Central Alabama Firearms Safety Instruction

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Children's firearm safety emphasizes four things:
1. Stop!
2. Don't touch!
3. Leave the area.
4. Tell an adult.
If a child comes to you to tell you about a gun, do you know what to do? Our firearm safety courses teach you exactly what to do. How to handle it, how to see if it is loaded, and how to make any firearm safe. We give you the confidence and knowledge that every adult should have.
Who are we? We are NRA certified instructors in firearm safety. We aren't ex-military or law enforcement, instead we're just like you. We are teachers and parents. We have over 60 years of firearms experience. We offer training that is non-judgemental and supportive. Our primary goal is SAFETY.
Call or email us about setting up a class that suits you.

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