Condition Red Firearms Training

Condition Red Firearms Training
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My name is Robert Auten and I am a full time employee at Kansas State University as well as a:

-Kansas Attorney General Approved Conceal Carry Handgun Instructor
-NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
-NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside AND Outside The Home Instructor 
-NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
-NRA Certified Refuse To Be a Victim Instructor
-State of Kansas Director : Students for Concealed Carry on Campus 
-Graduate of the Thunder Valley Small Arms Acadamy Defensive Handgun I course
I am continually seeking new learning venues and expanding my knowledge of firearm use and want to pass that knowledge on to my students to make them alert, capable and responsible armed citizens

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 Force on Force Course, 11-12-2013 09:11AM

By: jrkansas

Lots of practical exercises lead by a knowledgable, good-natured, friendly instructor made for a great morning! Whether you had lots of experience with a firearm / defense training or absolutely none, the course was valuable and Robert put everyone at ease. You don't have to be a marksman or an athlete to do this.

 Excellent Training Class, 10-08-2013 12:04PM

By: shnnn140

I had never handled a firearm in my life. I took this class to gain a better understanding of firearms and safety. Mr. Auten's class was very well structured and planned. He was very clear with his presentation and hands on training. I felt well informed by the end of his lecture (training material and display) and was able to apply what I had learned at the gun range. I left having a much better understanding of the various guns such as revolver, 9mm, mechanics and safety. He explained what to expect from the kick back when shooting and how to properly rest your arm if you got tired. There was just so much I learned that day. I always thought we did not need to have citizens bearing arms but after taking this class my thought is we need to have well informed responsible citizens be allowed to bear arms. Thank you Mr. Auten for such an excellent firearms training class!

 Excellent training, 09-20-2013 01:30PM

By: abbottnath

Robert at condition red firearms training is an excellent instructor for both continuing firearms training and for CCH certification. His classes are interesting and cut right to the heart of the matter, utilizing real world information and practical application to provide the best training possible. His small class sizes allow for a level of comfort, one on one instruction and dialog between students and the instructor that you just won't find in a more crowded training environment. I absolutely recommend condition red firearms training to anyone who is seeking great firearms training. I will, without a doubt continue to seek further training there and I trust the training of my family to condition red firearms training as well.