have Serpa's for this gun and another, and love them, but would rather have a IWB.

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    I carry my Springfiled Xdm 9c in a Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe along with one of their belts. I love my rig and have never had any problems with it. Retention can be adjusted to your liking by simply using a hair dryer to loosen or tighten the kidex around the trigger guard.

    I also have a VersaCarry clip that I've used but because the rear sites are sharp on the xdm a simple t-shirt just doesn't cut it for me. I always default back to my SuperTuck.

    SuperTuck? Deluxe | Crossbreed Holsters - Super Tuck Deluxe

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    Take a look at Minotaur IWB holsters. They grip the weapon well and cover the trigger guard.
    Expensive but worth every penny IMO

    Inside Waistband Holsters - Minotaur Holsters - products new home - Minotaur MTAC Holster

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    I carry that same firearm in a crossbreed style holster. I can do cartwheels and have never had a retention problem. just a concealment problem going upside down. I don't know about anything else, but I would say leather and kydex won't let you down when it comes to retention.
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    I have a Sig Sauer P250 Subcompact (SC) and I use this for daily Conceal Carry (CC). I would recommend a crossbreed Super tuck Deluxe IWB holster.

    CrossBreed Holsters > Home

    The Super tuck deluxe is for all day wear. Takes about 1 week to break in and it has a lifetime warranty.

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    I carry daily, Glock 27 subcompact 40 cal, in a White Hat holster. I've used this holster for about a year and never had a problem in regards to lack of retention----in fact, I believe you could do jumping jacks or hand stands and never have a loose weapon.

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    My IWB holster of choice for my subcompact XDM. I can go running, jumping, jogging, and cartwheeling in this and not have to worry about losing my weapon.

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    Try theholsterstore.com. I've bought several holsters from them and have been pleased with them. They custom make them and I received them in about a week. The link below will take you to their XD40 Sub-compact page.

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    IWB Retention for Sub Compacts?-2012-12-31-13.16.03.jpg

    I carry my xDM 9C in a Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe with Crossbreed gun belt. I also own other rigs but this one works out best for me.

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    Cleveland's Holsters or N82Tactical. Very, very different but both are great products.

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