Chicago’s Anti-Gun Outgoing Mayor Wants Armed Bodyguards

Chicago's Anti-Gun Outgoing Mayor Wants Armed Bodyguards
Chicago's Anti-Gun Outgoing Mayor Wants Armed Bodyguards

Bodyguard brouhaha?

Sneed has learned Mayor Daley is requesting a retinue of at least three — around the clock — Chicago Police bodyguards from his mayoral security detail to accompany him into the private sector!

Sneed also hears whispers Mayor Daley, who retires May 16, wants two vehicles at his disposal; one for himself — and one for his wife, Maggie.

Read more at the Chicago Sun Time


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Frakking limousine liberal; let him live like the regular citizens, under the same circumstances and disadvantages he foisted on the populace.


i agree with jesse …..tell Daley to get a REAL JOBS.. besides being a greedy little sh$t


Arrogance to the 10th degree. Let him eat cake!