GunClasses.Net: NRA and non-NRA trainings, Permit to Carry, more...

GunClasses.Net:  NRA and non-NRA trainings, Permit to Carry, more...
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NRA and non-NRA trainings / Permit to Carry...

Our courses and 1:1 instruction use our unique, “complete instruction” philosophy of training, teaching, and educating.

85% of gun owners in America have had NO formal instruction. Our goal is to change that, and make it the best instruction possible – instruction that trains, teaches, and educates.

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 gvlasak, 04-17-2013 10:06AM

By: Gordon A

My training from Grant using methods involving class participation made it easy to retain what was taught by giving you valuable feedback along the way.

 CCW class, 01-07-2013 09:44AM

By: robertoh

I really enjoyed the CCW training Grant Vlasak was our instructor, he displayed deep knowledge of the topics discussed. I gain a new understanding and respect for laws and the responsibility of having a permit. I highly recommend this class through and I am planning to continue my training.

 Berkld, 06-26-2012 02:47PM

By: Dennis

I have over 50 years of hunting and shooting experience, but never had any formal training except in the military. Grant was able to tailor the NRA Basic Pistol & MN Carry Permit class on the spot to take this into account and keep the class very interesting, on track with the NRA taining, as well as informative to the fundamentals of both subjects.