3 Great Techniques For Right Handed, Left Eye Dominant Shooters

3 Great Techniques For Right Handed, Left Eye Dominant Shooters

3 Great Techniques For Right Handed, Left Eye Dominant Shooters

Even if you’ve always known which hand is your dominant one, you should test out which eye is dominant. There are a lot of people who discover that their marksmanship has been off for years just because they’ve been using the wrong eye to align the target.

If you are someone who is right handed and left eye dominant, you can probably get away with switching to your left hand for firearms like rifles and shotguns. But, for handguns, it’s not always convenient or comfortable to use your non-dominant hand. This is because the first hand on your handgun is usually your dominant one.

So, let’s discuss some techniques to make it easier to sight in on your target using your left eye and right hand. Fair warning: please DO try these techniques at the range. Don’t just take our word for them.

Right bicep cheek rest


Resting your right cheek to your right bicep, it’s easier to bring your left eye into alignment with the pistol sights. This is really more of a Weaver stance, with your left foot slightly forward and your right foot slightly back.

Isoceles shift

The very cool part about standing in the isoceles stance (feet shoulder width apart and perpendicular, knees slightly bent) is that it is easy to shift focus from the right eye to the left because the handgun is held out before both of them.

Modified weaver “close combat”

If you are in tight conditions and don’t feel comfortable or trust extending your arms out in front of you, you can bring the pistol back. Bend both of your arms at the elbow and pull the pistol in tightly, keeping it aligned with your dominant eye. Not only will you be able to use both eyes to keep situational awareness, you’re already set up for success if you have to pull the trigger.

In general, we like to advocate for using both eyes in a self defense gun situation. This is because while you only need one eye to look through the sights, both eyes can give you more information about range, and potential additional threats coming from the sides.

Holster Considerations For Right Handed, Left Eye Dominant Shooters

There’s nothing wrong with where your pistol is currently holstered. That said, some cross dominant shooters have found a few methods that have worked for them and we’re sharing them in case you’d like to experiment and see for yourself.

Cross draw holstering

Cross draw involves placing the handgun on your non-dominant side, pistol grip facing out. To illustrate, just take your normal right-handed gun holster and unclip it from your belt and bring it across your waistline until it’s in relatively the same position but on the other side of your body.

This method is actually favored by those who drive a lot and need to be able to keep a hand on the wheel of their truck and still use their dominant hand to draw. It’s also favored by some cross dominant shooters because they feel it is faster to align the sights to the left side.

Left hand draw

If you do get a left handed concealed carry holster, you should definitely practice drawing from the left side. That said, a lot of cross dominant shooters have found success by practicing their draw from the left hand side. This obviously means you will be using your left hand as the dominant hand, whereas your right is actually your dominant hand. With the proper amount of practice, you can make it work.

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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Andrew Mock

My CCL instructor offered to fix my cross dominance with a sharp blow to the left temporal lobe. I was not amused.


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Good article. I had been shooting with my left hand for years and not very well I might add because I am strongly left eye dominant. I decided to do a test shooting lefty and then righty still using my left eye in both cases. To my surprise I am a far better shooter using my right hand! Who would have guessed.


I’ve been subconsciously using the right bicep cheek rest ever since I started shooting pistols, it seemed almost natural. I’m going to have to try the other two the next time I’m out. Good pointers!


The easiest way to over come the dominate eye issue, shooting a handgun, does not involve any backward draws or other gimmicks. It is simply over come by shooting with both eyes open. As you go through your day you are using your dominate eye naturally. With your handgun at arms length your dominate eye will naturally focus on your front sight. I have been shooting this way for decades and do quite well.


i am cross dominant. i personally would never change any of the things listed here. ive simply learned to focus my right eye on the sights. usually i can do so with both eyes open. sometimes a quick wink is needed to get a clear picture…but it works. the whole cross dominat thing isnt even a real issue. if a right handed person aims with their left eye, as long as the sights are lined up on target u will still get accurate hits.


