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List of Nevada CCW Instructors

This is a discussion on List of Nevada CCW Instructors within the Nevada Discussion and Firearm News forums, part of the Firearms Discussion by State category; I would love to see a Sunday class which would allow for a one day turn around. Please post one ...

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    I would love to see a Sunday class which would allow for a one day turn around. Please post one if you've got one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gschoelles View Post
    I would love to see a Sunday class which would allow for a one day turn around. Please post one if you've got one!
    If Reno/Sparks area, Mike Motta at Semper Firearms holds two classes almost every weekend. He can do private classes and will even come to you.

    You'll like the class.

    Semper Firearms Training - Home
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    Quote Originally Posted by gschoelles View Post
    I would love to see a Sunday class which would allow for a one day turn around. Please post one if you've got one!
    I teach on Sundays. In fact, I'm available any day of the week including minor holidays when the range is open to the public.

    Keep in mind that you won't find any classes that are conducted on the same day as you apply. If you do, please report the instructor to Metro CCW detail.
    We are required to teach a course AT LEAST 8 hours (includiing range qualifications). The CCW detail at Metro closes at 3pm weekdays and stops issuing numbers about 2:40pm. You would have to begin your class about 5am or 6am.
    Many non residents take the class on Sunday and then check out of their rooms before heading over to Metro.

    See my listing for NEVADA instructors on page 2 under "Teamdigit Defensive Training".

    OR -
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    Default Discount Firearms Inc. Nevada CCW Training

    Discount Firearms offers a complete list of classes including Concealed Carry Permit (CCW) for both Nevada residents as well as non-residents. Plus, with our Indoor Shooting Range, all firearms certifications are done conveniently on premises.

    We run two group CCW classes a month. The cost is $85.00 per person.

    Private CCW classes are available for $150.00.

    Private Basic Firearms Safety and Development Classes are available for $20.00 per hour.

    Classes are running all the time, so please contact us to get the current Nevada CCW schedule!

    Discount Firearms Inc. 3084 S. Highland, #B Las Vegas, NV 89109

    Store Hours: 9am to 7pm, Monday - Saturday

    Range Hours : 9am to 6:30pm, Monday - Saturday

    Phone: (702) 567-1158 Fax: (702) 567-1160


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    Default DJ Outfitters

    DJ Outfitters
    2047 Pabco Rd.
    Henderson, NV 89011
    DJOutfitters - Let Us Supply Your Adventures

    check us out for all your CCW training.
    Certified Instructors for Nevada/Utah/Florida CCW's

    NRA Certified Instructors for:

    Personal Protection in the Home
    Personal Protection outside the Home
    Basic Pistol
    Refuse to be a Victim
    Reloading Metalic Cartridges
    Reloading Shotgun

    We do personal classes, woman only classes with a woman instructor and classes each and every week.
    We also teach:
    Wilderness and Remote First Aid
    Land Navigation
    First Aid

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    Thumbs up Awesome Class!!

    If you are in Las Vegas, NV (or visiting), and want to get your CCW, you must go to:

    Absolute Training, LLC
    5600 Spring Mountain Road Suite #108
    Las Vegas, NV 89146-8827

    (702) 979-GUNS (4867)
    (702) 580-4358
    Ask for Marcos, he is "The Instructor".

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    Default Armed and Safe Reno, NV
    With Armed and Safe, you’ll receive the best 8 hour instruction in the business as required by the state of Nevada. We’re here to provide this course of training in a professional, fun and relaxed class. We’re not going to make you hit the floor and give us 20 if you ask the wrong questions. We’ve been teaching in Northern Nevada for over 17 years and have helped more citizens get their CCW permits than any other company in the area. People keep coming back to us because they feel comfortable during our class. From the most experienced competition and ex military or law enforcement, to first time shooters people tell us that they learned a lot from us in the classroom and on the range.
    We are passionate about guns, 2 amendment rights, training and improving your skills by improving our own through the study of shooting fundamentals, defensive pistol techniques, awareness and Nevada and federal law.
    Contact us by email With the date of class selected or your questions. We will reply with a confirmation explaining your class date and location or a response to your questions.
    Or call us 775 560-2741 for Allan or 775 720-1671 for Kelly.
    payment is not due until the day of class. You reserve the right to cancel last minute.

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