Concealed Carry Resources

Concealed Carry Maps

The USA Carry Concealed Carry Maps will show you in which state(s) you can carry and which ones you can’t. You can select multiple permits if you have more than one to get an overall look at all the states in which you can carry. You can also view the permits that each state accepts.

Concealed Carry Info by State

We list the concealed carry permit information as well as other firearm related information broken down by each state. Simple click on the state you would like to learn more info about.

Firearm Events By State

The USA Carry Calendar shows user-submitted events broken down by each state. You can find firearm training classes as well as other firearm related events in your state.

Permit Reminder

Never let your concealed carry permit, firearm permit, driver’s license or anything else expire. Simply enter the details of your permits or license and we will send you reminder emails when it gets close to the expiration date.

Concealed Carry Forums

With over 50,000 members, the USA Carry Forums are very active. Topics include concealed carry, open carry, general firearms as well as other subject specific forums like handguns, reloading and State forums.

Concealed Carry Articles

USA Carry published articles by firearm instructors and gun enthusiasts. Topics include concealed carry, gear reviews, general firearm, open carry, self defense, survival and training related articles. To submit an article, click here.

Firearm Directory

In the USA Carry Firearm Directory, you can find firearm instructors, gun ranges, gun stores, gun clubs, gunsmiths and more. You can also search your location to find listings nearest you.

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