Bill's Concealed Carry Classes

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Illinois Concealed Carry classes. I do them at times to suit your needs. Can do them through the week, or during the weekends. 16 Hour class is $150.00, 8 Hour class is $75.00. Can also do Ladies only classes for those ladies not wanting to be intimidated by guys, Can do individual classes for an additional charge. So if you or a friend are interested, contact me to set a date. Also need to note that you are required to have a current F.O.I.D.card and a valid drivers license.There is also a range fee charged by whichever range we use. Finally, the I.S.P. charges $150.00 to apply for your license. That is not included in the original $150.0

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  • 808 w. main cross
    Illinois 62568-2164
    United States
  • Phone: (217) 820-5574
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