3 Women Caught with Guns in 3 Days at 3 Different Airports

3 Women Caught with Guns in 3 Days at 3 Different Airports


Ladies, please don’t take this as a knock against you. I just happened to be browsing the TSA Press Releases today and noticed a span of three days that did go so well for three separate women. We should all use this as a reminder to be responsible gun owners and know where your firearms are at all times and make sure they are secure.

In all three incidents, TSA officers found loaded firearms in the women’s carry-on bag in the x-ray machine at the security checkpoint.

The first incident happened on Nov. 12, 2019. A Danville, Virginia woman, was caught with what looks to be a Taurus Model 85 5 Shot Ultra Lite .38 Special at the Lynchburg Regional Airport. It was loaded with five rounds. TSA officials called local police who confiscated the revolver and detained the woman. She told the police that she forgot the gun was in the bag.

The next incident happened the next day, Nov. 13, 2019, at the Pittsburgh International Airport. A West Virginia woman was stopped at the security checkpoint with a loaded S&W M&P Bodyguard .380. This was the 33rd firearm found at this airport this year. Last year they found 34.

The third incident happened Nov. 14, 2019, at Norfolk International Airport. A Virginia Beach woman was caught with a loaded .25 handgun in her carry-on bag. She was cited on state weapons charges. This was the 14th firearm this airport has found this year. Last year they found 21 firearms.

The TSA reported 4,239 firearms found in carry-on bags at security checkpoints in 2018. That’s 11.6 firearms a day! People. Stop forgetting that you have pistols in checked bags. Being a responsible gun owner includes knowing where your firearms are at all times and making sure they are secure. All of my firearms are locked up unless I am using them. So there is no chance of me forgetting a pistol in a carry-on bag. Pretty simple.

And, obviously, if you are traveling with firearms, you need to check them. I just did a video on this.

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