Guardian 6 Firearm Training Facility

Guardian 6 Firearm Training Facility
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Our training facility, located along Highway 50 in Southwest Kansas, is equipped with classroom, handgun range and rifle range. We have a staff of male and female, nationally certified, instructors and range safety officers to make every effort to ensure you have a enjoyable and educational experience. We also have male and female state certified Kansas Concealed Carry Handgun Licensing instructors to help you with some of the resposibilities associated with carrying for personal defense and obtaining your CCH permit. Our NRA courses currently include: Refuse to Be a Victim, Basics of Pistol Shooting, Basics of Rifle Shooting, Range Safety Officer, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home and Defensive Pistol.The professional experience of our instructors includes military, law enforcement, EMS, and Fire. All of our courses lean heavily on safety and are geared toward civilians wanting to safely and responsibly learn personal defense and/or firearm safety. This is NOT a "TactiCOOL" training organization. Guardian 6 Safety Club is our non-profit 501(c)3 corporation which coordinates much of our training and other related events for our community. Some of our training is sponsored by charitable contributions and is offered free. Regular course costs vary depending on the course available contributions.

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