My Armed and Dangerous Wife?

My Armed and Dangerous Wife?
My Armed and Dangerous Wife?
My Armed and Dangerous Wife?
My Armed and Dangerous Wife?

I realize not everybody loves guns as much as I do, but you’ve got to have a way to defend yourself against a home invasion. Some people choose baseball bats, others choose knives, and my wife and I choose guns.

Of course, the gun is a tool of last resort, which is why we also have an alarm system that will hopefully deter criminals in the first place, and keep me from ever having to use my firearm to protect my family.

An important thing to remember with that alarm system is to actually use it (you may laugh, but I come across so many home invasion stories where people forgot to turn their alarms on) and remember to even use it when you’re at home by placing the alarm in “home mode.”

“Home mode” typically means the motion sensors are turned off so you can walk freely around the house, but all of the entry sensors are still active so if someone tries to enter the home through a door or window the alarm will go off.

In fact, a friend of mine named Dennis who lives in Texas had a home invasion while he was at home watching a movie. He forgot to put the alarm in “home mode” and he ended up getting in a shootout with the intruders because he realized way too late that somebody was in his home. Thankfully, neither he nor his wife was injured and the intruders were eventually caught.

The bottom line is, get an alarm and use it, and then have a plan for what you’re going to do when that alarm goes off.

For example, the other day I thought I was going to be gone from the house for a long time because of several meetings I had. I ended up getting home early and when I walked into my house the alarm immediately sounded because my wife had set it in home mode.

It took me only a few seconds to shut off the alarm, but by the time I did, my wife was already at the top of the stairs with her Glock 19 ready to stop an intruder. (I jokingly asked her if this is how she planned to get rid of me by making it look like an accident. Like most of my jokes, she was not amused.)

My point is, my wife and I have a very simple plan of getting our guns from our rapid access safes and going to the top of the stairs. We’ll make sure the intruder knows we have a gun and that we want him to leave our house. But if the intruder is so strung out on drugs or alcohol and ends up running up our stairs to attack us, we will obviously defend ourselves.

I’m happy to know that because my wife and I have a plan she didn’t have to freak out and wonder what she should do the other day when I set the alarm off. She knew exactly what to do and was in place in just a few seconds.

Even if you’ve got your home defense plan down cold, does your spouse also know exactly what to do? Maybe over dinner tonight you could have a short discussion of what everyone should do if your alarm ever goes off.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Paul Raynols

Jason, great column. One question; is the picture of the women hoding a gun your wife? If so, I respectfully submit that her grip needs some work. She appears to be using the “teacup” grip which really isn’t very the best way to grip a handgun as you know.


Might appear to somewhat resemble a teacup, but I’d say it’s not. The thumb is up top side, not under the gun. I have more of an issue with the finger inside the trigger guard, pointing the gun at the camera. Hopefully the gun was unloaded and the camera was on a tripod with no one actually facing the barrel.


I’m not concerned about the grip. I’m wondering what kind of howitzer of a pistol that is.


One more comment about the picture accompanying this article. It’s just me and a few traditionalists left I know, but please, no pictures of people pointing guns at the camera/reader. Not good.


I totally agree … I couldn’t scroll down the page quick enough


A timeless and informative article, and the only responses I see are “pick pick pick” about nothing REALLY important. It’s a PICTURE, and the camera is probably on a tripod with remote shutter release. SO FREAKING WHAT! TRUST me, I’d rather see THIS than another real and loaded muzzle inches away from my face. Do you feel the same way about “Blue Guns”? Yes I recommend the person holding the gun NOT have a finger on the trigger, but to pick apart a picture and not commend Jason for a good and timeless article? Come on guys, get over yourself. Better yet, how about YOU find a pic and write an article and let us see how well you do.


I know I had better yell, I’m home Annie Oakley, when I come
in unexpectedly. In addition, my wife knows the best place to strategically defend
her position and that is not standing at the top of the staircase. We
both know where there is solid cover and we know to take our cell phones because
if the alarm is going off, the alarm company is about to call. She knows to retreat
if possible, if not, get behind solid cover and call 911 and to keep her finger
off the bang switch until she is ready to shoot.


