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Over 400 information packed pages filled with over 200 illustrations and over 600 terms and relevant descriptions, plus nearly 200 Valuable Web Links'Whether your interests are in pistols, rifles, shotguns, sights, concealed carry or firearm methods and techniques, you'll find this book brimming with valuable, accurate and fun information!This compendium adresses BASIC knowledge with a solid emphasis on Safety, Pistols, Self Defense, Dry Fire Training, Hunting Techniques, Optics, Ammo, Balistics, and so much more! Learning is easy with hundreds of illustrations, a Glossary of over 600 essential terms and an Appendix of over 20 topics.INSTRUCTORS ~ TRAINERS ~ DEALERS — This is the preferred training book for students! Written to bring students back for additional facets of training, this book ads to your bottom line.For more information, please visit:

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