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 Horrible Ammo Do NOT Purchase, 02-15-2017 01:14PM

By: Hipshot

I would give "0" stars if that was a choice. Back in Sept of 16, I found ESG Ammo on AmmoSeek, and they were advertising good prices on 40SW, and 9mm. I purchased 1000rds of each. There were "In Stock" ships quickly. Well about 6 weeks later I had to plead to get my ammo. The 40 came first. Took them to the range and they must of used the cheapest powder avail. Talking about SMOKE, and a light load.. Though they did chamber and fire. I have to complain weeks later to get the 9mm which came and it wasn't anywhere near 1000 rds. Back to the range... Holy crap, most wouldn't chamber, some did but jammed in the barrel. The range pounded out the round, and told me I couldn't shoot the ammo there. I did eventually get the difference up to the 1000 rds ordered.
I contacted ESG, okay we understand and said that our dies must of been worn out. We will send you out replacements.
This is now Feb17, still NO 9mm.

The have been delisted from AmmoSeek.