American Academy of Protective Training TFF-1364

American Academy of Protective Training TFF-1364
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We at the American Academy of Protective Training believe in the honest citizen's right to own and bare arms. We also believe it is the duty of all honest citizens to protect themselves and their loved ones from the predatory criminals that walk the streets of America. An increased number of states are now allowing honest citizens to carry a weapon concealed for protection. The courses we offer are designed to prepare the responsible, adult gun owner to handle their weapons in a safe and effect

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 A vast improvement in my shooting skills. Thanks to Richard Moreno and AAPT, 12-09-2014 01:53AM

By: MikeGunner

Wow! I am really impressed with you guys at AAPT! I have been trying to improve my shooting for a long time now, and with you guys at AAPT I can definitely see a vast improvement.

Thank you!