Combat Veteran Owned and Operated Gun Store

Combat Veteran Owned and Operated Gun Store
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Brothers In Arms is a combat veteran owned and operated Federal Firearms License (FFL) Dealer of title 1 weapons and NFA/Class 3 Weapons Dealer located in Cedar Creek Tx. We strive to provide industry leading customer service and highly competitive pricing. Please visit our website and create an account (click my account in the top right corner) to see our industry leading pricing.Brothers In Arms specializes in “Black Rifles” and NFA/Class 3 weapons. We do a huge volume of suppressors and can provide you with up to date information and all regulations on owning/purchasing any of these NFA items. These items include Short Barrel Rifles, Short Barrel Shotguns, AOW, Machineguns, Explosive Devices, and Silencers. We do have a gunsmith on site that specializes in NFA related items, he can do anything from shortening and threading barrels to building integrally suppressed weapons of any caliber. He also specializes

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