Pennsylvania, USA Pennsylvania Firearm Instructors

Pennsylvania Firearm Instructors



430 Fairgreen Avenue
New Castle, Pennsylvania 16105
United States

NRA Certified Instructor: Basic Pistol; Chief Range Safety Officer; Refuse to be a Victim
USCCA Certified Instructor: Defensive Pistol and Home ...

A Qualified Firearms Instructor

232 Runaway Road
Pennsylvania 17301
United States

Experienced firearms instructor, chief range safety officer

Andrew Stowell

United States

Bruce Eimer

United States

Buchanan Gunsmithing & Custom Firearms LLC

Milford, Pa.
Pennsylvania 18337
United States

Gunsmith certified by Glock, Smith & Wesson, Colt. Specialty in 1911 firearms. Builds custom firearms to client specifications.

Byron Gurnee

United States

Carlisle Gun Works

828 Hamilton St
Carlisle, PA
Pennsylvania 17013
United States

Certified gunsmith
certified law-enforcement armor
gun repairs & restoration
certified NRA firearms instructor & Range safety officer
Executive Chef...

Dan Jubinski

United States

Donald Bable

United States

DR Nurse1 Basic Firearms Course

Pennsylvania 18235
United States

NRA Certified Instructor offering a pistol, rifle and shotgun familiarization course to novice owners and their families.

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