(BOSS-T) LLC, Blue Osprey Security Solutions - Training

(BOSS-T) LLC, Blue Osprey Security Solutions - Training
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(BOSS-T) LLC offers a convenient and complete Concealed Carry course meeting all training requirements necessary to receive a license from the State of Missouri every FIRST and THIRD Saturday of each month for $60.00. Bolivar Mo.

Our CCW class package includes the following:

  • Training by a DPS and NRA certified instructor
  • Qualification on our private range.
  • Application Preparation Assistance
  • Handgun and ammunition provided. (.22LR) for use during range qualification.
  • Safety glasses, and hearing protection for use during range qualification

Subjects Covered:
  • Concealed carry law
  • Where you can carry and where you cannot (Restrictions)
  • When you can use force or deadly force (Justification)
  • Legal implications of use of force or deadly force 
  • Missouri weapons laws
  • Nonviolent dispute resolution
  • Firearms safety, storage and fundamentals of marksmanship.

If you have further questions, please call at: 816-686-6168 or email me [email protected] or www.blueospreydefense.com 

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