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    I have a 12ga shotgun, a SW M&P 15-22 and two pistols I'd like to take home with me over Christmas. I've taken the pistols before in a case which, after inspection, I lock and put in my suitcase. Traveling with the shotgun and the rifle would require a case that wouldn't fit in my suitcase. Would you recommend keeping the pistols in a separate case and getting a separate case for the other two? Or, put everything in one case?

    And, what are good recommendations for a case for the shotgun and rifle? Finances are a consideration.


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    you'll need hard sided lockable carry cases for the long guns as well as transporting the hand guns the way you have been

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    I have a hard-sided plastic case. It's a plano I paid $25 for at walmart. Is that sufficient for the long guns or do I need a more durable case since it will be handled separately?

    thanks for the reply!

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    Default Airline travel question

    I wouldn't trust my firearms to a $25 Plano case. I'd look for something more substantial. Like a pelican or SKS type case. They will be expensive but then again so are the guns.
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    That's what I was thinking. It's fine for going to the range but I doubt it will stand up to baggage handlers.

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    Default Airline travel question

    I would invest in a good quality hard sided case with multiple locks, like a Pelican case. It needs to stand up the abuse of the baggage handlers & baggage system, as well as any "curious" individuals.

    Also, if I recall correctly guns in transit do not need to have TSA compliant locks. I believe that the regulation state a lock that only the owner has a key to, but please verify this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weissr View Post
    Also, if I recall correctly guns in transit do not need to have TSA compliant locks. I believe that the regulation state a lock that only the owner has a key to, but please verify this.
    i just recently traveled to texas from virginia via air and read up on the regulations at, and what it says is that it must be in a locked hard sided case and be unloaded thats it. ammunition must be stored in original packing, but some agents are ok with loaded magezines as long as they are not with the firearm in the case. however some airliners have their own policys so you need to call them in advance as well just to make sure, but if your traveling to or from a state that is not gunfriendly such as new jersey, california . . . i would suggest you completly forget it or drive. American Airlines strongly appreciates (or is policy) locks anywhere the case was designed to have one. so the $25 plano rifle cases at wally world takes 3 individual locks.
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    You can also mail the rifles/shotguns to yourself via US Post Office, but not the handguns.
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    I would also put the locked, hard sided case in a cardboard box so it's not a recognizable as a firearm and "tempting" for a thief.
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