Female Concealed Carrier Fires Shots at Fleeing Home Depot Shoplifter

Concealed Carrier Fires Shots at Fleeing Home Depot Shoplifter

Concealed Carrier Fires Shots at Fleeing Home Depot ShoplifterAccording to a few news reports, around 2PM today in Auburn Hills, MI, Home Depot security guards were chasing a shoplifting suspect that hopped into a dark SUV that was waiting for them.

That’s when a 48 year old female concealed carrier started firing at the fleeing vehicle possibly hitting one if their tires.

The suspects haven’t been located and it is undetermined if the CPL holder will face charges but she is currently cooperating with police.

In all of the concealed carry classes I’ve taken, it was stressed that you should not fire at someone fleeing the scene unless they were in the process of committing another crime. Another was to know where your bullet is going to end up. We don’t know the exact circumstances of this situation but it seems that if her life was not threatened, maybe she should have thought twice about opening fire on the fleeing vehicle.

So let’s here from you. If you were in the parking lot and saw store security chasing someone out of the store and hopped into a car. Would you open fire or just keep to yourself?

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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Franco Eldorado

That was stupid. Sentence her to a week of training


Absolutely not, not only not but not ever. What if my grand daughter was behind that vehicle. What if an incident child was in that vehicle. There is a ton of what if’s with this one. Sorry but she should be charged if her life or someone else’s was not in danger. This gives the rest of us responsible concealed carry people a bad rap.

Jim Guess

no no no no one was in danger. let the cops handle it….dumb dumb dumb and irresponsible


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Thomas Patterson

Only if her or someone else was in danger of great bodily harm or death, there is no way to know who else may have been in the vehicle. What could they have stolen from Home Depot that is worth the life long trauma of shooting another person.


Also, what could they have stolen from Home Depot that is worth the trauma of being shot?


If they are running away they are not a threat. No, keep it holstered.

Melvin Gillham

In her particular situation, there are a lot of unquantified factors, considering he information given I would say holster that puppy. If they are a continuing threat to lives ( using their vehicle as a weapon) to hurt anyone or perse dragging someone etc. time to go to work. And always be aware of what is beyond your target. Bystanders etc. licensed cow or open carry. We are not law enforcement, nor should we think we are, we have a sense of duty to ourselves, loved ones and our fellow man, but that duty can only be enforced in life threatening situations, great bodily harm etc., in today’s world we cannot afford to assume anything. Assumptions can get you dead and as quickly land you in court with murder charges or civil lability suits. It is pretty much a guarantee that when you have to fire your weapon you will see the inside of a jail cell at least temporarily, righteous or not. Until the details are sorted out. Have a lawyer picked out and like in my case I have insured myself with the USCCA they are worth every penny, with all the materials, information, and training etc. It’s a golden egg for me. Y’all ck it out if you like. Or not if you’ve already got your plan worked out. They have a YouTube forum great information sorry folks I just thoroughly enjoy them. Good luck and straight shooting!


Correct on all accounts other than a sense of duty to our fellow man. that is NOT why I carry. I am not law enforcement. I protect me and my loved ones. And I certainly don’t shoot shoplifters.

Melvin Gillham

Understood and agreed, first and foremost is our family and loved ones,and ourselves. But I would not hesitate to save an individual facing life or death situations, there are absolute qualifiers in that respect. May I say thank you sir for your service, and welcome home.


Unless they are assaulting me with the stolen crowbar. 🙂


I didn’t think shoplifting constituted use of deadly force. Also, Luke McCoy, hear not here. Stop using your spell checker and proof read.


Hear, hear! (an acclamation also often misspelled). Congratulations on a righteous shooting by the grammar police! 🙂


Shouldn’t have shot at them! I’ve been a concealed weapons license holder in Florida since 1987 and would NEVER think of shooting at a fleeing shoplifter. She will probably be charged. The key word here is FLEEING! Some people shouldn’t have a gun license!

