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Thread: Resident "Alien" CHL

  1. Your Utah permit works here

    You say you have a Utah permit? They are honored in TX, you can carry.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by qednick View Post
    You need to be either (a) a US citizen, or (b) a US Permanent Resident (ie. green card holder).

    As a green card holder myself I recall I had to wait about 6 months before I could even apply for the Texas CHL.

    Once you have the CHL, it certainly does make purchasing firearms easier, though, as a side note... being a green card holder, you would still have to produce your last 3 utility bills to purchase a firearm. Utility bills means either water or electricity bills in YOUR name and showing YOUR CURRENT address. I don't know why they have this stupid requirement but it's part and parcel of making a purchase.

    I don't know much about your particular visa but if you don't have a green card then you can't get the CHL in Texas.

    BTW, I'm originally from the UK where even carrying a 1" pocket knife will land you 5 years in jail.
    this is complete not true!
    Immigration status never is the requirement for CHL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Sun View Post
    this is complete not true!
    Immigration status never is the requirement for CHL!
    And your source for that is what exactly? It took me a few seconds on Google to find this. From CHL FAQs : Texas Concealed Handgun License:

    15. If I am a legal resident alien, can I get a license?

    Under federal law, aliens who have been admitted to the U.S. under a non-immigrant visa, usually are not qualified to purchase a handgun and therefore, do not qualify for a license. However, as long as you were not admitted under a non-immigrant visa and are a legal resident of Texas, you may qualify.

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