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    Default New member says hello

    Just thought I'd check in and say hello as a new member.

    Also thought I'd recommend Bullseye Shooter's Supply in Lake Elmo: friendly folks, smallish store but they're happy to special order anything you'd care to have. I have a Beretta 92F but thought it was a trifle too large for everyday carry so I ordered a Beretta 85FS (.380 ACP) through them. It arrived in just a few days and their price was much less expensive than any of the larger stores in the area. Just a bit more than, but you feel as though you're helping out a local business.


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    Welcome Bob!
    "They who give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin, 1775

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    I am also a new member from Minnesota who wanted to say Hi.

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    Welcome Bob. Love your avatar, are mixed up with helicopters?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beretta_Bob View Post
    Just thought I'd check in and say hello as a new member.

    ... I have a Beretta 92F but thought it was a trifle too large for everyday carry ...
    Is that 92F the same as the Stoeger Cougar? I have the Stoeger and while I think it is large, it's a full size and I carry it fine most days. Hard to carry if I have to tuck in my shirt, using a Crossbreed Super Tuck IWB.

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    Hi Bob...I am not from Minnesota but I'd like to welcome you from Missouri. I have met a police helicopter pilot yesterday at the Spirits air show yesterday and he has a small Glock 27 for his carry and said it is most convenient. He had tried a Beretta before but he is suck a Glock person. He owns several models but he keeps his G27 as his carry.
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    G'day and Glock

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    Another new member from Minnesota saying Hi.

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    If you stopped in for the burger special, it sucks. Welcome to the forum.

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    Also from MN. Heard on WCCO rallies against guns shortly after the Florida self defense shooting. It's sad that people try to take advantage of a bad situation to make political hay. Even so, I think we are making progress up here and, if I'm not mistaken, Carry Classes and gun purchases are at an all time high! Hope the trend continues :-) Thanks for posting and God bless. Lee

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    Welcome to the forum, Bob.

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