Allied Gun Academy

Allied Gun Academy
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We don’t just teach shooting skills, we teach you to be prepared. Our instructors are available to support your training and safety goals. With our Steps 2 and 3 Home and Personal Safety courses, Allied trains you first and foremost to avoid dangerous situations and the potential for violent encounters, because the best defense is always avoidance.Unfortunately, situations may still arise that force us to defend ourselves, and state and federal laws allow us the right for self protection. You should be prepared and ready should the need for self defense ever arise.Many people make the mistake of thinking that owning a gun automatically makes them safer. This is simply not true. If you don’t have the proper training and experience, there is a good chance that your gun can be taken and used against you. Our training gives you knowledge of guns and makes you comfortable around them. Our goal is to make shooting second-nature for you, so if the need arises to use your gun, instincts will take over.With our more advanced lessons, you will learn how and when to use a gun, as well as techniques to ensure you don’t “freeze up” at the wrong moment. Half the battle is knowing how to use you weapon properly, and then having the practice so that your actions become instinctual and automatic. We hope you never need to use a firearm for anything other than range shooting. But if you ever need to use a firearm for protection, we will make certain you are very well prepared.

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