Interesting article on Court decision
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Thread: Interesting article on Court decision

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    Interesting article on Court decision

    "HogDoc Olliday"

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    eventually it will be pulled in as a trojan horse of sorts, and we the taxpayers will again be forced to pay for 'services' we don't want
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Whatever can be taxed, can be controlled.
    If The WATCHMAN Sees The Enemy Coming And Doesn't Sound The Alarm To Warn The People, He Is Responsible For Their Captivity. They Will Die In Their Sins, But I Will Hold The WATCHMAN Responsible For Their Deaths.'

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    I don't care how conservatives try to spin the was a stake through the heart of everything I believe America can, and should, be. It can only have disastrous consequences for this country.

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