Pool like you've never seen!
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Thread: Pool like you've never seen!

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    Pool like you've never seen!

    This is the "hustler" of all hustlers ! amazing !

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    Wow. What a pair!

    No, I meant the two of them..

    No, I meant the man and the woman. Nice job:) ;)


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    The kid is good. I kept watching her put her heels on the table an cringing.
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    ha that there some fancy shooting nice curve balls and curves on the table bunny too heheh
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    Nice curves, not too bad with the cue ball either.
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    Those are some crazy skills!

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    Eh... a hottie like that lays on the table and he picks up a cue? Definitely not what I would have in mind at that moment. However, replacing the felt might get expensive.

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    Wait a minute, someone was shooting pool in this video?

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    Two questions, does the lady come with the purchase of that pool table?; and will my moves improve just as well?
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