I am left eye dominant, right handed shooter. Anything within @ 7 yards is a point and shoot situation for me and even then, I cant my head slightly to the right so as to align my left eye along my right arm and thus, the barrel of my handgun. Over a longer distance, I will align my left eye along the sight picture and use the sights. Weak hand shooting behind a barrier is no problem relative to keeping my head concealed but shooting strong hand behind a barrier presents a problem, that used to upset the range master. But finally, it was agreed that if I needed to discharge my firearm behind a barrier, it was better to expose an additional couple of inches and hit what I was shooting at rather than conceal that additional couple of inches and increase the likelihood of missing. Close distances are much easier with a point and shoot method instead of utilizing sights and we all learned the point and shoot method as babies….. pointing at something we wanted because we did not yet have the ability to speak.


I shoot everything right hand/left eye. This includes long guns handguns and long bows. I have always shot this way and always will. All I do is move the weapon to the left so that I can aim with my left eye.


I have found that my cross dominant eye situation is best overcome using either the modified Weaver stance or the isosceles then doing a (VERY) minor “gangster cant” of the handgun, just sufficient to bring the sights to the left (my dominant eye) of center line. This is also a very effective method for me as I have a deformity and loss of grip strength in my left hand due to an injury and the slight extra weight of the firearm enhances my grip. I find this adapts well to one hand shooting as well, requiring minimal additional practice.
Of course I didn’t discover this until after 14 years of tearing up the ‘wrong” side of hundreds of B14 targets on the police range and using literally dozens of grip modifications as recommended by FBI and other police firearms instructors!
Personally I think your suggestions are well founded and would be extremely effective!

Van Phillips

Thanks Saltporkdoc! See my #1 just posted your “gangster cant”, I may say I name for it someone had was “gangster cant”, in my pistol classes.

Van Phillips


Being right handed and left eye dominate myself, I was pleased to see your suggestions. And you’ve added a couple of ideas I can use when I’m teaching pistol classes for people with this problem. But let me suggest two others that I use myself and suggest to students:

1. in the Weaver stance, it is easy to torque your knuckles (palm) to the right because of the bracing you get from the left hand. That automatically realigns the pistol to line up with your left eye, while you still have full functional control with your right hand. This can be reversed for those who are left handed and right eye dominant. With practice it becomes second nature, and the pistol comes up for your dominant eye. (That clearly wouldn’t be possible with a shoulder mounted firearm.).

2. Because of off (wrong) eye dominance and eye correction (glasses or contacts) needs on many people, I’ve become a big supporter of quality laser sights on pistols. The good ones, like those from Crimson Trace or Viridian, become part of the pistol and can activate as soon as the pistol is drawn and in your grip.. These lasers have lots of training advantages, such as being able to watch the point of aim move with poor rigger squeeze. But, the biggest advantage is taking eye dominance and eye correction out of the equation in an active threat situation.

No criminal breaking into my house in the middle of the night is going to wait for me to put in my contacts, so I can protect myself and my family. However, most of us can put a dot on center mass even without eye correction. And, for those of us who are off (wrong) eye dominate, even with our glasses or contacts on, it takes eye dominance out of the question as both eyes are focused on the dot as point of aim.

The trick with laser sights is making sure they are perfectly adjusted. That means first with a bore sight and then fine turned at the ranges. Mine are perfect at 22 feet knowing that most pistol shots are 5 yds. to 10yds. (15 to 30 feet). At 22 feet mine will place a round about 3/4′ high at 5yds and 3/4″ low at 10yds. 1 1/2 vertical spread is within tolerance.

Please understand that I’m not advocating laser sighting over use of the pistol’s sights. You have to practice so that ether type of sighting and shooting become instinctive. If you do practice with all options you can solve many types of issues as needs dictate.


I’m the exact opposite. I’m left hand and right eye dominate. I do shoot with both eyes open when I shoot any gun. Unless it has a scope or optic on it. Then I use my left eye only. But what is said here is good info to know about. And in my case I just need to do the opposite. But still this is great info to know.