BluCore Shooting Center

BluCore Shooting Center
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The BluCore Shooting Center is owned and operated by former Navy SEALs. Our 'Shooting Center' is much more than a Gun Range, Gun Shopor a place to get Firearms Training....It’s all of the one facility. No other 'gun range', 'gun shop' or 'firearms training center' around can match our collective & relevant combat firearms experience! We employ a variety of range, retail and training personnel from military, SPEC-OPS, Law Enforcement and Competitive Shooting backgrounds.

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 Fantastic Range and Instructors, 06-13-2014 10:45AM

By: High Plains Patriot

I have taken several classes at BluCore and have fired thousands of rounds at their range. This is my favorite gun range in the Denver metro area.
The range has the best ventilation I've ever seen, and they have a pistol range, as well as a 100 yard indoor rifle range.
The rangemasters are strict about safety, but not over the top like some others who seem to miss being drill sergeants!
I absolutely love this range and would recommend it to anyone. I personally drive 45 minutes just to get there, passing 3 other ranges on my way.