CCW Breakaways Pants Review

CCW Breakaways
CCW Breakaways - They look like normal pants. Which is what you want.

Concealed carry is more popular than ever with well over seven million people licensed in the US, not even counting those in states that do not require a license to do so.  The vast majority of these folks carry full time in holster–the selection of which is endless.  Leather, kydex?  What kind of cant?  Is it tuckable?  Each year the market grows with more and more options.

But what if you could carry every day, concealed, safely, and not use a holster?

Enter ‘CCW Breakways’, the brainchild of Jay French.  Jay personally designs, sells and markets a line of pants and shorts, both khaki and denim, with an integrated handgun holster in the front pockets.  Demand has been so great he recently had to open a dedicated production facility to keep up.

I was a little skeptical at first because I had seen loosely similar concepts that I thought were poorly executed.  Plus I have never been a fan of traditional pocket carry.  Jay offered to send me a few pairs to sport for a while and see what I thought.  It was clear he had great faith in his product so I decided to give it a go.

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?  Well, that’s a question no one will ask with these.

I’ve tried some of the “tuckable” holsters on the market and while some worked decently, I felt that they printed to a degree I was not comfortable with.  Some had clips or tabs displayed on the belt which drops some clues about what is under there.  I do feel comfortable saying that this is the only handgun retention system I would use with a tucked-in shirt.

The key and critical difference between these pants and traditional pocket carry is that each pocket has two ingenious and totally hidden snaps under your belt on your waistline.  If you want to draw the gun, you can fully grip it, and as you pull your hand out, just the right amount of pressure away from the waistline will pop the snaps and allow you to draw the gun with a ‘full gun grip’.  You would be ready to fire the moment the [fully sized] gun is retrieved without having to adjust your handle on it.  Using just one hand.  A free hand could buy you precious seconds against a physical attack.

One of my first concerns was how much force the snaps needed to unsnap.  Would my gun fall out or would it take a little too much force to pop them?  I found the force necessary was perfect.  The way the gun sits is quite secure and it’s not coming out of there unless you want it to.

There’s nothing more casual than putting your hands in your pockets.  If you’re in a situation you think is escalating, you can have a ready-to-draw handgun without displaying it and if the situation calms down, you’re out nothing.

Another handy benefit is how easy it is to draw sitting down.  If you are at eating at a booth in a restaurant, pulling a gun from under your shirt can be problematic especially if there’s not a lot of room to move around.  This system allows total access, at a faster speed, to your gun than any other system I can think of, perhaps even better than open carry. Generally, a draw from the outer leg is more natural than a draw from the hip.  This is reinforced by the increasing popularity of ‘drop leg’ style holsters in the military and recently law enforcement.

Now that we’ve gotten the tacticool stuff out of the way these are pants after all.  It doesn’t matter how great they work if they aren’t comfortable.  They are made of 100% cotton, are machine washable and feel great.  You can choose from four styles and colors, all of which I would consider being totally appropriate for business casual wear.

The two styles I received were business casual khaki and business black.  Since my home state of Florida is pretty darn hot, I usually opt for lighter colored clothing, so most of my testing took place wearing the khaki.  It was a really strange sensation not carrying IWB, but still having my gun with me.  I did a lot of trots walking up to my hallway mirror, twisting in front of it, and so forth to see how much printing the pants might do.  I was pleasantly surprised.  There’s virtually zero printing on the khaki color and with the black, it’s impossible to see anything at all.  I could have hand grenades in there and nobody would know.

The only trade-off is that the pants are just slightly “poofier” below the front waistline0 which really is a fair trade, especially for the extra mobility you have when doing stuff like squatting, bending over, etc.

Can you tell which pocket the Glock 27 is in?
CCW Breakaways
CCW Breakaways

In my review package, I also received some bonus “MagSocks”.


I mean it when I say it that I really think these are awesome.  While they are designed for use with the breakaway pants they can be used unto themselves.  The socks are constructed from spandex which securely holds the magazine and covered in Velcro on one side.  They are designed to hold a magazine securely, specifically on the interior of the pocket opposite the one holding the gun.  Handily, due to the way they are built, you can fit other items in them such as pepper spray, money, anything really, and since they’re covered in Velcro you can stick them anywhere.  This opens up a lot of possibilities like putting one inside your sock or attached to the outside of your sock concealed by a pant leg.  I’m even using one stuck to the side of the seat of my car to hold a spare magazine.  How’s that for convenient?

I like the pants.  I think it’s a solid product that’s functional, comfortable, and made to last.  When we talk about “tuckability” there’s simply nothing that can compare.  You could walk into any business setting wearing them and no one would bat an eye which is really the whole point.

Who says you can’t look good and carry at the same time?

Check out CCW Breakaways today.

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Looks like a nice product. Seems a little pricey but I guess they are the same as a good pair of Polo Chinos. Not sure at this price if these would replace the pants and shorts I use now (with ample pocket space) with a DeSantis Nemesis holster. I do think pocket carry works fantastically for all the reasons stated above.


Well made in the USA certainly doesn’t come cheap. But I’ll pony for my fellow americans and a great product!


ill have to buy a pair and see

Torrey Sheafe

I’m not sure if the pleats’ poofiness would be all that manly in a business setting. However, it’d be great to go to work with a tucked in polo shirt for a change.


If your hips are not wide to begin it’s not to bad.


I bought the shorts and liked them when I first put them on. However, the rear pockets are so shallow that you cannot button the pocket closed even with a very small, thin bifold wallet in place. Also, you can adjust the front pocket depths. Once again, when actually wearing them out in public, the first setting allows a very deep pocket – fine for my full sized 1911 but my pocket carry S&W 357 gets lost. Resetting the pocket to its less deep setting (done with clever Velcro tabs) and the pocket hides the revolver OK but the geometry is such that when sitting, I found the pocket contents slide out onto the seat or bench. Good product though all-in-all. Could use refinement.


You can sew (or use safety pins) to reshape the pocket so guns carried higher don’t spill out the side. I, personally, like the ability of the gun to spill out the side so I can draw even without popping the snaps. But how to prevent the gun from sliding outward prematurely? I solved that by pinning a strong magnet high and inside to snag the gun by its rear sight. To draw I just pull the gun away from the magnet and it comes out easy.


does anyone know the website to the product?




Looks like a great product I’ll have to buy one.

Paul L Hardy

I keep my smaller gun in a pocket holster in one of my front pockets.  This time of year with cargo shorts it works fine and then I have a tuckable IWB for my big gun on the other side.  I like the idea of these but they don’t make them big enough.


I like the idea……HOWEVER I don’t like the trigger being exposed while it is in your pocket. I’m sure everyone remembers the restaurant lobby shooting incident. This just seems to create a situation where you would be likely to “play with your weapon” while it is in your pocket.


The company recommends use of products such as Glock Saf-T-Blok or similar products, and even shows you how to make them. A manual safety ins another option. I bought the pants so I could pocket-carry my HK P7 squeeze cocker — the design is _ideal_ for that gun. (It takes 15 pounds of force, initially, to squeeze the front-strap cocking bar, and until that is done the trigger is completely disconnected and inert.)


Can you carry in either – left or right – pocket?