Burglar Shoots Dog, And That’s When The Owner Returns Home

Burglar Shoots Dog, And That’s When The Owner Returns Home

Burglar Shoots Dog, And That’s When The Owner Returns Home

The moment Ron Sheffield and his wife arrived back at their house last Friday night, they immediately knew something was wrong.

“When I pulled in the driveway and saw the side door open and the storm door closed, that shouldn’t (have) been that way,” Sheffield said.

That’s because Mark Jones, 29, had broken into their Brandenburg, Ky. home and was helping himself to their possessions. The couple’s security camera caught everything on video.

In the footage, Jones wanders the house with a trash bag and a pellet gun, and when the family dog, Shadow, won’t stop barking, Jones shoots him.

Shadow whimpers, but continues to bark and follow Jones as he steals several antique pistols, a knife, and a crossbow. Jones then throws a knife at the dog, and shoots him again, this time with one of the stolen pistols.

The dog lays motionless on the ground, silent but alive.

That’s when Sheffield enters his home with his gun drawn and sees Jones armed with a machete in hand.

“He hesitated for a second, and I said, ‘Go down, or you’re dead.’ And he said, ‘Alright, alright, alright,’” Sheffield said.

Sheffield then held Jones at gunpoint while he called 911 and waited until police arrive.

Jones was charged with burglary, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and animal cruelty, and police also found more stolen property on Jones from another location in a trailer he had also stolen. The trailer was attached to his vehicle.

“Your security is all gone and you just don’t feel secure in your own house,” Sheffield said.

But, as if the break in wasn’t bad enough, five days later the Sheffield’s received another blow.

“I was shocked when I called police and they said (Jones) was released on a bond for $1,000,” Sheffield said.

He’ll be back in court July 20.

The good news is that the dog, Shadow, is expected to be okay, and another criminal was stopped by an armed citizen.

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Mike Doran is a writer and political junkie. He is a lifelong hunter and outdoor enthusiast who braves the south Georgia heat every day. You can follow Mike on Twitter at twitter.com/wmdoran.
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Opus 0321

Shoot MY dog in MY house…….that’ll be your last day on GOD’s green earth!!!!!!

Joseph Waters

He would have been with in his rights to shoot the intruder. He was holding a weapon and his life was in danger. The intruder already showed intent when he shot the dog. He would have been dead in my house and would not have been out on bond.

Cooleemee Edd

I think I would have shot him when I saw him with the machete. Having your dog shot is surely a defense to add to the list. He’s armed, in your house and has shot, maybe killed the dog, who is essentially a member of your family, even if not a human being.

Mabel bingham

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I agree emotionally with what you said. The sad fact is that animals in the eyes of the law are property. Use of deadly force is only legal in defense of human life and not property. Make sure you know your laws. Also, as a law abiding citizen don’t allow yourself to become a vigilante. The home owner did the right thing in ordering the thug down and holding him at gunpoint.


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Sheena K

But in killing the dog the intruder shows his intent and willingness to do great bodily harm to the owner and family.
I my opinion anyway. And I believe in most states, the ‘state of mind and belief of probable harm or possible death weighs heavy.


No, it shows a coward.
He obeyed the home owners commands.
It’s your call. Remember, right or wrong decision, you as the law abiding shooter will be held to a higher standard of accountability.
Do yourself a favor and look into “Law Shield” and the NRA course “Personnel Protection in The Home.
You cannot see “intent”.


And retain a 2A specialist law firm in advance.


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He had a machete and stolen guns and turned to the homeowner with the weapon in hand. An open and shut case of self defense.


No one would have said a word if the homeowner shot AND killed him. Now this dirt bag will probably hit another home or two or three before someone finally kills him. I know I would not have hesitated especially since this ARMED scum shot my dog!!!

Sheena K

Let’s hope the next homeowner shoots his ass.


That’s about 25 inches too low.


Another success story for the Liberal run criminal injustice system. Rob, harm, so whatever you want, and the Liberals will ensure you’re out of jail in a few days so you can do it all again.