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Armed Personal Defense Institute
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Armed Personal Defense is committed to provide the highest quality AZ CCW Permit Training and Defensive Firearms Training in Arizona. You can pay more for other AZ CCW classes, but you cannot get better training. Over 40% of our AZ CCW students return for advanced training with us after getting their AZ CCW Permit.

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 It doesn't get any better than APDI, 09-16-2012 01:51PM

By: _Gladiator_

Doug Little could very well be the best firearms instructor in Arizona. He is a top notch shooter and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of firearms and Arizona law. He displays courtesy and patience with new shooters and gives them the extra time they need to learn the material. His presentations are interesting and informative and doesn't just stand up in the front of the room and lecture. He always conducts himself in a professional and civil manner.