Badge 553 LLC

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I educate responsible American citizens to exercise their second amendment rights and to use firearms safely and responsibly. I provide these responsible citizens the groundwork to protect themselves and their loved ones by leveling the playing field so armed thugs don't see you and your family as easy victims.I don't care if you have never held a firearm before or how scared you might be at the thought of armed defense; my classes will put that behind you and start to build that confidence you need. It's a dangerous world and the alternative to just do nothing is no longer an option. It's about taking a small bit of responsibility to becoming your family's first responder.When seconds count, the police are just minutes away. Only 3% of the time do Police arrive to a violent attack or threat while it is occurring. The other 97% of the time, the attack has already occurred and they arrive on the scene to identify the victims.Do you want to be identified or do you want to live?

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