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Colonial Shooting
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Colonial Shooting Academy is the premier shooting club in Richmond, Virginia offering a friendly, safe, state of the art shooting facility for all skill levels.

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 Great range, 11-23-2012 09:44AM

By: snatale42

I've been a member since the grand opening. Very nice state of the art range, and the RSO's are also very nice, but don't turn around too quickly or you may walk into one! There a little anal with sweeping up brass, I've had to tell them a couple times to stay out of my lane. (I keep it). I'm sure there just trying to keep the place clean, but it's excessive. The front desk crew while nice, typically have zero personality, but not rude (PM crew is a lot better). The gun counter staff are very nice and helpful. I have their bottom membership level, which is basically just a range pass. It's overpriced @ $520.00/yr after app fee. But billed monthly which helps. They were also VERY ammo nosy at first but that has gotten a lot better. The biggest complaint I have is their "Safety Briefing" It's a 10 minute video which you are forced to watch before you can shoot there. Don't get it wrong, I'm 100% for safety but when I hand you my Concealed permit that shows you I've already completed a safety course. Then If I bring a friend to shoot, they have to wait for the video and then be quizzed to shoot. I typically bring buddies to the other range in the area and pay more because of this. They also ask for A LOT of information to join, SS#, They asked me If I had my concealed permit and then recorded the # off it, which is very strange. I don't need a membership, or a permit to shoot there so why take and record unneeded information? Selling to data miners? who knows.