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Bob’s Gun Shop
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Bob’s Gun Shop has been serving Norfolk and the Southeastern Virginia area since 1945. Offering attentive service, unequaled selection, and great deals on the most popular products available to the shooting, hunting and target community. Our six-position, 11-yard climate-controlled shooting range offers a convenient practice location for handguns, .22 rifles, and airguns.

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 Review, 04-14-2011 06:09PM

By: snatale42

I've been to Bobs 7 or 8 times now, Had to wait to shoot almost every time. They only have 6 or 8 lanes. Range is clean and very well lighted. There targets go downrange on a cable system not a rigid arm so every time you shoot your target you hear a "boingggggg" coming up the line it's kind of anoying. I shot my own ammo so I don't know how there pricing is. I did see a couple guns on the wall but wouldn't really call it a "selection" of rental guns. But I would go there again if I was still working in the Norfolk area. Also talked to some of the sales guys on the 1st floor, There guns prices are good and their very friendly and helpful. I would take the trip to Norfolk from Richmond if I wanted to buy a gun at "show" price if their was no show in town.