Armed Citizen Stops Oklahoma Walmart Shooting

Armed Citizen Stops Oklahoma Walmart Shooting

Just before 10 AM this morning, a man shot and killed a man and women in their parked vehicle. The shooting took place in a Walmart parking lot in Duncan, Oklahoma. It is reported that the woman was the shooter’s estranged wife, and the man she was with was her new boyfriend.

One witness is reported to have heard nine shots. It seems that there six or seven bullet holes in the windshield. The same witness also said that an armed citizen confronted the shooter, putting a gun to his head and demanding that he stop shooting. The shooter then turned his gun on himself, committing suicide.

I will update this page if we get any more details. But here are some things we can think about.

Say you pull into the Walmart parking lot and see a guy shooting into a windshield. What do you do? If you are in your car, do you stop and intervein like the armed citizen in this incident did? Or do you drive off because your mission is to get home safely to your family?

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