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 ARVGC, 06-20-2015 12:48PM

By: woodycracker

Actually a pretty nice place to shoot, it's the people that run the place that are unfair. For some reason I was unable to start a family plan just like everyone else. Wanted 100$ from me and 120$ from my father to start one. We live in the same house. The lady trying to get the money from us also had the audacity to make fun of me for living with him and said "I made my kids move out when they turned 18, they could afford it". He is a towboat captain and gone half the year so I take care of the place. Made me feel an inch tall. I would not recommend this range to anyone just because of the attitudes of the three people that were there signing folks up the day we went. I wish I had gotten there names, honestly. All I can say is a young man in his mid twenties probably, and older gentleman, and an older lady. None of which were pleasant. I know several families that were able to start there plans under the same conditions we had but for some reason we were unable to, and I was made fun of. Very disrespectful.