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Ceven Tactical Training
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Elton Curry is the Chief Instructor for Ceven Guns Tactical Training LLC. and as such is currently NRA Certified in the following disciplines.

NRA Range Safety Officer, Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection Inside the home, Personal Protection outside the Home and is certified to teach the Refuse to be a Victim seminar. Elton Curry is also certified as an Arizona DPS Armed Guard Instructor, which authorizes him to teach the legal portion of both the NRA Courses as well as the Arizona Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Courses.


Ceven Guns is a Civilian based Firearms Training Company that was created with a very simple objective in mind. To create a stepping stone type Firearm Tactical Training program that every member of your family could take. Upon completion of each discipline, you and the members of your family would have the confidence in yourselves and one another in regards to both your knowledge, skill, and attitude as well as your ability to keep everyone safe if the need ever arose.

                                                                                                                                            Every expert in every field was once an amateur. Let Ceven Tactical Training help you to become an expert.

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