4G Tactical Firearms Training

4G Tactical Firearms Training
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Affordable reality based firearms training. Providing Basic and Advanced class for individuals and Law Enforcement and Security officer training.

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 Tactical Pistol Class, 11-22-2012 02:58PM

By: captainpalace

Date of Class: 7/21/2012
By far, the most informative and entertaining class I have ever taken.
Paul attends to each students individual needs and works to strengthen your weak points.
We had an absolute novice join the class, who was not aware what the class entailed. That student was welcomed into the class, and encouraged to learn as much as possible, extra time was taken with that student, and a discount was offered for that student to come back and follow up with a more basic class, so that more of the fundamentals could be covered.
Paul cares about his students, and maintains a friendship/camaraderie with me to this day.
Give him a call and see what the personal touch is like.
I've been to "Name" schools before, and I was just a number/paycheck to those places.
4G Tactical is my choice!!!