Some Rabbit

But it’s ok for the police to hose down a fleeing criminal with lead and risk by-standers?

Frank Vozenilek

No it’s not. What fantasy world do you live in?

Cops’ rules of engagement for using deadly force – and the three legal requirements to shoot a fleeing suspect in the back – are EXACTLY the same as a civilians. IT IS LEGAL of certain requirements exist. That’s why the cop in North Carolina was arrested and charged with murder for doing it.


Rules of engagement are the same with one exception. Cops have a duty to pursue and apprehend criminals that pose a serious threat to the public. Civilians do not. So, the presumption is that a cop is justified in shooting a fleeing criminal who is armed and demonstrably dangerous and poses an immediate threat if allowed to escape. But not someone who simply runs away or who drives away from a traffic stop.

Frank Vozenilek

Yes I understand you were being sarcastic. But it fishy work of you mock meds up bullshit. Implying that cops do this for no reason, and get away with it, routinely, reveals how uneducated and inexperienced you are on the subject matter. Bitch about reality not hate filled bullshit soon fed to you by asshats that want to intentionally manipulate you with your emotions. It makes you a patsy.


No. And that is why they don’t do it unless the criminal is endangering said bystanders or an imminent threat to hurt someone if they get away–i.e.; armed and dangerous. But it’s right sociable of you to expose your narrow-minded prejudices.


Yes. They are given much wider latitude in doing their jobs.

Frank Vozenilek

I’m guessing she gets charged with a crime. She needs to be.

This is why, even though it’s a constitutional RIGHT, it should require some minimal training to carry in public.


Michigan has some pretty lengthy carry classes. I’m shocked that she forgot her training.


Yup. She should go to jail. At least lose her cpl for good.


After watching the local news when i was in town and talking with some locals I’m the area with first hand knowledge of this situation, this person just needs to go to jail. Period.


Very irresponsible. Educate yourself people.


That was wrong for so many reasons. What wasn’t present were *any* of the reasons it is reasonable for a private citizen (or LEO for that matter) to draw a weapon. I wonder if she got arrested for any of the laws she may have violated?


Stupid is as stupid does.


She will have her permit taken away..and maybe sued by bystanders. WRONG action. This is the flaw in any system. Some people are just idiots.


This is terrible, this license violated the law. We are not policemen and women. Was this woman sleeping in class?

Maria Cantwell

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Take away the permit, NOW..

No fucking brain in that woman’s head..


A big no, not even if one has never taken a concealed carry class. Items were most likely stolen but that’s it. Unless you see the robbers shoot someone else, and/or you fear for your own life, it’s a robbery issue and you cannot in good faith fire on them.

Several years ago (1990) a man was walking into a Dallas mall and he sees a man shoot and kill a woman (turned out it was an estranged girlfriend). After shooting her he walks up to her and shoots her again, this time in the head and then he walks back to his car. The concealed carry person sees this and orders the man to stop but instead he gets in his car and starts to leave at which point the concealed carry person shoots at the car. They find the man dead in his car a short distance away. The idiot DA brings charges and the jury basically says we don’t have the right guilty party here and aquits him. In that case, the man feared for his own life as the murderer walked right by him with a loaded gun he had just used to kill his girlfriend, and even then they try to fry him. Good thing the grand jury got it right.

Point is unless you fear for your life, don’t use a gun…………… Seeing robber run from a store doesn’t qualify…..


“Would you open fire or just keep to yourself?”

My answer is neither. At this point, the best thing for any civilian, armed or unarmed, to do is to document everything you see. If you are able to make a quick draw of your cell phone and start recording video of the getaway vehicle, you should do so without getting in the way of the vehicle (yes, I can see some yahoo idiot jumping in front of the fleeing vehicle to get better video). And, another thing you should not do is try to use your vehicle to block the fleeing vehicle. I mention this because I have read stories of people doing just that, and in one case, the person was successfully charged with intentionally causing an accident and driving to endanger.