Jason . . . why would you write an article PUBLICLY telling the world exactly where members of your home will be positioned in the event of a break-in? You’ve just given away one of the main tactical advantages you and your wife “used” to have. NEVER, EVER publicly broadcast the layout of your home, the fact that you have an alarm system (and it’s various modes) or exactly where in that home the bad guys can find your family. Jason with the credentials you have I would have thought you would know better.

Mark Cline

Pretty sure that’s a stock photo and not a real gun. Look closely at the blow up and you can see mold marks on the barrel and top of the slide. Also, the front sight is about to fall off.

Rick Kearney

I kind of get a kick out of knowing that my wife has a Concealed Weapons Permit. She carries a Walther P22 and has practiced with it quite a bit. Not only is she quite accurate, but she is also ambidextrous with it! I take it as a point of pride that she had never touched a handgun before we started dating and she now gets approving looks from veteran employees at the local pistol range. And yes, I know, .22 is not the most respected caliber in the world. I don’t care. She CARRIES her pistol everywhere! She is also VERY comfortable with the pistol and has practiced A LOT!! I defy anyone to pick up a .44 magnum with which they are unfamiliar and fire more than three rounds without flinching on round number four. My wife can put ten rounds in the center of any target at 5-7 yards reliably, She has practiced to the point of developing muscle memory and I have every bit of confidence in her abilities. Carry On Ladies!!!!


Interesting fact about how many formerly vertical humans are now under the dirt from the little .22 caliber. Brief acquaintances included. LEO accounts are numerous, including one LEO TI (off duty) that placed one tiny Short ‘pill’, where it pressed the correct ‘off’ switch, on a knife wielding attacker that laughed (briefly), as he saw the Buckle gun that it popped out of.

Local liquor store wealth ‘redistribution’ by 2 well armed individuals (with Big guns), was also reversed by a single micro pill into the sternum, where it sent pieces of bone into the aorta, dropping one ‘raging bull’ immediately. Definitely discouraged the 2nd Career Repeat Offender (felons having weapons?;>) that ran, after witnessing the tiny American revolver’s devastation in the steady hand of a customer, bringing a halt to their planned festivities.

No accounting for the massive numbers of Deer over the years. Deer that Fed families that were far too poor to afford anything more than the relatively quiet .22 caliber… single shot.


I like your article Rick! Most of us rely on sheer stopping / shocking power of the larger calibers to bring down an attacker . . . and before anybody flames me back insisting that this is preferable . . . I tend to agree myself so don’t go preaching to the choir. However, if your spouse can reliably put a couple of CCI Stingers precisely in an attackers brain or heart at 15 to 20 feet away then she is definitely a dangerous force and I can see why she proudly has the confidence that she has and the respect of others at her local range.

There is definitely something to be said for the little .22 that is with you CONSTANTLY and that you are so precise with in use. The BEST caliber is the one you can manage to have with you round the clock! Concealment issues far too often cause many of us to leave our weapons behind and it’s THEN when the red flag will suddenly go up. Your wife is armed at all times and there’s a lot to be said for that . . . well done!


Rick, great pic and article. I commend you for the time you took/take to make sure that your wife can defend herself and her family. I love shooting myself and am teaching my 17 yr old daughter to shoot and be comfortable around firearms and firearm safety. I also find your articles very informative and enjoyable. I value your opinion on the topics that you write about and feel that when I read them I do walk away with useful information and a neutral opinion. I like the fact that you don’t think your opinions are the only right ones.


Oh….and also a .22 Cal pointed in your direction is nothing to snicker at…I know I wouldn’t hang around long enough to even identify the caliber. All I would see is a gun barrel. I believe in most situations that and an “I mean business” stance and attitude will be enough to defuse certain situations.

OD Clark

This is a great article and most importantly – people living together must have a plan and discuss any possible scenario from home invasion to a sudden fire alarm or smoke filled house. Good job Mr. Hanson reiterating one must have a plan for all situations.