Dos Amigos Sporting Clays

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Dos Amigos Sporting Clays is the only sporting clays range near Lubbock! We offer a 12-station, 100-bird sporting clays course as well as a 25-bird 5-stand field. Our sporting clays course has 2 traps at each station, some stations as True Pair and some as Report Pair. Our 5-stand field uses 8 traps, with varying combinations of traps presented as singles, Report Pair, and True Pair. The 32 traps we use include "standard" traps and "Chondelle" traps and we throw standard-size targets and midi targets, plus we have traps that throw rabbit targets. You won't get bored with the same ol' targets every time: the changing west Texas winds mean targets are different each visit, not to mention that we regularly modify our traps' locations and behaviors.On the first weekend of each month we host a tournament that is a registered shoot with the National Sporting Clays Association. Each shoot offers four events: 1) 100-bird main event, 2) 50-bird 5-stand event, 3) 50-bird 20ga sub-gauge event, and 4) 50-bird event that rotates between 28ga sub-gauge, .410 bore sub-gauge, and pump. Lunch is provided for all main event participants.We are open to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays and welcome private parties, events, and charity shoots any day of the week.

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