I lost my wallet. How do I get a duplicate Florida Concealed Weapons Permit?


Good Morning, I have lost my Florida Drivers license and my Florida concealed weapons permit in my small wallet. I would like to know how to get them replaced. I think I can get the drivers license at the DMV but I do not know how to get my concealed weapons permit replaced. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Submit a written statement to the Division explaining that your license has been lost, stolen, or destroyed. This statement must be notarized. The fee for a replacement license is $15.00. Please include with your statement a check or money order made payable to the Division of Licensing.

Concealed weapon license replacement requests should be mailed to the following address:

Division of Licensing
P.O. Box 3030
Tallahassee, FL 32315-3030

Please be advised that your replacement concealed weapon license will not bear your residence address. Effective February 12, 2010, the Division of Licensing discontinued the practice of printing the licensee’s residence address on the face of the concealed weapon license.

(8) Within 30 days after the changing of a permanent address, or within
30 days after having a license lost or destroyed, the licensee shall notify
the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services of such change.
Failure to notify the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
pursuant to the provisions of this subsection shall constitute a
noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25.

(9) In the event that a concealed weapon or firearm license is lost or
destroyed, the license shall be automatically invalid, and the person to
whom the same was issued may, upon payment of $15 to the
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, obtain a duplicate,
or substitute thereof, upon furnishing a notarized statement to the
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services that such license has
been lost or destroyed.