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 CCW Renewal, 03-23-2018 04:50PM

By: gtreds89014

To whom it may concern:
I was referred to Captain Mike last week from an old colleague for my CCW renewal certification. In addition found Captain Mike to be an honest, by the book individual and extremely informative. Captain Mike far surpassed my expectations a “Certified Instructor”. His informal class made all there feel very comfortable with his presentation and did not have anyone attending feel uneasy for asking some of the most far fetching questions that they experienced in a what to do life and death situation. I do highly recommend Captain Mike to anyone experienced or a novice getting acquainted in handling firearms.
Kind regards,

 Captain Mike Potter, 02-18-2018 06:59PM

By: Monty Fitzpatrick

Enjoyed Captain Mike’s CCW class, small and intimate,and with all the information and laws you need plus, one on one time to ask a lot of questions and get a lot of answers. Experienced and knowledgeable, all together less stressful than the larger classes. Thanks! I’ll be back to see him in five years :-) Mf

 Action CCW Training 702465 2200, 01-29-2018 01:45AM

By: gkhendrix

I really enjoyed the videos and articles Captain Mike Potter sent before class. Catching the free renewal for Jan/Feb was awesome! Because of his background in competitive shooting, as a lawyer, and being closely connected with law enforcement he successfully answered a huge variety of questions for me. I recommend his renewal class.