Allen Polkowski

Allen Polkowski
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Certified CCW/CPL training since 1995. Academy Trainer's credentials: All NRA Certified instructors; SiGARMS Certified Instructor, DTI Certified Instructor, Range Masters , NRA Range Safety Officers, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Training Counselor and RTBAV Instructors, AWSDA Rape Prevention Instructors; an attorney and a police reserve officer. Private/Group/Advanced instruction: training available for all skill levels, beginner thru advanced. CPL review of Training upon request.

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 Anti in patriots clothing, 06-02-2017 10:15AM

By: Divegeek

This guy is only in it for the money. He actually testified before a government committee in Lansing that he believes that Michigan residents should have to take a class and re-qualify EVERY YEAR to renew their carry permits.